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    Also known as “The R’lyehthan Adventures of a Lover of Persons Born Under Strange Stars”… This file is extreme! You should not listen to it! This is a guided fantasy… a story with some suggestions to make easier to visualize it… some subliminals to help you experience it… In short you have an encounter with an alien… He will take you and especially your mind on a deep level! This is an intense trip including (but not limited to): Alien rape, Alien mind invasion, intense mindfuckery, deep mental violation, destruction of your mind and the killing of your old personality… LISTEN AT YOUR OWN RISK! You can find higher bitrate files and versions with the “White Light” induction on my site. Enjoy and use headphones! Visit me and find more files at vivehypnosis.de!

    Rating: ★★★★★ (9)
    Length: 1:19:24
    Downloads: 4104
    Only while under
    Question: is the obliteration of your personality only while under this file???
    Absolutely amazing
    Wow!!!! Incredible!
    Only while under. Vive please clarify the comment part of your site as it won't accept any answer I give, I gave up trying to offer feedback last night. Here it is. Excellent work. I couldn't do all the seeing and did doze through a large part of the induction but woke during the initial invasion. Then well it was a constant long wank as I felt myself needing to accept and take in and feel each suggestion each scene each concept. Is it one you intend folks to try repeatedly?
    it was hurtfull...but amazing...was it a real? or fantasy? or a nightdream?
    I loved the rape fantasy of it, I am easily submissive and this file really got me aroused, can we have more rape role play fantasies?
    You have a very dark creative erotic mind. I love it! The story was incredible and took me to places I have never imagined. Thank you! I hope to find more of your work. It is exhilarating.