• Absurdly Generous — $20    

    A crisis of conscience held me off recording this script for over a year. This file is seriously going to make you want to spend money on me. I have never thought of myself an exploitive hypnodomme, but apparently, I do this kind of recording too. Financial domination is one of my most frequent requests and I can understand why. It is hard wired into us men to be providers, and in many species, providing is what earns males sex. Pretty reinforcing... I am a fan of this theme and figure for most the people out there, it is only slightly risky. You are probably not going to go off the deep end, though there may be outliers, similar to how people gamble now and then, but only a sub-sect becomes addicted. This should be interesting. Please do not download this if you think you might be unhealthy. I worry about you sometimes. That does not mean I am going to refuse presents. Everyone loves being spoiled... http://amzn.com/w/1J8F9IPBMXZRS

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    Experience the pleasure of serving a man who is your superior in every way. After listening to this you will be convinced that he is born to rule while you are born to serve. Thank you, Master.