• Pandora! - Best Boyfriend Ever!    
    This recording is for straight men. It drives you to increase the time you spend with outgoing, opinionated women and when you find one you like, confess you listened to this file. This file hypnotizes you to develop submissive tendencies toward any woman you confess this to. It also hypnotizes you to become completely focused on any woman's pussy shown to you, so that you must lick and worship it. If this becomes a regular thing, this woman is your girlfriend and you are the best boyfriend ever, completely obsessed with serving her orally. This recording is read by Pandora! and works especially well used with Slave to Pussy and Pussy Fixation.... if you dare... Comments make this interesting, so please leave some. We do all like to read about success stories. Voting helps everyone sort through the thousands of files on this site for the good stuff, so please do that too. Thanks for your compliance. www.slutinmyhead.com www.gayhypnosis.com

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    Length: 33:10
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    Its just my personal taste but her voice ruins it for me. In comparison Heartwoulds voice and pronunciation is much more enjoyable/erotic.
    If thick Eastern European accents aren't your thing, check out the version Angel recorded for me. It's also posted under my account.