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    This recording fascinates you with male body builders. Develop an irresistible attraction for strong, powerful men. Become compelled to learn all you can about bodybuilding, including healthy recipes for building lean muscle and exercises for maximum gain. Find every way you can to make yourself useful by encouraging them and supporting their goals. Their values rub off on you, inspiring you. Share the bodybuilding lifestyle. Feel your fascination and desire focusing more and more exclusively on strong, masculine guys who lift. You are so drawn to hot, muscular men. You long to take care of them, train like them and share their successes. Bodybuilders stick together. Work hard to fit in by eating right and getting strong. More recordings at www.slutinmyhead.com and gayhypnosis.com.

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    Length: 22:18
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    entertaining slow ramble that I like ... good work \"slut\" ( that just sounds wrong , but that is a short versions of his name .... ;) )
    this file is amazin!! I love it