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Sobjective Obedience...

by Haxsaw

Sobjective Obedience...

I note this; repeating what was told by a girl who comes by my house. We have no sexual relationship, whatsoever. What does go on is she craves becoming a mannequin and poised different ways. Obedience is another factoring. Any sexuality is what the subject with the make believe name, Che-Che lived through. I merely guided her with either a file or one-on-one sessions.

Che-Che felt her face. It was relaxed again, as though sliding off her skull. After traveling her South Pacific Island time with Haxsaw offered her a break from the job. Her placement was in teaching skills. Haxsaw held her, gently. Her rocked her head, in smaller circles. Che-Che felt, really felt her world come unglued. With an arched back, at this step with nipples so stiffened she eagerly awaited his next command.

It was all so innocent. Coming to visit and the house was always jumping! Chatting with L.N. and her mother L. Che-Che was already showered. The girls were seated on the L-shaped couch. That was an early evening. A television show was on yet they half paid it mind. It was later L. and L.N. were to bed. Che-Che requested to use Haxsaw's main computer system.

Having a neck ache from the bus trip over Haxsaw offered a file to listen to. After, Che-Che was bleary eyed. While Haxsaw returned, having stepped to the kitchen, he asked if she wanted listen to another. Slowly, Che-Che pronounced a, "Yes." Seated at the dimply lit living room setting she was alone. She was hearing the mannequin file. It was so pronounced! The idea Haxsaw had utter control. The idea, being forced on display for all to see made her feel truly wanted, desired. She could not explain why yet as it was over there was Haxsaw.

"I have another one, mannequin with dog or something like this. Would you like listen?" Che-Che was consumed with feelings never experienced before.


Che-Che felt the world disconnect. That was a way to describe it as Haxsaw took her face, gently. He rotated her head in smaller circles. As he commanded she relax, further, she wanted obey, hungered such. Suddenly Haxsaw was the world to her. It was after the file played.
In this Che-Che was the mannequin again. Brought on display she was bent over and a dog made love to her. Knowing she needed remain virgin she was okay with this. After all, it was not like she going to bed with strange men, right? While being used, repeatably, she was later put on display wearing frilly lingerie. It was the sexiest, most thrilling sensation and she begged whoever was listening to please, please not allow this to end. Her back was arched. Her limbs were stiffened. Being still gave such floating peacefulness she craved.

That night the other files played, repeatably. Che- Che felt her wonderland was never over.

So, for this present time Che-Che was dressed in shorts and a blouse. In her mind she was nude. As her eyes opened she was questioned.

"Yes," was her slow reply.
"Hear and obey?"
"Hear and obey, Haxsaw," she answered.

While seated at the computer desk within her mind Che-Che was on her knees. With arms extended she was kneeling before Haxsaw. She heard him say to take it in. To view this she was opening her mouth, hands lifted outwardly. Within her mind the mannequin was used to give master a blow job. It made her so happy! It gave her placement. In having a place, with purpose, she was safe with Haxsaw. All this gave the same. Che-Che wanted knowledge. Above all matters Che-Che craved knowledge, In obeying, in breaking free of society, in being truly free to serve and obey her mind would grow. She was to receive knowledge.

Che-Che felt come load after come load. Peeking up she saw Haxsaw standing above. In reality, Haxsaw was over on the L-shaped couch. Che-Che gagged a few times. At completion Haxsaw ordered Che-Che to stand, poising her for display.

"You are in your bra and panties, Che-Che, thigh high stockings and white heels." Haxsaw placed her head back, some what. He positioned arms at her sides, easily. He snapped his fingers, telling she was still, frozen in place, her place. He asked how she felt.

"I will obey, Haxsaw."

"I want to place you on display at the mall, front window where all can see you and you agree?"

"I obey you, Haxsaw."

Haxsaw told it would be so as soon as he snapped his fingers. She would be enraptured with many, many feelings and she was.

"Never felt so embarrassed in your life?"

"Yes," she answered.

"I will leave you as such. How does this make you feel?"

Che-Che gasped, her legs drawing together as she stood in his living room, believing she was elsewhere.

"Please, Haxsaw. Only with you!" Though her eyes were closed Che-Che was breathing heavily as she stood there. "I will obey."

"You want more?"

"Yes!" she stated in a rapided gasp.

Haxsaw placed her on hands and knees. He then explained a German Shepherd in heat was in the display case, ready to make savage love to her. Over time, for the next hour, Che-Che was slowly used. Though her face strained Haxsaw could see she was enjoying this.

And such was that!


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