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    Scripted by me, this recording is performed by the amazingly sexy Heartwould. It conditions you with false memories of your female friends hypnotizing you to become submissive to pussy. That is the foundation, but years of reinforcement serve to make your submission to women even more powerful. You love licking pussies and having your own pussy stimulated by horny women. It\'s become something of an obsession for you. Serving women is when you feel most like yourself. For the ready, willing mind, this recording is certain to nudge you in the right direction. That direction is down. For more, check out my website at www.slutinmyhead.com. However, feedback left in the comment section of this site, where others can see it, is preferred. Thanks for listening.

    Rating: ★★★★★ (9)
    Length: 45:01
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    I will listen again.
    Males can listen too. Simply focus your attention to your anus for references to \"your pussy.\" I will listen again.\n
    ah, touché
    Man, I wish this weren\'t a pay file!
    I will listen again.
    I am a girl well in mind & spirit & feelings & so on & I am attracted to girls & am a lesbian for any type of girl 1st & foremost. Will this work for me ? Will I picture myself as a girl while listening ?\r\n\r\n I def want to buy this file. and others of similar nature. Thanks for any assistance. \r\n\r\nI am also bisexual & attracted to cock & sum men I have found cute & sexxxy.
    This file is totally for women; if you\'re already self-identified as lesbian, it will deepen the submissive element of your sexuality. It doesn\'t deny any attraction to males, only emphasizes the lesbian, cunt-licking sides of life.
    This was a quality file, I must say. To be completely honest, my first run through it was more of an audit, with me occasionally having to get up and do other things for a few moments, but I enjoyed it very much nonetheless. I will listen again.
    I will listen again
    I will listen again.
    I will listen again! Excellent job slutinmyhead and Heartwould...looking forward to seeing what happens next
    I will listen again. I\'m glad I found your little corner of the internet. I\'ve recently begun exploring hypnosis, and your files cover exactly what I\'ve been looking for.
    i will listen again
    I will listen again.
    i will listen again. mmmM