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Bad boy loses a pair.

by wolfnchains

Bad boy loses a pair.

Alex was a bad boy. Dark, brooding, and kinky. The kind of guy that girls creamed for. His body was covered with tattoos. Including two model grade lesbians kissing and rubbing on his right arm, and three sixes across his lower back. He had the words "fuck you, fuck me" across his belly, and an archer's bow and arrow shooting up his leg toward his cock. His nickname was Archer, because his cock had perfect aim.

Mindy thought he was adorable. Like a puppy. He was a novel sex partner for a while. Something to do until Lindsey got out of prison.

Sometimes he would disappear in the middle of the night. He would go to the strip club and play with the girls. Mindy didn't mind. In fact, she would slip extra money into his wallet to keep him there longer. It gave her a bit of private girl time with her good friend, the rabbit.

The Archer, as it turned out, couldn't shoot that far. So Mindy needed a little extra help hitting the bulls eye.
It was during this special time late at night that she received a phone call.

"I'm out." He said. It was Lindsey. "I'll be home tomorrow."

"How did it happen?" She said, "You had another year!"

"I coerced the right people into some compromising positions. Needless to say, all charges were dropt.

"I'll be waiting." She squealed, hanging up. Her rabbit was still vibrating but she didn't need it. Lindsey... Lindsey was everything Archer could never be.

Archer was asleep on the couch the next morning when there was a loud knock on the door. "Who the fuck is that?" He asked.

"That," Mindy sang, "Is the love of my life."

"What?" He whined, jumping off of the couch in his boxers to meet this mystery man.

Mindy answered the door. And in walked a man who was as ripped as his jeans, wearing a biker's head cover and dark glasses, and a beard covering most of his face.

"Archer, meet Lindsey. My husband."

"Your husband?"

"That's right you little punk ass bitch."

Archer took a step back. Lindsey was a foot taller, and his hands were big. So big in fact that one stretched all the way around Archer's neck. And as he stood there, being choked by the bigger man, he waved his arms in the air.

"I didn't know she was married. I'm sorry." He gargled as he gasped for air.
Lindsey threw him down to floor.

"I don't care about that." He laughed. "You are a part of the family now. So you can't just leave. You can never leave."

"Are you sure about this, Lindsey?" Mindy said, "He is very attractive as a man. It would be a shame to change it."

"Sweetheart, other than you, this is one of my greatest joys in life. Let me have him."

Okay," Mindy said. "Go ahead."

Lindsey dragged Archer into the basement where his toys were. Archer begged him to not hurt him.
Grabbing some rope, he tied Archer to a chair, duct tapped a big ribber ball in his mouth, and stuck some headphones on his ear.

"Don't worry. This should just take a few days."

Music started playing. And time became... fuzzy. He knew something was wrong, but he just couldn't seem to care anymore. The world just disappeared.

What happened next... well, it had to have been a dream. There was a beautiful woman standing there, completely naked, in front of him. She had these huge breasts, so beautiful. And her pussy, so tight, shaved and clean... it called to him. "Archer, I am yours. I am yours."

She wrapped her arms around his naked body, and snuggled up with him. So close, that his tattoos began to rub off. In fact, they completely disappeared. He looked, and there they were on her body.

"What is happening to me?" He asked her."

But she just repeated the question, "What is happening to me?"

"Why are you doing that?" And she said it with him.

"Stop it ! Stop it! Stop it! " He said. And so did she.

He closed his eyes tight, counted to ten, and reopened them. She was gone. He looked down at his arms and legs. The tattoos were back on him. But... there were a pair of breasts too...

"What is going on?" He cried in a very effeminate voice. He looked down. His penis was gone too.

"Nooo..." he screamed, passing out.

Seven days later...

Lindsey was sleeping in late. Mindy woke up next to him, her arm wrapped around him. "I missed you so much," she said. "I know," he said.

"Sissy fag, get your ass in here."

Archer walked into the room, wearing a french maid's uniform. There was a fake set of breasts strapped around his chest, a tight chastity cage wrapped around his cock and balls, and a very large plug locked into his ass.

"Is breakfast done yet?" Lindsey asked him.

"No, Sir." Archer said.

"Why not?"

"You weren't awake, Sir."

"Bend over for Master. I think you deserve to be punished."

"Yes, Sir." Archer bent over the side of the bed. Lindsey grabbed his belt and started laying into his ass hard and fast. New bruises and welts soon added to those from the days before.

Archer cried out in pain. But he could not leave. He had no will to leave. He was bound to his Master because a small part of him never woke up from those several days of hypnosis. That tiny part of himself was deep down inside him instead, still bound to a chair behind his brown eyes. Crying out, "Let me out." But it would never happen. Not until long after he was used up and nothing was left to leave.


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