• Kino Reinforces — $15    

    This session is designed to reinforce various hypnotic suggestions you've heard anytime you are giving or receiving pleasure. These suggestions can come from your mp3 collection, directly from your partner or your subconscious confabulating them. There's some flexibility here. The point is, upon listening to this recording, pleasurable touch puts you into trance and reinforces your programming. This makes every recording you choose to listen to extremely powerful. Have fun with it. www.slutinmyhead.com www.gayhypnosis.com

    Rating: ★★★★★ (9)
    Length: 28:27
    Downloads: 1167
    SimH fans rejoice! At least this fan is rejoicing... fantastic file, took me into a wonderfully deep trance. I was so very focused on his voice. Came out of trance feeling quite amazing! Thanks SimH!
    SIMH, this is another outstanding piece of work. I can already feel your words lodged deep in my self. I just want to obey more and more. Thank you so much
    Does this have references to gay activities? It says gay hypnosis but I’m wondering if it would be suitable for my female slave?