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subliminal feminization 1

by MacGyver

subliminal feminization 1

well, me and my girlfriend had been going out for some time now. she was the bread winner though, it kinda bothered me a bit but, i just put it out of my mind. she was fun to be with and that was all that mattered. we did not live together as we both had our own seperate houses. we did not get to see each other alot as we lived an hour away from each other. when my job outsourced to a foreign country for cheap labor, i regrettably told her i would no longer have the money to come and see her and that i was gonna hafta find another job right away or i was gonna lose my house. i had no idea jenny was behind this. i knew she wanted me to go live with her, but never gave it a second thought.

jenny knew what songs i liked to listen to and by which artists and all, she had even offered to make me some custom music cd's. i figured, what's the harm? just music, right? see, jenny knew i only had enough money in the bank to make it another 2 months if i did not spend money on the trips to see her, she came to see me that weekend.

she had the cd's in colored cd cases, she had also numbered them. the one she brought me was marked #1. i had no idea what was up with the #1 on the cd, but popped it into the cd player anyways. jenny ws into stuff like hypnosis and subliminal programming, but i did not think she would try any such thing with me. after the cd played through, for some strange reason, i started it back from the beginning. it was one continuous track that filled the entire cd with msuic. while we were talkin, she noticed i had put it on repeat and left it play so it could be heard in any room of the house. she told me that if push came to shove, i could always move in with her as she did not mind payin my share of the bills if i did not mind doing the yardwork as well as the housewoark. i told her i would atleast think about it.

time had passed and my money was getting low, my savings near empty, and i had to be out of the house within a week seein as i no longer had the money to keep the house, so, i hitched the trailer to my car, loaded my things, sat behind the wheel and thought to myself, where would i go? what would i do? am i now going to be homeless? how would i survive? just then, though the open door, i heard the phone ring, the one thing i had not packed and loaded just yet. it was jenny. i told her i had not been able to find work and onyl had a couple more days till i had to be fully moved out. then she said,"well, the offer is still open if you want to come and live with me." and with that, i agreed.

when i got to her house, she had another cd for me to listen to, after i got myself moved in, this one was marked #2. i had no idea the cd's were made to alter my thought patterns and that she had hidden subliminal messages behind the music. after i had gotten all of my stuff moved in, she showed me to a room and said it would be my bedroom, she had a 4 bedroom house, 2 would be empty and now 2 would be occupied, one by me and one by her. i put my clothes in the dresser and got my other things set up in my new room, and as soon as i layed down on the bed, i passed out from exhaustion due to trying to accomplish every bit of moving in one day. while i was asleep, she went back to my house just to make sure i did not leave anything behind.

she loaded all my lawncare equipment as i only took the most important things, like clothes, dishes, food, the basics plus my tv and computer and coffee pots, and mini fridge and had left everything else. when i awoke the next day, i heard jenny's voice," jeff, you up yet?" and i replied i was, then she told me what she had done and that i needed to go out to the garage and put away my lawncare equipment and my tools and other things. so, after i took a shower, i put everything away, i even parked my trailer out back of her house as she requested and put my car in the garage. "jeff, where did you put the disk i made you, the one labeled #2?" i replied, "it is on the night stand right next to my bed." when i came in from putting the last of my things away and parking the car, the cd was playin, and was on auto-repeat. she said to leave it play and try to relax and get used to my new home. i did not know it at the time but, this would be the last home i ever moved into and never again would i have a steady job.

to be continued:...........


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