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my gay conversion

by cdfairy

my gay conversion

Several years ago i had an online friend named connie5459. She was a free spirit, very open to new things and very sexually active along with her husband. Getting in her pants was my goal and she seemed open to the idea if i would travel to their home town.
We were chatting late one night after her hubby and she had gotten home from a local swinger's club in their town. Connie talked at great length about giving head to several men she met there. So , my curiousity being piqued, i asked her what was so great about giving head. She told me if i didn't try it i would never know.
To this point in time i was a womanizing, predatory sleaze. In my mind, every woman was fair game.
Sex with a man was absolutely out of the question and i told her so. Her reply was that it was my loss. We chatted a bit more before she signed off, then she said an odd thing, that i should try having sex with at least one man ,one time and maybe i would understand. I told her i could never get that high and we both laughed.
About two weeks later we were online and i was stoned. i mean thoroughly stoned and i commented on it. I had also forgotten i had told her i would not ever be high enough to have gay sex. She; however, remembered. Connie asked me if i was high enough to suck a dick. I was high so i thought , sure , why not. I told her i was and she said "o? really? Do you rmember telling me you would never get that high?"
I did remember and admitted to it. Connie told me now was my chance, go for it. I said i woould. Connie said something like yeh right you will. For some reason i felt the need to remind her i was a man of my word and she just kept saying ok ok whatever. fianlly Connie dared me to go out somewhere and find a man to have sex with. Then she bet me i would chicken out.
I cannot stand to be challeneged even high. I called a porn theater in the next town over and told the guy there about the dare and the bet. After i convinced him i was serious he told me to put on something slutty and come on in. I grabbed some spandex bike shorts i wore to work out in and a tank top and sandals and off i went.
When i got there and introduced myself, the counter guy there yelled out,"Anyone here want a blow job?"Well there was a large booth in the back where two or more could watch a peep show at once and it was already running. Three men yelled back they wanted blow jobs and i dutifully walked back thinking i would service one and go home.
One of the guys asked if I was ready , I said yes and he pushed me into the booth. He said "ok cocksucker get naked and start sucking." Being high and strangely horny; I had never done anything like this, i stripped and got on my knees.
He pulled out his cock and pushed inot my mouth. I realized that the door was open and the other two men were watching. Now this was highly erotic and i got extremely turned on. Then it happened, i started giving head like i needed to, like it was what i was supposed to be doing. I loved it. The first man started breathing heavily and in short gasps. He reached under my chin, tilted my head back, pulled his cock out of my mouth and shot a huge load right in my face. He zipped up and told the other two men i had a pussy for a mouth and they walked in and proceeded to do things to me i had never imaginged,each time cumming on my face.
When they finished i was made toi get dressed outside the booth and was not allowed to wipe the cum off my face. those men made me walk out past other patrons,male and female with cum dripping from my chin and out of the store. I was mortified but changed.
When i told Connie she was overjoyed. Occasionally she would hook me up with men in my area through my new favorite internet chatroom. Connie's next goal was gettng me in drag, which she did and the rest is now gay crossdresser history


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