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    This is a powerful femdom file written by me and read by Heartwould. The taste of a woman\'s pussy affects you like powerful love potion, ensuring your heart belongs to her and your mind focuses on worshiping her pussy always. This woman\'s hold on your heart is permanent. Love overwhelms you. Please also visit my website at www.slutinmyhead.com. Feedback means more files, more frequently, so if you appreciate this, please leave some. Thanks for listening, and a special thanks to Heartwould and her amazingly sexy voice.

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    Length: 30:20
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    I haven\'t listened to it, but i mostly like the concept... one of the few sexual files that doesn\'t make a person lose loyalty to someone.
    very nice idea! thanks!
    Thank you! It\'s great working with SlutinmyHead\'s titillating and kinky ideas, mmm, yes!
    most erotic file ever! amazing! thank you so much slutinmyhead and heartwould! truly amazing!
    Thanks for the feedback. Expect future collaborations between Heartwould and I. She\'s awesome!
    I have to say suggesting oral while a woman is on her period was kind of sick...
    The blood of life...
    It\'s about being so far gone, you are oblivious and don\'t care...
    Simh, Heartwould, thank you! I\'m a believer now! New to hypnosis, and doubtful of its effects, I listened to this file after hearing my girl comment she missed me going down on her. Her comment last night was she doesn\'t know what got into me, but it was the best orgasm of her life. And after tasting that especially powerful love potion, which I had never tasted before, it\'s all I\'ve thought about since. I\'m craving more of her potion, and more of your files! Please keep it up!!\n\nA suggestion for a file might be to \"train\" the listener to gently seduce their partner to try erotic hypnosis without coming out out of the closet until the partner is curious enough to have tried an induction. Then another file could train the female partner how to take advantage of their new-found power over their pussy slave, using the triggers implanted in the slave. To make it a little naughtier, as the fem gets trained as a Dom, she might also receive suggestions of bicuriosity and/or group play.\n\nHeartwould, thanks for your mesmerizing voice.
    You are very welcome. You have some interesting ideas - why not record them yourself?
    I have always loved eating pussy. As soon as I was able to ask a girlfriend to \"sit on my face\" I did. Nothing turns me on as much as the smell, taste and feel of a beautiful pussy. When I found your files \"Pussy Fixation\" and \"Love Potion Pussy\" it felt like I had won the lottery. I have listened to both files repeatedly for a few days and they have rekindled my devotion and desire for my wife of 18 years. These 2 files of yours are powerful, perfect and effective. Thank you for making these and thanks to anyone that contributed and worked on these files with you. I am looking forward to listening to more of your files. Please keep up the good work and know that there are people out here that value and appreciate your thoughtful and awesome talent. \nThank you very much, I greatly appreciate your work.