• Chemistry of a Good Idea Chapter 3    
    This story is embedded with hypnotic commands and suggestive metaphors, intended to slip past your defenses and immerse you more in the experience. Some of you who wrote me indicated noticing this. I must warn you, to be fair. This may increase the effects of other files. If you're curious what to listen for, if you're one who likes to see behind the curtain... Chapter one is about one man winning your attention over another. Chapter two creates the experience of being made a whore for loose change, jealousy over another woman sucking your man's dick and love for licking pussy. This one is chapter three. It has themes of bimbofication, trust, viewing women as friends and interest in camaraderie with other men. Some suggestions are subtle and none are permanent. Please share how this story affects you either in the comments section or the Success Story category of the forums. I don't see many Ericksonian-style teaching stories on this site. I can assure you they don't have to be as boring as that My Voice Will Go With You book. Let's consider this an experiment. What was it Joanna said in Chapter One? "This is an experiment. Experiment on me..." www.slutinmyhead.com

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    these stories are the best thing ever ! I felt as if I was Autumn then I felt as if I was Joanna & experiencing what they were. please continue this series. I also am super submissive so I enjoyed it even that much more. After I listened to the story the voices stay in my head & it makes me happy & horny ( well hornier ) ;) thanks to everyone that has a hand working on thiese stories.