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    This trance teaches you that the world's most powerful steroid is the one in your own mind. Motivates you to exercise and focus in the gym as well as raising testosterone. If you believe in the power of the little white pill you can have all the effects of steroids without the need for an active ingredient.

    Self Help
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    A great file! I have been using this faithfully for about three weeks now, and it has been amazingly effective for me. My gym sessions (almost every day) have been significantly more powerful and focused, and as an added benefit, I feel much more horny and energetic almost all the time. Highly recommended. A good preamble to this might be Jack's Failing to Resist file, to help set the stage.
    Another powerful file from Jack Drago. On the second listen I completely blanked out, and the effects were very powerful. I now carry a supply of "the little white pill" in my gym bag with me all the time. My workout yesterday was harder then usual and was accomplished in 50% of the time, a huge performance boost. Thanks Jack, I would love to get into your beta testing group.
    I started injecting testo after listening to this file!