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    subliminal version, behind water sounds-encourages a love for and need to suck cock and get fucked in the ass- extreme arousal,etc

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    Length: 23:18
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    Trigger(by anyone)
    Does anyone know what that trigger is?
    That is a viable question/ I had assumed, by the title, this being Subliminal, that this file Is likely \"Always On\", as it is also listed as Permanent. However, the Effect: does list it as \"Trigger (by anyone)\". Personally, I would treat this as a Standard Subliminal, that permanently reprograms the listener\'s train of thought, to readily be aroused with these images ... That is, unless somebody out there knows what \"Trigger\" was used ... or, possibly, and this is just me putting it out there; Someone could reintroduce this Subliminal file, with an added \"Trigger\" to the script.
    sorry thought I put that up there, the trigger is the name of the file -"cockslut queen"
    What's the de-trigger then?
    Sorry, my computer glitched and sent that multiple times and I don't know how to undo it.
    what is the detrigger?
    Normal time for you,
    isn't this just a sound file of the ocean? no suggestions at all, right?
    No the ocean track is a sonic cover for the file’s hypnotic track, technically it’s something I don’t know if anyone else does it’s a hypnosis file, applied subliminally because the subconscious mind can pick up and keep up to seven different conversational trains of thought going- only one usually for most people consciously so by lowering the volume of the track to a place where I can clearly understand the words of the hypnosis files when the waves or rain or britney songs(fave)(but don’t tell on me I don’t sell those they’re for personal use only lol) isn’t playing over it, but not when the sonic cover is on(it’s usually a soft whisper) then put it on a mixing board and if it needs tweaking, I tweak.
    Any way to do a silent version of this file?
    Not totally silent, no, but it’s possible to use grey or white noise (like the sound speakers make if the radio is turned way up but no reception.)it functions as a true subliminal but isn’t really a silent file
    I don’t. This, like most of my files is simply a subliminal version of a pre-existing track - In this case it was a track I found called -surprise! Cocksure queen, I believe it’s here, should be by an artist by the name Jessica James, if I’m not mistaken or Jessica Jameson
    Damn try to be funny and karma and spellcheck kick my ass- cock-slut queen was the name not cocksure queen
    Damn try to be funny and karma and spellcheck kick my ass- cock-slut queen was the name
    Cock-slut queen, sorry spellcheck not cock sure