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A Chance Meeting to change your life

by Gannon

A Chance Meeting to change your life

A mew was flying in the street of my town, looking for someone outside at this hour of the night. Even if he wanted to find someone to be his mate, he love this new body and enjoy flying and using psychic powers. After 2 hours or research, he notices someone just in front of him.
Walking about the streets I have always enjoyed the darkness of the night. That's the time that most of my friends were out. The Mew slowly flies behind me, without a noise, and scanned my soul with his powers.....My name is Arrik and I love pokemon...."good.." the mew thought. He decide that I would be his next mate.

{Mew!!} he pipped up.

"Huh?" I spun around. "Hey a Mew! Hi little guy. You wouldn't happen to know what happened to my Friend Shinro would you?"

I petted the little mew.

Shinro? He had never heard this name, and he had not been a mew for a long time. He looked at me for a few minute and then smiled.

{Mew!!!} then suddenly his hands and eyes glow pink and I found myself floating in the air.

"Woah! What the hell?" I begin to panic. "Put me down please. I'm not use to this kind of psychic energy."

His eyes glow in a more reddish colour and all my clothes vanish, leaving me naked, in the street and floating. He slowly flew into a desert alley dragging me with him, helping me to go back onto the ground I covered my exposed genitals.

"What the hell?" I look at the mew with curiosity and fear at what was happening to me.

He smiled looking at me, the head of his small penis going out of his small sheath. My chest and genitals started to tingle, as if me penis and balls were sucked from the inside.

I try to feel my genitals and try to prevent them from leaving. "What are you doing to me Little mew?"

{Mew!!} My chest starts to grow as my forms get slimmer. Most of my muscles vanish replaced by a thin feminine appearance, as my genitals shrank and a slit opens between my legs.

"Oh God! Please stop little guy! What are you doing to me?" I cover my new slit and growing chest as best I could.

My penis soon becomes a sensitive clit as my new boobs finish growing. I now stood in front of the little Mew as a beautiful young woman.

"OH GOD! Please change me back. I don't want to be a woman." Still covering my exposed genitals and boobs. It was harder to cover my boobs now so I found a newspaper and cover both areas quite effectively. "Wait? Are you Shinro?"

The Mew smiles and squeaks. {Mew!} His penis is now fully out of it's sheath.

"You are. Shinro what are you doing to me?"

I have a scared look on my face while try to hide my fear. He came closer and just wave his hand... I began to grow horny...very horny.

"Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Why do I feel so horny?"

With his psychic powers, he created a dildo made of pure energy and held it to me.

"Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Shinro why are you doing this to me? Do you find pleasure in doing this to me? We were friends."

{I need a mate...and i choose you}

"Huh? You really are Shinro. But why can I hear you? Your a Mew." I look at you with more fear than horniness in my eyes. "M-mate?"

{I'm a mew...one of the most powerful pokemon....and yes...i need a mate..i was changed into a full male mew and i need a mate...to complete my change.}

"You look completely transformed to me. Why me though? Why do you want me to be your mate?" I had a very scared look in my eyes.

{Because you're the first human i found on my way...} while he said that the dildo move to my new breasts and started rubbing them.

"Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Please stop Shinro. This isn't right." I moan in pleasure.

He create a second one and used it on my second nipple. I slowly began to shrink.

"Oh god! That feels so good. What are you doing to me? I'm getting smaller?"

{You are too tall for me....}

"Please keep my normal height. I don't want to be shorter." I moan in the pleasure that remains.

A third dildo began to rub my clit. {But I like you that way}

"Please Shinro. Please." Moans in the new additional pleasure that was building.

The dildos vanish {All right. } he licked his small lips and came closer, smelling my juices.

"No! Please Shinro no!"

He started licking my new pussy, flying between my legs.

"Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Shinro please I'm losing myself here."

{That's the objective... } he said. His small muzzle was full of my juices. His tongue lightly enters my pussy, licking me from inside.

"Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Yes... no! Yeeeeeeesssssssss!"

Without saying it, he flew to the level of my chest and started sucking my nipples... while his small member entered my soaked pussy.

"Oh please Shinro. Make it last as long as possible!" I say as you fly, suck and enter. "Even as a pokemon you know how to pleasure a female."

{And it's not over..} I felt his member growing bigger and bigger inside me.

"OH! I never knew you could make it grow. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm! That feels so good Shinro my love. Is this even legal though?"

{All pokemon can...and what is legal?} he said humping faster.

"Humans and pokemon having sex. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm! Please don't stop. Go harder!"

{It will soon won't be a problem any more...} he said as I felt his seed ready to blow up inside me.


I moan {You'll...see...}

I breathe heavily. I wrap my arms around you and hug you closer to me.

I felt a small knot growing inside me as he was ready to burst.

{Ohhh...} he moaned

"Why not just let go? I can feel your holding back. Are you trying to stockpile so it fills me?"

{Ohhhh......} I explode inside you, blowing gallons of cum inside you

"OH! For a little mew you sure have a lot of cum. My belly is going to expand if you keep flowing it inside me."

He kept cumming again and again...but strangely my belly was not as full as I said. It was the contrary. It's seems that the more he cummed, the less I had inside me.

"What's Wrong with me Shinro? Why isn't my tummy growing?"

He breathed loudly {Wait a sec...for your body...to absorb..my cum...

"Absorb your cum? Why would I absorb your... cum?"

{You'll see....} a few minutes later, he came out of me, his cum pouring out of my pussy.....and leaving a soft pink fur were it touched my skin but I neglected to notice my now warmer pussy.

He smiled at me {Enjoy...we'll meet again soon.} He said flying away, but he sat on building and looked at me. I couldn't see him and just stood here in the alley, cum all over my Privates.

"Oh. Why did you leave Shinro? I wanted you to stay I feel so weird now."

I begin to rub my privates. Strangely they are not wet any more...no more cum on them...just a soft pink fur.

"Huh? Shinro please come back. I'm scared." I began to shiver in fear.

Every area of my body touched by cum start to grow a soft pink fur. My hands, covered in my juices, and their fingers merging together.

"Oh god please help me Shinro I feel so cold." I feel myself with my new fingers.

I started to shrink as the pink fur covers all of my body. I start to loose every single hair on my body, as my feet grew longer...much longer than my human feet.

"Oh god. I don't want to be tiny. I'm scared."

Once completely hairless, I feel a pressure on my fingers as they began to shrink too. My ears move up to my bald head

"Please Shinro why are you being to cruel to me?" I begin to cry as I become the species of my lover but not knowing it at the same time. I try to feel my new ears with my hands.
He felt sad for me but wanted to wait for my change to be complete. My tail gets longer and longer as my womanly face start to grow into a cute small muzzle. A strong wave of psychic energy flows all over my body, filling you with a new strength. I hug my feet without realizing how short I am and that I'm now floating. My tail wraps around my body and a bubble wraps around me for protection. "Please Shinro come back."

He slowly flew next to me, looking at his new fully changed mate "I'm here..."

"SHINRO!" I bust out of my bubble and hold you. "Please never leave me like that again."

"I promise...never leave you again" He hugged me against him, together flying in each others arms.

"Thank you Shinro. Thank you for releasing me from your friend."

He smiled "We'll be together for ever now....together and happy

"Thank you Shinro. I can't remember my name now though."

I smile, nuzzling you "Listen to your heart...you'll hear it.”

"K-k... I can remember Honey.”

"what is it?”

"K-k... K-k Kirra?"

"Yes...Kirra...I can feel it too my love.."

"My name is Kirra?" I look at my feet. "Holy @#$%! MY FEET! Their huge!"

"They are perfect...you are a perfect mew my love...

"And you Shinro my dear? I heard you say you needed to mate with me to become a full mew."

"I am now.....I'm a full mew in form and spirit..because a mew can't leave alone...now that I have you I'm finished..." I say licking your gently

I hug you like a human would but when I notice this I back off a bit. "Oh I guess their are things from my human self that can never be removed." I turned, ashamed, to look at you for what I did.

I hug you back "I love that..I find this cute....

I shrug you off. "But I'm still human Shinro. I just hugged you like one." I begin to sob. "How could you ever love someone who still cannot let go of her former human self?"

I kiss you and rub your nipples "Does that answer your question my love?

"Ohhhhhhhhhhhh! Yes my love. This feels so good."

We fly together higher and higher, me kissing you and sliding a finger inside your pokemon pussy

"I love you..from the bottom of my heart

"Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. This feels so good Shinro don't remove it please."

My cock is completely out of my sheath "Kirra honey... can you... take care of it?"

"Of course." I lower myself. "Hi little guy come here and let me take care of you." I wrap my lips around it.

"Ohhh....." you feel it throbbing in your mouth

I make my cock bigger "mmmm it's so nice...

"Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!" I feel it throb, pulse and grow. I begin to lick it with my tongue.

"Ohhh...Kirra honey you really know how to use this......mmmmmmmmmm

I then being to suck and blow continuously.

"Kirra...my love..I’m going to...blow up!!!”

I start to thrust in your mouth. I quickly put it in my pussy and transform it into a mouth like Pussy that can suck and blow.

OHHHHH MMMYYYY!!!!' I can't resist this incredible feeling and blow my seed inside you

My pussy forces an electric current into you which forces your seed to keep flowing and your testicles to increase the cum production 10 fold and grow them with backed up cum.
I keep thrusting to increase this incredible feeling, a true river of cum flowing inside you, making dirty sounds as it flows out of your privates while I fuck you.

"You'll never stop Shinro. This is your punishment for leaving me."

I smile "We'll see who stops first..." I say keeping on thrusting

"You'll be full before I’m over myself

"I never want to let go. I'll become a queen mew if I have to. I never want you to stop flowing into me."

"OS I’ll please you in this way...." I say as I cum again and again, my seed pouring out of your vagina and leaking on the ground

"You'll stay and make my belly grow bigger and bigger."

"Yes dear...."


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