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Saras new adventure

by tinman123

Saras new adventure

Sara was a city girl, she had no idea how she got roped into this weekend with her friend from college. Lindsay was her roommate and they weren't that close, just lived in the same dorm room really. She had no idea why it was so important to Lindsay to spend this weekend at the family farm, but Lindsay said she needed to get home this weekend and needed a ride. Not knowing how to graciously say no, here she was pulling up to the farm house.
"Here we are! I really appreciate this ride Sara. I know you're not used to this type of life, but I'm anxious to show you around."
"How about you show me to our room and lets get comfortable first? I'd love for you to show me around, but I am famished! Can we grab something to eat first?"
You bet, I'm sure my family has our lunch already on the table. They are so excited to meet you, I've told them all about how beautiful you are. And what a great room mate you are and how fast you learn things at school."
Sara wasn't sure why that little tidbit was so interesting. Doesn't everyone learn at school? Well, here we go, she thought.
Lunch was very casual, just soup and sandwiches. Sara met Lindsay's parents and older brother. They seemed nice, but were maybe a little strange. Her Dad and brother especially seemed to stare at her rather large tits. "I hate when men talk to the girls" she thought to herself.
There were several out buildings on the farm. Lindsay took Sara to see most of them, but there was a fairly newer looking out past the others that they never did get to. Lindsay said that it was a building for special livestock and that Sara would definitely see it tomorrow. "Whatever" thought Sara, " I've certainly seen enough livestock already to last me a life time."
They headed in to shower and get ready for bed. It was rather early, but they were wiped out from the long drive.
"Hey Sara, how about a snack before bed? Mom made us some cookies and milk"
"Sure, sounds good!" said Sara.
They ate and talked a little to Lindsays brother and by the time they headed up to their room, Sara was almost asleep on her feet. She no sooner laid on the bed and she was out!
"She's out Richard" said Lindsay.
"OK, just let her in that bed, it already has ropes ready to tie her down. Here are the head phones, I have them all set up. You really found a good one this time Lindsay! Her udders already look like they are ready to milk! They're great! Did Mom add the hormone mix to her lunch and her milk this evening?
"Yeah, Mom took care of all of it. I really think after the hypnosis files all night, she'll be ready for the barn. I've been playing subliminals at night in our room so the files tonight will just trip her over the edge. I've seen some movement in her personality already, but she hasn't noticed. Can't wait to see her face when she wakes up in the barn with the others! I did tell her she'd get to see out special livestock tomorrow after all! I'm going to inject the drug into her before I go to bed. It'll help with the transformation."
The next morning they injected another vial of drugs into Sara's system and took her out to the special barn. This was where they kept the human cowgirls. There was actually a lucrative business in human milk and it was a real moneymaker. They would only keep her on a drug for another day, they didn't want to have it in her system when she started to lactate. The drug cocktail was used to open her mind to the hypnosis that would turn her mind into that of a cow. By the end of the weekend, she would be perfectly happy to stand in the barn with the others like her. Her milk wouldn't come in for about a week, but they would put her on the milking machine
starting today. It would help get her udders ready for the daily milking that she would have from now on. Most of their cow girls were beautiful as her Dad and brother liked to make sure that they got "plowed" often! On the other side of the barn, there were a couple of steers...human steers. They were there just for fun mostly. Her and her mom kept Viagra in their feed so that they could have a little fun as well. Dad did use them for some work around the farm too.
Lindsay and Richard put a naked Sara in her stall and got her hooked up the milking machine. Wouldn't she be surprised when she woke up??


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