• Erotic Hypnotists Unite - Ocean of Voices    
    This recording is a collaboration of erotic hypnotists from Warp My Mind: Cardigan, Lee Allure, Sarnoga, ocntrl, Princess Surrender, Heartwould, Pandora and me, SlutinmyHead. The binaural version of this recording features binaurals by Calimore too. This recording is meant to increase the bond you feel with any one hypnotist so that it becomes a powerful deference to ALL hypnotists. Soon, it won't matter whose voice you hear. Our voices wash over you like waves, taking you deep, adrift in an ocean of relaxation. This is the first collaboration of erotic hypnotists of this scope to be attempted... ever. You're really in for a treat with this one... Listen with stereo headphones.

    Rating: ★★★★☆ (15)
    Length: 46:38
    Downloads: 3132
    A major THANK YOU to SimH for actually putting all our recordings together. I cannot imagine the complexity of such effort, especially when done so expertly.\nAll of you listening, this is a unique file and one we all hope you will enjoy a lot.
    FANTASTIC FILE. I agree with ocntrl it is quite an engineeing job on this recording. The recording quality of the file is excellent and I also agree a totaly unique file. The pace is also very good and you totaly lose track of time as it goes by very quickly. Great Job SimH and all the other great Erotic hypnotists who collaborated on this for both the idea and the file.
    WOW just WOW :)\nOnly one wish make a version withour awakener so one can loop this :P
    I love this file. It was a little hard to accept everyone at once the first couple of times. But after. Wow. Great work! I would love to hear more of the same sort.
    The mixing and levels are well matched and help make this a wonderful file. Would love to see more work like this. Thank you for this treat.
    So well done. Lovely ocean. Thank you. Would love more like these.