• Deep Trance (no intro)    
    This is the shorter version of the Deep Trance file. The extended version has a longer intro explaining some things about hypnosis and my personal take on them. This file focuses on the part of the actual trancing and is a good file to use after the first listen to the extended version.rnNOTE: If you rate a file anything less than a 4, can you please PM me or leave a comment so I can improve future file? Thanks.

    Rating: ★★★★★ (5)
    Length: 18:48
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    Trigger(by yourself)
    Great file. I always look forward to your work. Your steady and insistent progression in your files along with the finger snap really relaxes and deepens. Thanks for sharing these on this site! Just thinking about it relaxes me and that is just what I need in my life now!