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    This file trains a submissive to eat their Master's feces and uses vivid imagery to do so.WARNING!! This file is not for everyone and may encourage unhealthy behavior. Purchase of this file signifies that the buyer understands this, accepts any personal risk, and releases WMM and EMG from any and all liability for the effects of this file.

    The Binaural is a theta binaural by slave paul.

    Rating: ★★★★★ (20)
    Length: 21:34
    Downloads: 1881
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    more of this shit.....all my toiles love this audi. I seat on my rim seat and put a toilet pig under as he listen to this audio.... for more about me http://www.scatboi.com/members/toprim4top4imer
    i have used this tape to become the toilet my MASTER wants. It is great!
    This really is good!
    The vivid imagery is in fact just that -- vivid, stupefyingly vivid. \nOutstanding ALL-OR-NOTHING, BALLS-TO-THE-WALL, TAKE-NO-PRISONERS sub-training, in which there is to be no mistaking what is expected.\nAs a submissive, if after having listened to this file you remain unclear as to your purpose in life, may i suggest you choose an entirely different path. A life of total subservience to a Master is woefully beyond your scope.\nAlternatively, if even before the file is finished, you find yourself sub-consciously digging around inside your own asshole in search of some bit of turd to kick-start your new-found existence as a shit-eating, piss-drinking human toilet, then i say it was time well spent.\nThank You, EMG, Sir.
    If you need to create a human toilet for your pleasure, this is your file!
    Downloaded this video, It Is Hot and gets into you mind. Great job on it EMG! You voice makes me want to spend some time servicing Your hole too.
    After two listens I found myself shitting into my own hand, uncontrollably horny with the thought of a master controlling me and dominating me with scat play. This file is the best thing that has ever happened to me. One listen and there is no going back, the longing to be a filthy scat pig is now deeply grained into my mind and I have no desire to remove it. I can\'t wait till I am a full time toilet to my master.
    It was only nine minutes long ..not 21minutes.
    The Binaural file here is epic - really gets into your mind!
    Thank you. listened on headphones most of the day. Just eaten my own shit and made me so horny. Need to find a Master to feed me.
    Downloaded and hot but how do you download the video version ?
    The voice is so fucking hot! I love it. I wish there were some visuals, but the audio is hot.
    The voice is so fucking hot! I love it. I wish there were some visuals, but the audio is hot. If there is a video version, I cannot find it.