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The Office Slut

by dreaming_slave

The Office Slut

Heather Morgan was not a woman to be taken lightly. In the world of over priced executives she was the alpha female. The best of the best. Queen of her own little world. However her position came with nothing but grief. The twenty nine year old buxom red head had gained many enemies in a short amount of time as she climbed to corporate ladder. Many accused her of sleeping her way to the top, and she hand been branded as a slut. She hated for people to think that since she had actually worked so hard for her title, but Heather knew that people always needed a target to blame their failure on. Unfortunately it was her.

It was also unfortunate that on one particularly dark night Heather decided to work late in hopes of impressing the new owners of the company she worked for. After working till well past midnight Heather felt the pressure of fatigue setting in, and decided to call it a night. She hated working late like this because it meant that their would be no security guard in the garage. During the night homeless people often found ways into the building, and slept where ever there was space. It was not the safest situation to be in.

"Hello? Is someone there?", Heather called as she stepped through the poorly lit garage. She knew she heard foot steps for a minute, but perhaps she was just scaring herself. "Look I've got a gun...", that was an empty threat. Feeling a surge of adrenalin Heather made a dash for her car, but suddenly tripped when she hit a speed bump. "Come on Heather get a hold of yourself.", she mumbled taking in deep breaths. As she slowly stood Heather was suddenly startled by the sound of a gun going off, and then the world going black.

"God,,, My head hurts.", Heather said as she slowly regained control over her body, "Where am I?" Looking around she found herself in an unfamiliar room. It appeared to be a doctors office, and she could make out the sound of people through an ear piercing level of elevator music that filled the room. However she also found that she was unable to move. It felt as if her body was completely strapped down.

Just then the door opened and two rather attractive women entered the room. One was dressed in a long doctors coat, but the other wore a grey corporate suit. The doctor immediately walked over to the end of the bed that Heather lay upon, and began to study some paper work and charts. The other women walked over to Heather's side offering her a cold smile, "Well hello Heather. I'm so happy to see you awake, however I must say there were more of a few of us that had hoped you'd died."

"Who are you?", Heather asked. She could vaguely remember the womans face from somewhere.

The woman seemed to grow irritated by this question, "What? You don't know? First you fuck my boss, and get my promotion. Then you turn my friends against me. Now you deny knowing who I am?" The woman raised her hand, and delivered a hard smack across Heather's face. Heather was surprised to find that she didn't feel anything. "Damn, I forgot about the drugs they have you on! Remind me to slap you later, slut.", the woman said coldly.

"Look I don't know what you're talking about. I didn't sleep with anyone to get ahead, and I have no idea who you are.", Heather protested. The woman seemed almost psychotic, but perhaps if she remained calm she could get through to her. "Listen, let me go now and we can forget all about this."

"Sorry slut, but I'm afraid it's too late for that. It's all ready began.", the woman circle around her like a vulture as she ranted on, "While you were sleeping we began augmenting certain parts of your body, and injecting you with series of new test drugs. These drugs combined with surgery will make your outsides exactly the way you are on the inside; a slut!"

Heather began to feel frightened with the thoughts that the woman might be serious, "God no! What the hell is wrong with you? You're nothing but a psychotic bitch! When I..." The woman silenced Heather by placing some tape over her mouth.

"Now as I was saying before I was so rudely interrupted. Your hair will become a lovely golden blonde color, and not just on your head of course. Through surgery we will increase your breast to an unreal size. No matter how hard you can every try they will always seem obscene. Along with that we'll widen your hips giving you a perfect hour glass shape.", the woman smiled as she reached what she considered to be the best parts, "In addition to turning you into a walking sex doll we figured we'd enhance your already sex driven brain. Through subliminal messages in this lousy music we've began reprogramming you. Your intelligence will be lowered, and your sex drive will be through the wall. In essence you'll just be some slut bimbo blonde. Fitting punishment."

Though she tried to resist against her bonds Heather found she couldn't budge them even an inch. Before leaving the room the doctor injected her with a strange green liquid, and again the world went black.

... One Month Later ...
"Mmm... Spike that tickles sweety", Heather giggled as her dog's busy tongue woke her from an impossibly long sleep. Sitting up she smiled at the dog as it lapped at her bare crotch. It's keen senses could smell the stink of sex around it's master, and saw her as he saw any other bitch in heat. "Spike baby mommies gotta dress. I have to work today, or is today my day off? Sometimes I'm so forgetful.", she said in a little high pitched giggle. As she stepped out of bed to head for her closet Spike continued to follow her, taking every opportunity to poke it's nose between her legs. Heather made no attempt to stop the beat, and was beginning to feel a little horny from the attention it was giving her privates. 'Ruff!', the dog barked loud as it leaped upon Heather's back sending her to the ground. For a moment she stared at the dog in shock, but instinctively sat back up on all fours and spread her legs for it. She could see it's mammoth cock throbbing between it's hairy legs. All the more to turn her on. "Ok Spike on good fuck, but then I have to go to work!", Heather said trying to sound as if she were in charge of the situation. She let out a queer moan as Spike went straight for her exposed cunt, letting it's long coarse tongue lap up her juices. However it spared little time before moving it's front paws over her back to mount her like any other bitch. "Good boy!", Heather moaned as the thick cock head pierced into her. She had never felt something so big in her all at once, though on the other hand it suddenly hit her that she had been involved in wild orgies letting many men fuck her at once. The mutt began pumping into her hard and fast, and only increased in speed as Heather's own body grew wet and hot. Then she felt it. It was as if someone drove their fist deep into her. The dog's large knot pushed deep into her releasing a hot spray of cum, and binding the two together. Heather immediately screamed with a mix of pain and passion, then fell to the floor taking Spike with her.

It took a while before she managed to separate from the well satisfied hound, and now she was certain she'd be late for work. Quickly she slapped on a short black skirt and matching blouse, fixed her hair, found some shoes, then was out the door. She enjoyed how people stopped to stare at her as she ran by, and with those large triple E's mounted on her chest who could blame them? Luckily she found that she was just in time for the bus. The driver gave her a look over, then allowed her on for free. More than a little happy to look at her through his rear view mirror.

"Excuse me dear you have something...", the old woman siting across from Heather suddenly felt a little embarrassed noticing that the trail of whit gunk on Heather's leg was coming from her exposed cunt. The skirt did nothing to hide any part of her when she sat. Heather looked down and giggled realising that in her haste she had forgotten to clean up after Spike. The old woman looked on in disgust as Heather proceeded to clean off the gunk, then wipe her messy cunt with a napkin from her purse. She had never seen something so vile in all of her life. Of course the same couldn't be said for some of the male passengers who looked on with rock hard cocks. It was like some bizarre fantasy.

When Heather arrived at work she was greeted by many blank stares. Not only did no one know what to make of the sexy bimbo, but no one knew it was even Heather. Well almost no one. "Hi Heather. I'm so happy to see everything turned out so perfect.", Heather turned to see Nancy wearing a devilish grin. Nancy had always been in serious competition for Heather's position, but as far as Heather remembered Nancy was so much more deserving of it.

"Hi Nancy!", Heather said in a shrill high pitched voice, "I'm so happy to see you!"

"Heather can you follow me? Mr. Feller really wants to see you. I told him all about how sorry you are for being such a slut to get your job, and he says he's willing to forgive you. Then someone more deserving can take your job."

Though a voice in the back of Heather's mind was screaming for her to slap the bitch Heather took it with a smile, "Oh good Nancy. Do you think you might even get the job? Maybe I can be your secretary. You're so much smarted than me." Nancy took great delight in hearing Heather degrade herself like this. It was all she had ever wanted and more. After showing Heather off to some of the other women in the office Nancy then led her to Mr. Feller's office. She just couldn't wait for the big V.P. to see this.

"Here she is Mr. Feller, just as I promised.", Nancy said announcing Heather as they entered the office Immediately upon seeing Heather Mr. Feller's jaw dropped like a ton of bricks. He could never have imagined Heather could look anything like this. She was possibly the most beautiful woman he had ever seen. Nancy continued to gloat, "Just like I said, huh? Perfect if I do say so myself."

"And she has no idea who she was in the past?", Mr. Feller asked as Heather just stood their with a happy little smile upon her face.


"What about the programming? Was it effective?"

"See for yourself seir.", Nancy said. Reaching down she raised Heather's skirt, and stuck her finger into her exposed cunt. Pulling it back out she found her finger coated with a fresh coating of dark cum. "See, the bitch has only been awake for two hours, and she's already been fucking. What a slut."

Mr.Feller was totally shocked by this, "Simply amazing. Nancy consider yourself promoted. Now please leave. I think Heather has some work to do now. Nancy laughed a little then left to share the news of her success. As she shut the door behind her she stopped for a moment to consider what she had done. Was turning Heather into a bimbo sex slave wrong? Then she laughed to herself at even the thought. Of course it was right, after all she was just some slut.

... A Week Later ...
"Heather come into my office please.", Mr. Feller's low voice called over the speaker system. Sitting up from the floor. Heather wiped away the fresh layer of cum that had accumulated from the last job she did. Her new position as head dick sucker was a hard job, but she never complained. Making a little dash Heather quickly found her way to the office. She so hoped that maybe Mr. Feller would let her suck him off today, or maybe even give her the honor of penetrating his dick into her.

"I'm here master.", Heather called as she stepped through the door.

"Heather take off your skirt please. This man has some work to do.", Mr. Feller said. As she pulled down her skirt a tall man walked over to her carrying a black suitcase. From it he produced some jars of ink, and a needle gun. When he started his job Heather began to cringe fro the pain, but quickly her quirky smile returned as the programming in her brain refused to allow her to feel sad.

As Heather walked out of the office all eyes turned and focused on her bare midsection. There, written in dark black, just above her shaved pussy were four bold words. "The Official Office Slut" She was now, and forever just company property. To be used, and reused until she had out lived her usefulness. Then like all garbage, she'd be gotten rid off.


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