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My New Boyfriend ''mind contoll''

by 1856

My New Boyfriend ''mind contoll''

It first started in a bar on a Saturday night. About 7:30pm. He caught my eye sitting in a corner. He was watching me. I half turned, and suddenly a slight tingling feeling passed through me. I turned back to my drink, but it was not long before I was looking at him again. He had wavy blonde hair, a lovely smile and beautiful blue eyes. He was wearing a tight top, which showed off his body...

I spun around, and with a big gulp of my drink realized that I had just been checking him out! But I was straight. I had a girlfriend. I felt confused and dizzy. I took another swig of my drink. Then from the corner of my eye, I saw that he was beckoning me over.

Before I knew what was happening, I had got up, walked over and sat down beside him. I looked at him intently. His piercing blue eyes were locked onto mine, and the tingling feeling swept through me again, but stronger this time. Then he got up, and left. I looked down and in my hand was a piece of paper with an address and some instructions on it:

10.30 PM, look sexy. Don’t be late. x x Oliver

My head was spinning, and thinking I'd had too much to drink, I went home.

I walked round my apartment like a robot, as if I was getting ready for a date. I was already convinced that I was not going, and had screwed up the paper and thrown it away. I had a shower, and once I'd dressed, I sat down to watch TV.

But the words on the note were still spinning in my head. It was like an order, and surely enough, at 10.30 I was wearing the tightest pieces of clothing I could find, and knocking on Oliver's door.

When the door opened, I could feel him smiling, but all I could see were those beautiful eyes, beckoning me in. I walked in, and as he willed me, I sat on the couch. Suddenly, he snapped his fingers in front of my face. I blinked, and I was once again wide-awake. "How are ya feeling?" he asked. "Fine", I replied. "What's ya name?". "Ben", I said. "Do you have a girlfriend?". He seemed to be itching to get to that. "Yes" was the reply. "Too bad", he said. "What do ya mean, 'too bad'?", I asked. "Well, I liked ya ever since I saw you in the bar. That's why I told you to come". "You never told me to! You never even spoke to me!" I said indignantly. "I didn't have to. I just have to look at someone, and they do what I want". "I don't believe it", I said. "Why are you here then?". This I couldn't reply to. "So", I said, "what were you going to 'make' me do?". "The bed's ready" was the reply. "No way man!", I said and started to head for the still open door. "Ben..." he said. "What?" I said, feeling irritated as I turned round. As soon as his eyes were upon me, that familiar feeling swept through me as I was once again under his control.

"Why don't you shut the door?", he said in a low, soothing tone. I immediately obeyed. I hated him for doing this to me. I wanted to hit him. But I couldn't. "Come on", he said, heading upstairs. I followed. We went into his bedroom. He had a dimmer, and the lights were low. "Why don't you take off your shirt?" he asked. "It's very hot in here. Very, very hot. But when you take off your shirt, you will feel a lot cooler. You'll feel better if you take off your shirt." He was right. I did feel hot. Very hot. I began sweating, and began to see reason in his suggestion. I peeled off my shirt, and saw the bulge in his pants grow. This made me feel better, and I cooled down. "Now the pants", he said. "They feel very tight, don't they? They feel uncomfortable. They are hurting you. Take off the pants." He was right, again. As I moved my hands towards the zip, I realized that this was what he wanted. I forced my hands back to my sides.

"Look at you", he said. "You're all tense. Come here", he said. He climbed onto the bed, and I followed. He pulled me in between his legs, up to his warm chest, and wrapped his arms around me. Touching him sent a massive feeling sweeping through me. He began to speak again. "Do you like my chest? Of course you do. You want me to cuddle you for ever, don't you." He began running his fingers up and down my chest, caressing my nipples and abs. "You like this. It relaxes you. When you are relaxed you will be able to have more fun with me. You are feeling more relaxed every time I touch you. Relax, so you can be mine." I started to feel less tense, to give into Oliver's will. But I remembered my girlfriend, and all the good times we had together. I wanted to get away from Oliver. I twisted in his arms, and he could see I was resisting him.

Before I knew it, he had turned me over so I was lying on top of him. He began to run his fingers through my hair and caress my back. This was helping put me back under his spell, but all I could focus on were his beautiful eyes. He spoke again. "Don't try to resist me. It will make you feel bad if you do not comply with my wishes. Give in. You will feel so much more relaxed. Following relaxation comes pleasure." I felt his hand on my head, pulling it down towards him, and soon our lips met. He slipped his tongue inside my mouth, and his blue eyes instructed me to do the same. Soon we were locked in a passionate kiss. After a while, I was instructed by his eyes to stop, and I pulled away.

"Your pants still feel uncomfortable. I don't mind if you take them off. I would like you to take them off. It will help you relax, so we can have more fun. You want to have fun. You want to have fun with me." My pants dropped. He dropped his. "Now then", he said, "listen carefully. You do not have a girlfriend. You are mine. You will do anything to make me happy, and in return I will give you relaxation and pleasure. You want relaxation and pleasure don't you?". I nodded. "Good. Now, I want you to kiss me again, but remember that your body is mine. Your chest, your ass and your dick. With that one kiss, all memories of your girlfriend and being straight will flow out of you. Like a river. Just like a river." These last words rung in my head as we met once more, but this time, the tingling feeling was the strongest I had felt, and my mind became clouded, and I began to forget, with thoughts of the beautiful Oliver filling the places where memories of my family, friends and girlfriend. My head was throbbing, and when the last thought had disappeared, I gasped and slumped in Oliver's arms, unconscious.

When I awoke, I was lying on a bed in my underwear. I looked around, but I didn't know where I was, but I could remember being here. Then somebody walked in. It was my boyfriend, Oliver.

"How are ya?" he asked. "Fine", I said, "I feel a bit dizzy, though. My head feels fuzzy". "Don't worry", he said, "I'll make you feel better!", and he dived on top of me, wetting my chest with his saliva. My cock instantly hardened, and I felt his do so too. We wrestled for a bit, and after caressing each other's abs and biting nipples, we lay back on the bed, in each other's arms. After a while, he said "underwear off!".

I instantly complied, and as he dropped his, I looked at his 8-inch cock. "What's the matter?" he asked, with a nervous look on his face. "You've seen my dick before." "Of course I have", I stuttered. Why couldn't I remember it? "Kneel down" he said. I did, and he instantly stuck his dick into my mouth. I began to suck. He took my head and started to pull it backward and forward on his dick. I put my hands on his ass pushing him into my mouth as he continued to fuck my face. I felt his cock tense, and he quickly pulled out of me. I looked up, only to see a fountain of hot, salty cum spurted onto my face. He pulled me up and shoved me back onto the bed. I love it when he's forceful with me. It makes me relaxed, and with Oliver, relaxation leads to pleasure.

I let him have his way with me as he began to lick his own cum off my face. He scooped some up with his finger, and put it in my mouth and I gladly sucked it off. It had a great salty taste. When he'd finished licking, he turned me over and lay on my back. He whispered into my ear, "I hope you're ready for this". I was.

He moved down and stuck his finger into my ass. It hurt, and I screamed out in pain, but he carried on, and after a while, inserted another finger. After the third finger, I began to feel more relaxed. This was my boyfriend, and I wanted pleasure from him. "Feeling relaxed?" he asked. I nodded. "Good", was the reply.

He moved up my body, and stuck his dick between my ass cheeks. I held my breath as he entered my hole. As he probed further inside me, he began gasping. I joined in, and we soaked the bed in sweat. It felt so good as his hot cum filled my ass. We fell asleep in each other's arms.

When we awoke, I was so happy to see my boyfriend in bed with me, with his cock still inside me. We showered together, with another hot sex session, and then I dressed, and as he showed me to the door, he snapped his fingers. The memories of my real life flooded back to me, and I looked at him. He had a grin on his face. I didn't speak to him. I turned and left.

I didn't go back to the bar again. I went to a different one on the other side of town. About a month later, I had just about got over the whole experience. I was planning to ask my girlfriend to marry me. I had the ring in my pocket. I was enjoying a drink, when I felt a tap on my shoulder. "I've been looking for you." I turned round, to feel that same tingling pass through me as a saw Oliver standing there. Smiling. I stood up, and we left together, holding hands.



Re: My New Boyfriend ''mind contoll'' - Haxsaw

Dear Friend,
I really have no care for homos yet the mind control aspect was really well delivered, here. I am placing on mind control stories for instruction.
As you are writing along this line and I never considered myself the writer I was wondering if you considered some man, say overseas or at a rich house. He is definitely better suited, upper crust, as the case may be. So it would be this particular man was visited by a home care professional, as I am playing it, in my mind, this time. Lets say the care professional gives nails care, with his other pampered living skills?
Say the nail care was so he ends with pinkish fingernails and toenails? Enraged, he goes about his day, receiving the occasional call from Board Members. They report the working of his multi-million dollar business.
As time goes by this little man is changing. D.N.A. change, metabolism, likes and dis-likes. At end he ends up the woman he was never and the head of the Board of Selectmen makes an unexpected visit. Plan it for end of story. State the new Mrs. is lovingly signing over 'her' wealth, or something along that line to the head of the Board.

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