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A new life and a new outlook (Short Story)

by Gannon

A new life and a new outlook (Short Story)

Allison and Alan had a little late-night picnic and were ‘in the mood’.

In the aftermath Allison thought she heard a sound. She held the blanket close to her. She asked Alan if he heard anything. Suddenly Allison felt something stick to her foot and pulled it back to see some orange gloop reaching up her foot. Alan get up to see a closer look and saw that some yellow rubbery goo was reaching for his foot. Both cried out in surprise…

The latex goo continued to assault the two lovers and began to form an orange and brown rubbery suit for Allison and a yellow suit for Alan. Allison watched in horror as her feet became brown paws and the rubber caressed her privates. At the base of her spine a long whiplash tail began to form in the goo. White rubber began to snake across Allison’s waist and she felt an odd pleasuring sensation. Alan clutched at the suit on his chest and felt the goo react strangely there…

Allison watched in horror as her body began to change beyond recognition underneath the rubber latex, her shoulders becoming broad and her muscles toning. Her hands became strong brown paws and her chest began to deflate, leaving a wide chest. She felt her privates react strangely and saw a lump form underneath the rubber before she realized with Shock what it was. The Rubber continued to snake up her face and her tail formed a thunderbolt.

Alan was going through some radical changes himself, his body becoming more curvy as the rubber continued to form around his body. His groin felt a tight pressure and his chest began to grow two small spheres that quickly grew. He saw the heart shaped indent on his tail and realized he was turning into a girl. The suits continued to encase their bodies…

When the two were finished, two anthros remained, a male Raichu and a female Pikachu. Allison, or rather Andrew, who she’d become, reached a paw under the female Pikachu’s rear and affectionately pinched it. Alan, or Ayumi as she was now known, only giggled in response. “Oh Andrew, behave yourself!” She giggled. Andrew gave her. “Hard to keep myself in check with such a hot Chu like you.” And the two leaned in and embraced each other.


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