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    This is a recording originally made for a submissive I'm working with, but definitely also worth posting here. It begins as a lecture about depression, but quickly takes a turn to the erotic. Your therapy is to be submissive to me. This includes worshiping my feet and at times, waiting on all fours for me, for me to have my way with you. There's also well meaning suggestions (ie: diet and exercise). This file is guaranteed to cheer you up. Note: this version is for women, but I am developing a gay version to post on gayhypnosis.com early next week. Comments appreciated, either here or under my thread in the Success Stories section of the forum. Thanks for listening.

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    this file was super effective
    The gay version of this file is now available on www.gayhypnosis.com.
    ^I\'ve purchased and listened to the gay version and it is absolutely amazing. One of the best files I\'ve ever listened to. It worked very very well and I highly highly recommend it.
    Great file! I like the layers my psyche travels when listening to this file. A lot is packed into such a short span of time. Can\'t say anything yet as to longer term effects, but I like the way it makes me feel after a few loops on my MP3 player. Thank you for this!