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    This is a pussy training file for true sissies who understand that a good girl's primary sexual organ is her pretty pink pussy and she should practice taking cock in it on a regular basis. Yes princess, true sissies love to have sissygasms from their tight little pussies while their useless insignificant little clitties fade away into nothingness. You will be encouraged to practice getting pounded in your little fuckhole by a nice realistic dildo to help get you better at taking real cocks. You may even acquire a whole collection of various sized dildos to help you practice taking cocks of all sizes. You will learn to play with your pussy more than ever before sweetie. I will talk you through the process of a sissygasm and over time you will become an expert at experiencing this wonderful form of feminine sexual release. Yes sweetie, you know that sissygasms are simply the best way for sissies to experience orgasm and you also understand that this file is to be listened to on repeat for at least 30-60 minutes at a time. Your little mind knows that good girls like to sissygasm and it's nice to listen every day for the best results. The more training your little pussy gets, the better you will become at having sissygasms and more importantly, milking every last drop of thick luscious cream out of big strong men. Pleasing men is of the utmost importance to you princess and learning how to sissygasm all over their powerful throbbing cocks will just fill your heart with the warmest fuzzies and make you **sparkle** like never before. You will remember that good girls keep their pussies perfectly clean and smooth at all times princess and anything less is simply unacceptable. You will be taught that good girls like to gradually work up to a big thick cock sweetie. In other words, you won't just force it in before you're ready for it. To avoid any discomfort, you will always start with just a finger or a small pussy-plug to help get you all nice and wet. Your little mind will learn that starting out nice and gentle and teasing your little pussy is the correct way to gradually increase that desperate yearning for a big hard cock. You know that it's important to stimulate the right spot in order to achieve a true sissygasm sweetie and you will learn just how to do this. Some sissies may already be more than proficient in the art of sissygasm, others will sissygasm the very first time they listen to the file, and a few of you may even require multiple listens before you achieve the desired results. You will be dedicated and committed to learning how to have wonderful feminine orgasms like a good girl and you will practice as often as possible with high quality realistic dildos and eventually real cocks. You understand that it's of the utmost importance you follow my instructions carefully sweetie and you will remember to always listen on repeat for an extended period of time. The thought of providing even more pleasure to hunky guys with your little pussy is what will drive and motivate you to get as much practice as possible, but remember not to overdo it sweetie as men love your girly little pussy to be nice and tight for them at all times. As always, good girls love to share their fluffy little thoughts after they listen little princess. 


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    Mmm how amazing a thought to become more sexually easy looking. Lol right!
    Your girly princess michelle is so sorry Goddess Gracie that she hasn\'t commented on this file before, because it is truly a yummy file. It\'s helped her focus her sexuality more fully on her sweet sissy pussy. Yay! She loves her sissygasms and is sure she could have one now if she\'s ever fucked by a real man. gratefully yours, princess michelle xxxooo
    Aww, there's no need to apologize michelle sweetie. You are a good girl and I'm so glad this file has helped you have lots of sissygasms! Love and warm cuddles from Goddess Gracie xx
    I'm somewhat disappointed with this file. I think that it should focus less on instruction and more on meditation. It should also be a lot longer. I feel like it was kind of a waste of money. I don't want to have to keep looping and listening to the same boring instruction part over and over. If anything there should be a separate induction file that covers all the instruction and another hypno file that covers the trance and meditation that helps guide the the listener towards an HFO. It should also be geared obviously towards those who may use this file while jelqing off. The main file should be at least 30 minutes to 1 hour of trance. Look how many people have downloaded this pay file compared to all the others? It shows that your "sissies" must not be so interested in all the degrading titles you peddle, but in fact are more interested in the actual substance of getting off. Why all the sissy stereotyping? Why do sissies all have to be weak and subservient? That's bull! How is a mans pleasure supposed to always be more important? I call BS. If a loving goddess cannot see that all feminine forms are deserving of the same respect regardless of form then that being is not divine. I don't want abuse! I don't like being degraded, insulted or humiliated! I'm not the least interested in negros. If I swing queer I would much prefer it be with someone of my own tribe. If I am going to take it at all you sure as hell don't get to decide or define who or what I need or deserve. And after listening to all this crap you hawk, guess what? I love girls even more than before. I guess that proves I'm not a sissy after all. Thanks for helping me at l;east figure that out. Maybe all you are is coward sissy yourself since you cant do any of these file with your real voice. You have to use a computer generated one instead. Honestly I'm starting to get tired of the sound of it. That same tired repetitive music you use in the background gets old too.
    Look I admit some of the stuff you have made is decent, but a lot of its just not for me. I'm more into this stuff as as a sort of fetish. I don't really see it going very far. Plus I don't seem to be responsive to hypnotism. Whether you're a coward or not, I don't know - only you can tell. But I really wonder why you don't use your real voice. That would make the work more personal. It would sound better that way and less robotic.