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Courtney's Story

by andrew100

Courtney's Story

Courtney was a beautiful young petite blond girl of 13. She had baby blue eyes. The only thing wrong with her is that she was visually impaired. Her parents are sending her to the school for the blind. She is very apprehensive about going because she has never met any other blind people before and little does she know that the school is more then just a blind school...

"Courtnie are you ready?" asked Brandy courtnies mom.

"Yes" said cournie with a long sigh.

"But do I really have to go?"

"Courtnie we have already discussed this now get in the car. Mother said sternly. Courtnie and her mother bother get in the 2002 ford explorer. They proceed south down hwy 51 to Faribault where the school is located. The whole trip takes about two hours. Courtnie rested most of the way.

"Courtnie we are here" says her mother. Courtnie gets out of the car and looks around in front of her she sees long tan colored building to her right is another building the phys ed building. Courtnie unfolded her long white cane and they proceed thru the automatic doors. To there right is an office door. Off to there left is a hallway that leads to classrooms and to left another hallway that leads to the dorms. Both courtnie and her mom are ushered into the office. Brandy signs some last minute papers then both are escorted to the dorm side of the school. Courtnie will be staying in brandeen hall. It is just girls in this dorm all who have there own rooms.

Brandy says "I'll leave now" Courtnie says ok. Courtnies stuff is brought in and then unpacks everything. Soon it is time for dinner. Courtnie and the other students go over across the hall to a cafeteria type dining hall. Here she meets Judy another girl about courtnies age.

"Hi says courtnie "hello says Judy" How long have you been coming here asks courtnie?"

"Oh I've been here about two years now." Says Judy. As supper continues courtnie notices that Judy butt looks puffy but dismisses it for chubbiness.

It is now 10:00pm lights out. Tomorrow is a school day. Judy and courtnie say goodnight. Courtnie falls asleep thinking about the nice conversation she has had with Judy all the while not knowing what tomorrow holds.

Courtnie rolls over onto her back and shuts off the alarm Ahh 6:oo am too early for me she thinks. She goes about her normal morning routine taking a shower and getting dressed and going for breakfast. She sees Judy again.

"Good morning Judy says Cortnie.

"Morning says Judy somewhat softly knowing full well what is in store for courtnie. The two girls continue with breakfast. Soon they here an announcement over the pa "all new students please report to room 1a" Well I guess I gotta go says courtnie" Yeah I'll see you later says Judy.

Courtnie takes out her cane and proceeds to room 1a. *the room #'s are big enough for her to see* Courtnie enters the room There are about 10 other girls there. It is an ordinary looking classroom at first glance. Teacher's desk and student desks. All 11 girls take there sets and wait for the teacher to arrive.

Soon Mrs. Nelson arrives she is a very stern looking women someone you don't want to cross. She proceeds to the front of the room. The students continue to chat in low tones.

"SILENCE!!" the teacher barks. Now all students are facing her. With nervous expressions on there faces.

"It is time to go over the rules of this institution."

Says Mrs. Nelson. The students look nervously at one another. Here are the rules

  1. This institution believes in corporal punishment and will use any means necessary to make sure the student understands what is expected.
  2. Students are only to speak when spoken to in class.
  3. Any immature behavior such as whining and so forth the student will be punished for acting like a baby so there for will be treated like a baby. Drinking from a bottle diapers ect.

Courtnie went numb when she heard this diapers no way!!! She made her opinion heard. She would pay for it.

"YOU CAN'T DO THAT TO US!!!! Mrs. Nelson walked briskly over to courtnie and smacked hard across the face "yes I can said the teacher." Tears came to Countnies eyes. She wiped them away quickly.

"Courtnie because you are new here I will not punish you further for this rule infraction. But, I would advise you to mind what I say as others who have been here longer will tell you... You haven't seen anything yet. The other students looked on with fear in the eyes.
  1. All homework will be done on time no exceptions. Or be punished

The rest of the rules you will figure out as we go along. ALL OF YOU LINE UP AGAINST THE BACK WALL!!!!!!!!!!!!! FACING THE WALL!! The teacher pushed a button on her wrist watch the metal doors opened which the students had failed to notice as they come in. The metal doors banged with aloud clang like one would hear in a prison. Three people came in the room. Due to the students facing the wall they were unable to see what these people had in there hands. They had handcuffs and shackles.

"Now" said Mrs. Nelson "you will all be handcuffed and shackled and taken back to your dorms." Each of the students looked at other in terror. What will happen now each one was thinking? Courtnie could hear the snaps of the cuffs being put on her fellow classmates. When courtnies turn came she was ordered to put her hands behind her back she was then handcuffed and feet shackled.

"Man thought courtnie these things are tight! They where taken one at a time back to there dorms. Courtnie was escorted by a big muscular guy. As she was walking back she saw Judy. Judy had a sad expression in her eyes as if to say I am sorry. Judy saw fear and tears coming down cournies face. Neither one spoke. Cournie was hustled away. She was going back to what she thought was her room but the nice decor that had been there the day before was gone in its place was what looked to be like a prison cell. White walls two beds not one. Thank God they did have a private bathroom. The handcuffs and shackles were removed and the door to the cell/room banged closed. Cortnie lay down on the bed and sobbed "what are they doing to me?"

"Why me?" A while later the door was again opened this time Judy was ushered in by a guard. The door banged shut again. The two girls sat on there respective beds not saying anything for a moment. Finally Cournie spoke "why didn't you tell me what was going to happen?"

"Because we are not allowed to if you do tell the newbes we will be punished.

"Oh" was all cournie said.

"Now what do we do asked cournie? "Well said Judy I have homework to do."

"What am I going to do ask Courtine? "I'm not sure answered Judy. Can I ask you something Judy? Sure said Judy. Are you wearing a diaper ask cournie? Judy blushed and stated "yes." Why asked cournie? "I whined to a teacher about not having enough time to get the homework done that she assigned and I was put into diapers as a punishment for 24 hrs. So do you have to use them too? "Yes said Judy."

"Yuck said cournie well its not so bad said Judy. Except when you poop.

"What you have to go poop in them too?!"

"Yes said Judy you are to use them for all intended purposes.

"Oh and if you whine about wanting diaper changed your punishment goes for another 24hrs.

"They decide when you get changed and not before"

"So you mean I might have to go all day in a messy diaper?" asked courtnie? "Yes" said Judy until they think you need to be changed.

"That's disgusting!! Yelled courtnie.

"Well said Judy I have yet to meet a person here who hasn't been put into diapers at one point or another. Oh great thought courtnie.

Courtnie stayed on her bed and listened to her mp3 player while Judy did her homework. Courtnie took off her headphones as Judy was finishing a paper for English.

"When do we eat I starved?" asked Courtnie.

"The guards should be by in a little bit to release the cell doors."

The guard soon came and released the cell door so both girls could walk to the dining room using there canes. They entered the dinging hall and got in line to get some supper.

"The food here isn't too bad" said Judy.

"I supposed it's to make up for all the punishing they do around here." Said Judy.

"I see" said Courtnie. They got thru the line and proceeded to find a table with there canes. They sat down to supper.

"So do they pile on a lot of homework here? Asks Courtnie? "Its not too bad" said Judy "The main thing about this school is they have harsh punishments" said Judy "Why asks Courtney? "Well they want all blind visually impaired students to go on to college and be well behaved no blindisms no corks (no wringing of hands and so on. Said Judy.

"Well if you say so" said Courtney. There meals where soon gone and both girls proceeded to their dorm.

"Now what can we do asks Courtney? "We can watch some TV for a while."

"Oh good my favorite show is on." Said Courtney.

"What is your show?" said Judy" ER" says Courtney.

"Well um we can't watch that here said Judy "Why asks Courtney "Well the house parents think that it moves to fast and we won't be able to see it."

"Well that is stupid" said Courtney "We can just turn on the SAP feature and watch it that way." (Second audio program that gets descriptive programming for blind/VI.) "We don't have that here yet."

"Well I'm going to watch it anyway." Said Courtney.

"Ok said Judy but I did worn you. Not five minutes later a house parent came by and yelled "WHO TURNED THE TV TO ER???? "I did" say Courtney "We do not let students watch that here said the house parent.

"I told her that we aren't allowed" said Judy "So Courtney you turned the TV to ER even after Judy told you not too?"

"y-yes stammered Courtney."

"Courtney you haven't been here one day and already you are in trouble. This is not a good way to start out here." The house parent reached down and pulled cournie up by the arm.

"UP AGAINST THE WALL NOW!!!" Screamed the house parent while shoving Courtney into the wall.

"I didn't do anything!!!!" screamed Courtney "Oh so you call breaking a rule not do anything eh umm well I got news for you it is a big deal and you will pay for what you did!!!"

"b-but stammered cournie "no buts!!!!" The house parent grabbed Courtney a turned her around so fast it would make your head spin. The house parent had a ruler in her hand and proceeded to smack courtnies butt with it.

"ow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That hurts!!! Please stop Courtney whined.

"Did I just hear you whine??? Asked the house parent.

"N0" said cournie "I think I did said the house parent "I am sure Judy has told you what happens to whiners here. Courtney went pale "Oh God please not that!!!!" said Courtney "anything but that"

"yes that said the house parent 24 hrs should do it.

"Nooooooooo screamed Courtney to which she received a swift smack of the ruler. The house parent spoke into her watch "get in here now!" Just then the door to the hall opened and a big guard came in. Courtney was again handcuffed and shackled as before. She was sobbing now but quietly. The guard took her into a room where she was placed on a table her hands where strapped to the table. The guard quickly removed her pants and underwear. He then went into a cabinet and pulled out 10 extremely thick cloth diapers. Courtney saw this and terror was written all over her face.

"Just relax this wont hurt I promise." Said the guard. He then proceeded to diaper her and plastic pants were also put on. When he was finished she was again handcuffed and shackled but she could hardly walk the diapers were so thick. She then was taken back into the dorms and put in lock down and it wasn't even 10 yet. She lay on her bed and for the second time that day sobbed.

"Mom come and get me she thought. Judy came in a little later.

"I am sorry said Judy but I did tell you not too.

"Yeah thanks said Courtney a lot of good it did me.

"Well when I tell you not to do something trust me I've been here and I know the harsh punishments.

"Yeah I guess you right." They both turned off the light and went to sleep.

Around midnight Courtney woke up "Judy!" courtine whispered.

"What is it said Judy Groggily.

"I have to pee really bad said Courtney "Well then just go that is why you are wearing a diaper said Judy.

" I can't do that!" its gross I am not going to sit here like a baby and wet myself". Said Courtney.

"You really don't have a choice said Judy.

"I meant what I said earlier you are to use them for what they are intended for." Stated Judy. Courtney was able to hold on for maybe a minute more then she flooded the diaper. The flow was so heavy that it went from the front of the diaper all the way to the back.

"Oh this is gross but I feel so much better to not have that pain in my gut."

"I know what you mean I can still remember when I wore my first diaper." Said Judy.

"So how long to I have to wear this icky gross thing?"

"Until they decide you need to be changed" said Judy.

"Oh great" said Courtney.

"Just try and get some more sleep" said Judy this was difficult for Courtney as the diaper was so wet/and thick. She did manage to catch a few more hours of sleep.

"COURTNIE EVENS GET YOUR BUTT UP NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" came a voice this is what Courtney first heard the next morning. Courtney sat up and looked around Judy was also sitting up. In the door way of the room was a big burly woman with arms the size of pythons.

"DID YOU HEAR ME I SAID UP NOW!!!!!! "y-yes stammered Courtney.

"THEN GET OVER HERE!!! Courtney got up and walked on wobbly legs over to where Mrs. Dickerson was standing.

"It says here you are to be wearing for 24 hours because you can't obey our rules." Courtney just looked at the floor and nodded.

"Ok let's see how you are doing." Mrs. Dickerson reached down and stuck two fingers in Courtney's diaper.

"You're a little wet but you'll do for now.

"but-but stammered courtine. Just then out of the corner of her eye she saw Judy shake her head no.

"What was that Courtney Evens?"

"Did I just hear you start to whine something?"

"I am sure Judy here has told you what happens when you whine and you just happened to be wearing diapers."

"y-yes stammered Courtney.

"I will be lenient and pretend that I didn't hear that since you hadn't really finished your whine." Said Mrs. Dickerson.

"Thank you ma'am said Courtney. Mrs. Dickerson left the room the room door stayed open so the girls could get ready for the day.

"Whew that was close said Courtney "I told you to keep quiet." Said Judy.

"Yeah thanks for the help there bud if not for you I would have been in more shit." Said Courtney. Both girls got dressed with courtine wincing every few minutes because of the cold wet diaper she was now wearing. They headed for breakfast Courtney at a waddle of course. They had oatmeal for breakfast.

"Man I don't like oatmeal said Courtney."

"Try and eat a few bits that way you won't be to starved by lunch." Said Judy. They soon headed for there first class which was social studies.

Mrs. Godwin taught them social studies. She is in her mid 30's with shoulder length brown hair. She had pretty baby blue eyes; they were of no use to her though. She was blind.

"Good morning everyone." Said Mrs. Godwin she took role call. Everyone was present.

"Chrissie would you please tell us what answer you got for question #1 on the section review?" ask Mrs. Godwin. Chrissie proceeded to run her fingers lightly over the Braille page in front of her. Courtney and Judy were sitting beside one an other. Courtney started moaning softly.

"Ohhhh" said Courtney "what's wrong said Judy.

"I have to poop said Courtney.

"Being in a wet diaper is bad enough I don't want to be in a messy one especially not knowing how long I have to sit in it. Said Courtney.

"I am so sorry said Judy. All of a sudden they heard a booming voice GIRLS WHY ARE YOU TALKING IN CLASS?? "No reason" said both girls I THINK THERE IS A REASON OTHER WISE YOU WOULD WAIT UNTIL AFTER CLASS!!! NOW TELL ME WHAT COULDN'T WAIT!!! "Ahhh stammered Courtney I AM WAITING!!!!!!!! "Ahhh said Courtney again. Before Courtney knew it Mrs. Godwin was groping for one of her hands and when she found it she flipped it palm side up and gave Courtney two swift wraps with a ruler. OW!!! Courtney yelled in pain. ARE YOU GOING TO TELL ME NOW WHAT COULDN'T WAIT TIL AFTER CLASS?? "N-no stammered Courtney there was an auditable gasp from the class. NO! Said Mrs. Godwin. Before courtine knew what was happening she was hauled to her feet and shoved into the wall. Mrs. Godwin touched a button on her wrist watch "GET IN HERE NOW!! The classroom door opened and two burly guards came in. TAKE THESE TWO FOR DISRUPPTING MY CLASS!!!! "But - But I DIDN'T DO ANYTHING yelled Judy for this she received a smack across the face. YOU ANSWERED COURTNIE WHEN SHE TALKED TO YOU!!!! Now GET THEM OUT OF HERE!!! Both girls were handcuffed and taken away. They looked at each other with fear in their eyes. They were taken to a small room with padded colored walls and with blue plush carpet. Both girls were pushed inside and the door shut with a bang. Both girls looked at each other and cried and held each other. All of a sudden they heard this voice NO CRYING IN CELLS OR YOU WILL BE GIVEN SOMETHING TO CRY ABOUT!!! Frightened they stopped but they still held each other.

"Judy Barr UP AGAINST THE WALL NOW!!!!!!! Came the voice Judy shakily stood up and faced the wall as was ordered soon the door opened handcuffs where placed on Judy and she was lead out of the room. Courtney huddled in a corner with her arms around her knees wondering were her friend went. It wasn't long and Judy was back her face was tear stricken and her butt was now huge.

"Oh my god are you ok said Courtney "I was spanked and then diapered like you." Said Judy.

"Oh I am sorry said Courtney. Uh oh said courtine "what's wrong said Judy.

"I have to poop now said Courtney "squat down and just go said Judy "well ok said courtine she swatted down and started to let her load go. The poop covered the back of her diaper in no time and still she kept going. It now was coming up to her crotch area.

"Oh this feels so gross!!!!!!!! Screamed courtine. The poop was now squished all over her diaper.

"Yuck!' how can they do this to me? She said.

"They can and will" said Judy all of a sudden they heard COURTINE EVENS SIT DOWN IN THAT DIAPER OF YOURS!!!!!! Oh god no thought courtine it'll be all the more mushy.

"No screamed Courtney. Just then the door opened Courtney was picked up by a burly guard and plopped down on her very full diapered butt.

"Aaaaahhhh yelped courtine as the poop smashed all the way up her crack and in her crotch. YOU CAN STAY IN THAT ROTIN DIAPER OF YOURS FOR A WHILE. THEY CAN HOLD A LOT MORE!!! MAYBE NEXT TIME YOU'LL THINK ABOUT OBEYING ME ON THE FIRST COMMAND!!!! Courtney started crying but to her surprise she wasn't slapped for doing it. Judy came over and hugged her friend "oh I am so sorry." Said Judy.

"Yeah now I am stuck in my own filth until they change me!! Corntine wailed.

"It'll be ok said Judy "how would you know you're not the one sitting in a gross messy diaper? Snapped courtine.

"Yeah I know but I have been there." Said Judy.

"I once wasn't changed for two days, and trust me that was bad! I never knew I could pee and poop so much but when it's all in the back of your diaper....

"Thanks Courtney said both girls hugged each other.

It was a few hours later Courtney was still in her filthy diaper and Judy was also wet and messy.

"Oh when do we get to get out of her said Courtney? "Soon I hope said Judy.

In an adjacent room looking into the one where Courtney and Judy were.

"Well Mrs. Godwin what do you think? What are there conditions? She questioned. The guard replied "Well ma'am they are both pretty miserable Courtney has been messy since right after we brought here this am she has been in the same wet diaper since she was put into it last night.

"Hmm good said the teacher "and Judy well she has been wet and messy for only the past couple of hours.

"Hmm ok said the teacher. Ma'am I think they are in need of being released back to the dorms. Said the guard.

"Hmm perhaps you are right. Ma'am they haven't eaten either.

"Well then it is time they return I want to see them before you take them back OR before you change them. I want them to apologize first. Said the teacher.

"Yes ma'am I can take you to them now.

Back in the cell "How long are they going to keep us thought both girls. Just then they heard STAND AWAY FROM THE DOOR! Both girls did as was ordered but it was difficult for them because of there diapered state.

"Hello girls came the voice of Mrs. Godwin.

"H-Hi they both stammered "my my you two have been very busy today acting like babies and from the way it smells in here using your diapers like babies as well.

"Yes ma'am" muttered girls.

"I am ready to release you back to the dorms on one condition "yes ma'am they said "that you say your sorry to me and that you do some extra homework over the weekend owing to your behavior this am.

"Yes ma'am they said. Well I am waiting girls.

"I am very sorry for disrupting your class this am Mrs. Godwin said Judy. Nicely done Courtney "yes I am also very sorry for disrupting your class this am. Well done girls ok you two will both finish chapter 5 of your history book and will be prepared to speak on it in class on Monday.

"We will be stated both girls.

"Ok then you have my permission to be released back to the dorms.

"Thank you!!! Said both girls.

"Oh I also want you to talk with your other teachers to see what you missed in there classes today.

"We will they said. Mrs. Godwin then exited.

"Oh we finally get to get out of these nasty diapers. They both commented. Then a voice WELL COURTINE YOU'RE ABOUT HALF RIGHT YA SEE JUDY HERE WILL GET CHANGED BUT NOT YOU!! "What!!" Why not she said to the wall? YOUR ARE SLOTTED FOR 24HRS AND IT IS ONLY ABOUT 4PM YOU HAVE UNTIL LATER ON TONITE! "Oh my god!!! Screeched Courtney Can they do this to me ask Courtney? "Yeah they can said Judy. Just then the door opened and Judy was lead out while courtine stayed behind in her ever growing extremely messy diaper. Not long after Judy came smelling fresh as a daisy.

"Are they making you wear again asked Courtney? "No said Judy "I was only being punished while in here. And well you still on cuze of the 24hr thing.

"Yeah I know said Courtney.

"Everyone will laugh at me for being in dirty diapers" said courtine "hmm no they won't if they know what is good for them."

"What does that mean? "If they are caught teasing you they will be wearing too and so far everyone is pretty cool.

"Yeah but I smell like a suer!!!"

"Oh hun it is ok we all been there" said Judy OK YOU TWO UP AGAINST THE WALL FACING IT! They did as told and the door opened and they were handcuffed and taken back to there room.

"Ah good to be back thought both girls "we had better go see the other teachers before they leave said Judy.

"No way not the way I smell said Courtney! "Lemme give ya some advice I would suggest you come with me. Godwin will ask the others and if we haven't collected our other homework before they leave well let's just say if you thought today was bad ah! "All right lets get this over with." Said Courtney. They first went to their English teacher Mr. Paterson "well so you two missed my class b/c you decided to disrupt Mrs. Godwin?"

"Yes sir" said the girls. They stared at the floor.

"Ok here's' the deal I want a three page paper about Helen Keller on my desk on Monday morning.

"Yes sir they said they slumped out of the room. Next they went to Mrs. Kellevig who teaches math.

"You two have twenty algebra problems due for Monday. And you must read the prep work on how to do them.

"But what if we get stuck? Asked one of the girls.

"Hmm not my problem you two decided to screw around in history and miss the rest of classes today."

"Yes ma'am they replied and again walked out of the room. Next they went to Mr. Reese who taught science.

"You two will read chapter 6 of your book and be prepared for Monday's class.

"Yes sir they replied. Finally after receiving there homework assignments for Monday they walked back to their dorm room. They both sat down Cortine regretting it of course." Oh man I cant wait to get this horrid thing off me!"

"Is it me or do we have a ton of HW to do?"

"Yeah we do said Judy "they tend to do that when you miss class said Judy.

It was now about 4:30 and they both got down to some HW until supper which was at 6pm . A while later "MAN!! I can't do this!! Wailed Courtney in frustration."

"Here lemme help you I am pretty good with math." Oh thanks said Courtney. They worked for while and before they knew it was dinner time it was pizza both of the girls favorite.

Both of the girls headed to the dining room and got there Pizza as there supper.

"I am so glad it is 6:00 soon I'll be able to get out of this diaper". Said courtine.

"I know what you mean said Judy. Both girls finished their pizza and went back to the dorms.

"Well now what you like to do asked Courtney? "I think I want to watch Law&Order SVU being that it is Friday. Said Judy.

"You mean we can actually watch that?! Asked Courtney "sure said Judy "Yeah another one of my favorites said Courtney. Both Girls sat down to watch the show. Courtney not caring about he diapered state anymore. They were about half way thru the show when they heard this "Courtney Evens please report to the houseparent office." Was announced over the P.A.

"oh man now what do they want thought courtine.

"I guess I'll see you in a little while she told Judy "ok said Judy and good luck with what ever they want from you."

"Thanks said courntine. She made her way to the houseparent office which was not far from where they were watching TV. She tapped lightly on the door.

"Come in said a dull female voice. The voice was that of Mrs. Dickerson whom she had an encounter with earlier that day.

"Ah hi Mrs. Dickerson I heard my name announced over the P.A." said courtine.

"Ah yes your scheduled punishment time period has ended and it is now time for you to go get changed." Said Mrs. Dickerson Oh thank God!! Thought Courtney I finally going to get out of these diapers!!! Courtney proceeded to exit the office "WAIT! commanded Mrs. Dickerson.


"You just told me I could go get changed. Said courtine in a bewildered tone.

"NOT BY YOURSELF YOUR NOT" said Mrs. Dickerson in a harsh tone.

"GET IN HERE" she called over an intercom.

"COUNTINE, WALL, FACE IT NOW" she commanded. Courtney sighed heavily and did was asked of her. A guard comes in as she expected, and handcuffed and shackled her. He took her to an identical changing room like the one she had been in the night before. He had her stand by a drain in the floor he took off her sadden diaper man did it reek!! She almost gagged on the odor! He proceeded to spray off her bottom with warm and soapy water he then rinsed her and toweled her off.

"You can now get dressed here is a pair of your panties and sweats I'll be out side just pull the black cord when finished." He then left the room. Oh this feels wonderful she though never again will I end up in diapers! I'll make damn sure of it she thought. She finished dressing and pulled the cord she was once again cuffed and shackled and lead back to the dorms.

"Feel better asked Judy.

"You can't imagine. Said Courtney "hmm yeah I can said Judy. They watched the rest of SVU and then the news came on. So they watched that too. LIGHTS OUT came a voice over the P.A. Both of the girls were so exhausted they didn't care that they weren't going to get to watch Jay Leno. Both girls went to bed and settled in for a good night sleep knowing that tomorrow they could sleep in as it was Saturday.

"Ok you two up and at em." Came the voice of Mrs. Langstrom.

"MMM" both girls mumbled under there nice warm blankets.

"Come on girls' time to get up."

"What time is it anyway?" one of them mumbled.

"It's about 8:15 am ."

"mm that's nice now lemme sleep for about another 1 ½ mom." With that response Mrs. Langstrom blew a whistle that was around her neck TWEEEEETTTT!!!!!! AHHH both girls yelped.

"FIRST OFF I AM NOT YOUR MOTHER! SECOND WHEN I TELL YOU TO GET UP THAT MEANS GET UP WITHOUT BACK TALK JUDY." By now both girls where bolt upright in bed looking a little confused. In the doorway stood a petite but strong woman.

"Oh My Gosh" said Judy "Mrs. Langstrom I am so sorry I must have been like half asleep."

"HMM yes well you two seem to be getting in a lot of trouble I read the report from yesterday." At this point Courtney spoke up.

"What the fucking hell is it like public knowledge of what Judy and I did yesterday?"

"HMM my dear you are going to regret having said that."

"I want both of you to report to the house parent office at 8 pm tonight for you punishments." Both girls looked at each other like what did we do wrong.

"Ok in case you two idiots haven't figured out why you are in trouble yet again... Judy you back talked me when I first came in and my dear Courtney you used some very foul language which is not appropriate. And just an FYI yes Courtney people do know how naughty you and Judy were yesterday. Let me explain it to you. We have shift changes here and when new people come on we have reports that are given about you students what went on how naughty a person was or was not. What HW you all have or don't have ect. And speaking of HW when you two come to night you need to bring all you completed HW for Monday with you so that I can check it."


"Yes you do now may I suggest that you GET MOVING!! YOU HAVE A LOT TO DO IN 12 HRS." Said MRS. Langstrom.

"MAN!!" I can't believe we are in trouble again." Didn't we both just get out of trouble?" stated Courtney.

"Yeah said Judy.

"Can they call us names like that?" asked Courtney.

"well um yeah they can." Said Judy "Well I don't understand this place its supposed be a school not a place just to beat blind and VI kids." Said Courtney.

"Well a lot of things go on here and in many state run institutions because no one really checks on things here." Said Judy.

"Wait one fucking min." said Courtney "Do you mean to tell me that in the year 2003 with all the child abuse laws and such that we as students are at the mercy of these stupid assholes?"

"Um yeah said Judy.

" I can't believe this!!"

"Do you think my family even has a clue what is going on here?" said Courtney.

"Well mine doesn't" said Judy.

"How can they not know?" You've been here for two years."

"Well ah I didn't mention this but now would be a good time. They monitor everything you say to your family letters, phone calls, emails everything and if you start blubbering about how bad this place is well let me just say I don't think I would want to be that person..." said Judy.

"This place is whacked said Courtney.

"Yeah I know I guess I have just learned to live with the punishments here" said Judy.

"I suppose" said Courtney. Both girls got ready for the day; they took showers and went to breakfast. After breakfast they come back to get started on there HW. They had finished math the night before. So they still had science, English, and history.

"I can do our papers on Helen Keller" said Courtney "You can?" asked Judy.

"Yeah I read all about her, her life how she managed and all she even went to school." Said Courtney.

"yeah cool" said Judy.

"I had better not copy both our papers word for word though or they'll think something is up." Said Courtney.

"your right" said Judy. Both girls got to work. They finally finished all there homework by 4:00pm as they weren't allowed to do anything else until it was done. Both girls went to the living room part of the dorm and watched a movie until dinner time. At 6:00 they went to the dining hall were they had tacos for dinner.

"man I love tacos" said Courtney.

"yea I like em too." Said Judy. There meals where soon devoured. They went back to the dorms to await there punishments from Mrs. Langstrom at 8. As 8 rolled around both girls headed to the house parent office. One of them knocked on the door.

"ah yes my dears it is your punishment time. First I would like to see your hw." Said the Mrs. Langtrom. Both of the girls showed her their hw.

"this is nicely done good work girls".

"thank you they replied.

"ok here is the deal... Judy you will receive 3 strokes with the cane." And my dear Courtney you will get what we call 6 of the best for you language to me this am." Said Mrs. Langstrom. Both girls were speechless Judy had heard of this but never had received it yet. And poor Courtney had heard about it but never seen it. Now both girls looked at each other with fear in there eyes both of them were scared and hearts pounding.

"ok Judy you first. Bend over and grab your ankles, Courtney you have the pleasure of watching your friend here go first." Said Mrs. Langstom with an evil grin. Judy did as was ordered the first one come hard WACK! AHH!! Judy yelled in pain tears were already steaming down her cheeks. WACK! Come the second blow. Judy wailed even louder still. WACK! Came the third blow. With this last one Judy just landed on the floor with a thud. There was no scream as she didn't have any more in her. She was bawling on the floor.

"GET YOUR ASS UP OFF MY FLOOR!! ITS COURTNEY'S TURN." With that said Mrs. Langstrom reached down and roughly grabbed the sobbing Judy off the floor.

"you will wait here until Courtney is done then you both will be escorted back to your dorm and be put in lock down for the night." Said Mrs. Langstrom.

"ok miss potty mouth get your ass over here." With that Courtney walked over to were she was standing.

"ok same as Judy grab your ankles". Said Mrs. Langstrom. Courtney did as was ordered. And then came the first blow. WACK! With that Courtney lost her balance and toppled to the floor.

"GET UP! AND STAY THIS TIME!! Said Mrs. Langstrom. Something snapped inside Courtney before she knew it she was bolting for the door of the office and out in the hallway. She ran to the main door of school. Meanwhile in the office... GET YOUR ASS IN HERE WE HAVE A RUN AWAY STUDENT!! Said Mrs. Langstrom. The guard showed at the door "she's heading for the main gate get her before she gets out the gate!!"

"yes ma'am said the guard and with that he was off... Courtney was now almost at the gate. Freedom she thought just a few more steps to go... and with that thought she was tackled to the ground by one of the campus guards.

"HANDS AROUND YOUR BACK NOW!!!!" Screamed the guard.

"Nooo!! Screamed Courtney as she struggled to be free of the guard's grasp.

"look I have got a nite stick and a gag and I would prefer not to have to use them... now are you going to cooperate?" With the sense of defeat and dread Courtney put her hands behind her back. She was of course handcuffed and shackled and taken into school She was lead into the superintendents office. The lady's name was Mrs. Elaine Sveen. Courtney was seated across from here desk with handcuffs and shackles still in place. A guard was posted at the door. The superintendent was an average woman with shoulder length brown curly hair she was wearing a flowered sun dress.

"My, my Courtney you are in deep trouble, and you haven't even been here one week. I am washing my hands of you. Tomorrow you will be transferred to another institution out of state. Until that time you will be kept in diapers and in a cell by yourself away from you friend Judy. Judy will be informed of what is going on." Said the super.

"But, but my family I want to go home to my family." Said Courtney.

"Hmm, I don't think so said the superintendent "you are in my care now and I can do with you as I like." Now get her out of my sight!!! With that she was lead away. She was again ushered into one of the diapering rooms where for the second time in 48 hrs she was diapered heavily same 10 diapers and plastic pants. She was lead away to a cell. It contained an adult nursery a steel adult crib a high chair and changing table. The floor was the same blue as yesterday but the walls were white. Courtney was dumped into the crib and the handcuffs and shackles were removed at this time. The cell door clanged shut. Courtney just cried and cried she would not see her family for god knows how long... Before falling asleep Courtney both wet and messed her diaper. Taco's had that affect on her. Courtney would not be changed until morning therefore was forced to sleep in her mess. She found it difficult but did manage to get some zzzzz's.

The next morning Courtney was awaken by the florescent light of the cell. Geez she though nice way to way someone up. Soon the cell door opened in came Mrs. Dickerson. She walked over to the crib and looked condescendingly down at Courtney.

"Well good morning, have a nice nite?" Mrs., Dickerson with an evil grin at the same time pushing hard on Courtney's diapered butt mashing the mess around further. Man this is so disgusting thought Courtney can't she just change me without making it worse? Courtney made her thoughts known.

"Nice nite my ass, you people leave me all nite in a shitty diaper and you want me to have a nice nite?" said Courtney.

"With your attitude I may very well continue to leave you in that diaper."

"How would you like to stay in that shitty diaper of yours for the rest of the day, including your trip?"

"Man what I diaper rash you would have!!" said Dickerson. At this Courtney went pale she wouldn't? Dickerson just laughed and evil laugh as she saw Courtney's expression.

"Ya know I was going to change you now but you can wait until after breakfast..." said Dickerson. Well thought Courtney at lest I'll get changed before leaving. Mrs. Dickerson lowered the crib rail so Courtney could get out.

"Crawl over to the high chair." Said Dickerson. Courtney just looked at her for a moment.

"Move it!" said Dickerson. With that Courtney crawled slowly over to the high chair her loaded diaper making it very difficult to do this. Once at the high chair she was told to get in it. Courtney grimaced when she did so.

"Aw what's the matter? Does lil Courtney not like being in a messy diaper?" Dickerson just laughed. Courtney didn't say a word for she knew if she did she would for sure not be changed. Finally Mrs. Dickerson got breakfast. To Courtney it was nasty! Malto-Meal like one would give a toddler no flavor at all to top it off a warm bottle of milk. Now Courtney loved milk just not warmed up.

"Now lil Courtney better eat and drink all of it or you know what will happen. So Courtney was forced to eat all of it. The bottle was brought closer to Courtney's lips but she wouldn't open up. No way in hell she thought.

"Lil Courtney had better open up or pay the price." Said Mrs. Dickerson.

"Ok you leave me no choice." Said Dickerson. Having said that she forcefully opened Courtney's mouth and she squeezed the bottle so Courtney had no choice but to suck on it. To Courtney this was humiliating and it tasted nasty to boot. Soon thankfully it was over with.

"Now I will dress you and get you ready for your trip." Said Dickerson.

"NO! I want to be changed! And I want to see my family!" said Courtney. Courtney soon regretted this. Dickerson walked over and smacked her hard across the face.

"You will do as you are told young lady!" said Dickerson. Courtney was roughly grabbed by the wrist and put forcefully on the changing table. Courtney's wrists were bound to the table. As all of this was happening Courtney had tears running down her face but Mrs. Dickerson didn't seem to care. Mrs. Dickerson looked in the cupboards around the changing table until she found what she was looking for. She pulled out and orange jumps suit like a prison inmate would wear. She proceeded to put in on Courtney but Courtney wanted no part of it and told Mrs. Dickerson. She had nothing to loose now she knew she wasn't going to be changed.

"I am NOT wearing that!!" screamed Courtney.

"Oh I think you are" said Mrs. Dickerson and with that she gave Courtney two swift smacks on her inner thighs.

"Owwww!!" yelped Courtney and with that she knew there was no hope so she allowed Mrs. Dickerson to dress her. Having done this she stood Courtney up and handcuffed her but surprisingly in front not in back, but Courtney wasn't going to complain. Courtney was lead along a hallway that eventually lead to the main entrance of the facility. On approaching Courtney saw Mrs. Sven.

"Well she is ready for transport Mrs. Sveen" said Mrs. Dickerson. Mrs. Sveen didn't say anything instead she just sniffed the air. Meanwhile Courtney just looked at the floor to ashamed to say or do anything. Mrs. Dickerson why did you not change her?" asked Mrs. Sveen sternly.

"The brat was whining about wanting to see her family and gave me hard time when I tried to feed her breakfast." Said Mrs. Dickerson.

"Oh for pity sake!"

"You only had to deal with her for a short time"

"now go and change her!" said Sveen. Courtney just felt so invisible they were talking about her like she wasn't there.

"Oh alright"

"come on" said Dickerson. With that Courtney was forcefully grabbed it almost knocked her over. She was led yet again to a changing room. Courtney was lead over to drain in the floor and again her sodden diaper was pealed off. This time she didn't gag. She was rinsed off with soap and warm water. She was toweled dry and then she was re diapered in another 10 thick cloth diapers and two pairs of plastic pants were put on. No one spoke while this was taking place. Courtney was then lead down the hallway in which they had come, this took them back to the main entrance but, to Courtney's surprise she was not handcuffed.

As Courney rounded the corner she saw to her great suprize Judy.

"Judy!" she shriked and ran toward her friend and threw her arms around her.

"they say I have to go out of state wailed Courtney.

"I know I was told last night that is why I am here they told me I could come say good-bye." Said Judy. With that both girls hugged again both had tears streaming down there faces.

"come on lets go" said Dickerson and with that courntey was forceably removed from Judy's embrace Courtney was again handcuffed and shackled Judy was forced to stay and watch. Neither girl spoke and Courtney was lead out of the school enterance. She felt numb almost no emotion. She had gone through so many with in the past couple of days she just allowed herself to be lead by Dickerson. She was lead to a white prison van waiting for her. She was ushered inside and to her astonishment there was an armed guard sitting to her left and she entered. The door was closed. It was like being inside of moving cage on all the window was wireing like one would see on a prison van. Courtney didn't say anything but just looked at the floor. They soon pulled up to a privete runway.

"Don't move until we tell you to" said the armed guard. Courtney nodded her understanding. The driver who was in a traditional police uniform with hand gun but no riffle got out and unlocked the van door from the outside.

"ok you may step out of the van now." Courtney did so but slowly as she was chained and heavily diapered. She was asscorted to the aircraft by the driver. He held her lightly under the arm.

"Now careful there are steps coming up that you need to assend to get onto the aircraft." Said the driver.

"yes thank you." Said Courtney very softly and to the ground. She climbed the long stairway up to the plan there was another guard there was well. As she was about to enter the aircraft she got a look at the name on the plane. It read Conair. Then it hit Courtney like a revalation OMG! I saw this on the discovery channel this is the same plan they use to fly criminals across the country! But Courtney didn't think she was a common criminal no must be wrong... She was ushered in "sit!" the guard barked and she did so. She had an isle seat. She looked around the plan no try tables or normal objects one might find everyone else was just as scared as she felt. She then noticed that there was a latched gate up in front of the plane. There was an armed guard there too.


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