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    This file makes you the best girlfriend ever. You become addicted to sucking cock and swallowing cum. If you don't have a boyfriend, this file encourages you to get one. You'll suck a lot of cocks until you find one cock you can suck anytime you want. Then, it will be your boyfriend's cock you're focused on. Until then, it's all cocks. Start telling men you listened to this recording. That's all you have to do. Let men know seeing any guy's dick is the trigger. Tell any man you spend time alone with. Suck any cock you see until you're finally getting enough cum from one, special lover. That man is your boyfriend and you are the best girlfriend ever because its his cum you are after, constantly horny to swallow more and more from him alone. Feedback always appreciated. Also, my version of this recording for gay men is available at gayhypnosis.com. Thanks for listening.

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    Length: 35:43
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    Is this file the same as the \"Best Boyfriend Ever\" file from gayhypnosis.com? Since it has the same exact description and everything. . .
    Most of it is. Probably about 70%.
    Love love love this file. One of my favorites. So hot making me wanna be the perfect Hypno Slut ever! Yay! :) Took me deep and drove my mind crazy. As you usually do. :*
    I am a guy looking for files for my girlfriend. There is too much in this file about having a lot of male friends and letting them all know you love hypnosis and want to be sexually dominated through hypnosis. This is a great file for a girl who wants to go get a boyfriend. This file could easily be interpreted by a girl that she needs to go out and suck a lot of dick before settling on her boyfriend, even if she already has one. Is there any more friendly file for a man who wants to dominate his woman. I don\'t want my girl blowing any of her male friends unless I am there and telling her to do it.
    IF you were a guy, looking for great suggestion to give in erotic hypnosis to get more oral sex from your girlfriend, would you say Best Girlfriend Ever or Heterosexual Cocksucker would be better for a woman whose currently a bit reluctant to go down on her boyfriend and does it like.....once a special-occasion and complains her jaw gets sore/only does it for a short time (but I'm really not big enough to make her jaw sore...like not at all).
    Very high audio quality, incredible voice which lends itself perfectly into taking you into a deep, deep trance. This file will help you become the perfect cocksucker, addicted to your boyfriend's cock and constantly ready to serve it. It really improves how much you crave to suck cock and find someone whose cock you can worship all the time. It will make you much more ready to suck any cock you encounter, and highly likely to get addicted to the cock you suck, so proceed with caution. But life's fun this way