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    This is a total vanity file you might listen to for no other reason than to bond more with me. Not for the casual listener, but for someone who already feels a bond and wants to expand on it. This file makes you fall hopelessly in love with me the moment you hear my name in any hypnosis file. You will hear it in this one too - about a thousand times. This may have been totally irresponsible to even create and better sense may cause me to remove it. But it's here now, so if you want it and think having me as your distant romantic fantasy will enable you to get more from my other files, well, get it while you can. Oh, and for anyone with a fascination with nipples... There's plenty of mention of that.

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    Length: 51:02
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    Wait, so is it a trigger that causes temporary hopeless love or is it permanent love that is strengthened by a trigger?
    The triggers just add to it.\n
    Wow, what an incredible file. Completely amazing, as always. I feel surreal now, the memories all seem so real, the experiences all felt so real. Now I\'m awake though and you\'re all the way over wherever live (I don\'t even know) and just a name on the internet. Wherever you live, it feels incredibly far away from me. I enjoyed the file so much, I just feel such longing for you now. I can\'t even think of I might have felt before listening to this file, but I know that the file must have made me feel this way, even if it seems like I always have. Earlier I said was I jealous of BostonMarc for getting to meet you, well now I\'m even more jealous. That man must be the luckiest man in the world. \n\nI want to say more but there\'s so much going through my head and I don\'t even know how to put it all down. I\'ll just ask\n\nIs there anything I can do for you?
    You\'re already doing it. I love feedback! Thank you so much :)
    Your gorgeous man! I can definitely state my bond with you has been expanded. Evidenced by my heightened arousal and tingly sensitive cock when I came out of trance. Along with your name and the random thoughts of suggestions from your other files popping through my mind. The arousal has faded a bit (it has been about an hour or so since I came out of trance). But the thoughts are still there. Interestingly, I have some distant thought of my nipples as well. I would share more of the file contents if I remembered it. As usual I had a very nice trance. I slowly seemed to drift down at the beginning, looking into your blue eyes, and then went blank shortly thereafter. I do not remember hearing or feeling anything. Then I remember my entire body feeling distant and numb, and I could hear your voice perfectly. Your voice was the only thing I remember hearing. It made me feel very good. And I use the word hearing because I do not remember exactly what you said other than your name. I blanked out again followed again by the same distant body sensation hearing only your voice. Then you brought me out of trance. Just trying to remember the details of this trance is working me up again, which seems to be making my nipples feel much more sensitive than usual... Thanks for making my Saturday quite a bit more interesting today!
    amazing file - my nipples were hard wired to my cock before - but now even more so. even more awesome being able to share that pleasure with someone who would appreciate it. intensifies the entire experience.
    I listened to this one... I was interrupted a few times by an alarm I forgot to shut off... which kept going into snooze and ringing every ten minutes. I was so under trance I couldn\'t shut it off. But I couldn\'t get into it. I kept wanting the file to end, but I couldn\'t stop it. Great in a torturous bondage sort of way, which I loved... But I\'m not sure the effects worked like they could have if I hadn\'t been disturbed. It definitely made me horny though, shot my third load of the morning.
    Listened to it again. I went a lot deeper this time. Not sure if the triggers will work yet.