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    This recording brainwashes you to be a sissy. Chastity devices, sucking cock, anal sex, hormones, makeup, crossdressing and thinking of yourself as a woman are all included, but nothing is weighted too heavily. This is just a general file taking the listener through a lot of the themes often seen in sissy culture, with discussion about brainwashing woven in to educate you. Comments and feedback encouraged. More recordings available at slutinmyhead.com and gayhypnosis.com. Don't say I didn't warn you.

    Rating: ★★★★☆ (5)
    Length: 35:39
    Downloads: 319
    Fantastic file. Very different from other files. This is for those that have come a long way and want to go public. It would be difficult to hold back after having listened to this file. But who wants to hold back anyway ? I do not want to do that anymore.
    Came across this file by accident as an occasional cd. Decided to try it out and it did not seem very strong at first. The following week I decided to take time off work and felt compelled to listen. Earlier I felt a nice warm feeling in my body when crossdressing. After having listened for some time dressing now makes me feel so horny. It has changed me in other ways too: Dream about sucking cock all the time and dress up fully and slutty when I have the chance to do so. Have stopped masturbating altogether and insert a small prostate massage plug to come if I am alone. But I am not often alone anymore - a horny and available girl like me get all the cock she wants !! Why did I go around as some kind of halfman for years, when being a woman is so much sexier and better !!!
    This is one of the few feminization/sissy files on the Internet with a male voice, so if that's your thing, you definitely want to download this. Even if it's not normally your thing, you may want to download it anyway, because it's very sexy and very hypnotic. This could easily be taken as a fantasy scenario, as SIMH describes being held in a captive setting with others where you are to brainwashed to be more and more feminine, but if one listens regularly, these suggestions can settle in quite deeply.