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    This is the shorter, subliminal version of my Panties training loop which is available for purchase on WMM. It takes the audio that was originally at a very low almost inaudible volume in the original file and increases it, while retaining the rest of the subliminals so they will continue to seep into your fluffy little mind as you listen. This is the first of many subliminal loop versions of previous files I will be uploading in the near future. Because it is the shortest of the bunch at less than 2 minutes long I've decided to make this one 100% free! These files should be listened to in the same way as the training loops - on repeat for an extended period of time. Let me know all your fluffy little thoughts after you listen sweetie, and be sure to train with my brand new Clitty Shrinker and Limp Clitty Remix files like a good girl.

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