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Becoming a REAL sissy

by absissy

Becoming a REAL sissy

i AM a sissy ... slut
By celeste

Mistress told me to write this journal or documentary to help others like myself have hope that they can really achieve their goals and become the sissy the want to be. i?ve tried to write this more as a story line from my journals and hope you find it easy to read.

The Beginning:

Some of you may remember me from WMM as absissy, one of MindMaster?s pets, until i broke his trust by uploading a couple of his early files here and he threw me out. At the time i was a student so moved back into my dorm to finish the term and my degree. When i finished i was lucky to get a decent job with a graphic design company in Toronto, and found a cheap basement apartment, which was all i could afford.

i?ve always been fascinated by hypnosis and enjoyed being a subject in scene play as a submissive. Since my late teens i?d also been fascinated by feminization and submissive sissifying and thought i was on the way to being a good submissive sissy. Master had been helping me explore my feminine and sissy side using hypnosis and in our scene play, and when i angered him by teasing his favourite pet, Baby, he made me lose bladder control and need to wear diapers as punishment.

My job was OK, most of the guys were obviously gay, and the girls seemed to be non-threatening and easy to get along with. i worked 3 days in the office, and 2 days from home during probation, then got to work from home most of the time except when we had meetings or project to work on as a team.

Although i liked my job and made enough for my meager basement apartment and food, i had little left for fun or playtime. And, my basement apartment was so small and dingy, i didn?t really have enough room or light to work decently so had to go into the office most days. By Christmas i was really getting depressed. My folks gave me some money for Christmas, so i treated myself to a cute schoolgirl outfit, and ticket to a local scene fetish New Years party.

Life Gets Better:

The New Years party was in the local gay village in Toronto,and there were a lot of scene people, some i knew form the S/m and D/s seminars we had at a local university and a few pro-Dommes.

i recognized Mistress Janice who had done some talks on hypnosis and scene play with MindMaster and politely introduced myself and offered to buy her a drink. She graciously accepted and invited me to sit with her in a booth off to the side. i?d had some fun with her at the seminars as one of her subjects.

She hit me right between the eyes as we sat down saying ?I hear you really messed up and ticked off the MindMaster. And I see he?s got you in diapers, which by the way are showing below your ridiculously short skirt.?

i told her how sorry i was i?d messed up and how much I needed a Domme to continue my training and really become what I wanted to be. She asked me ?And what are you?? A baby, a little girl, a cross-dresser.. what????

I told her I was a sissy and wanted to be a submissive sissy to serve a Mistress or Master as they saw fit. She asked me to explain what a sissy and submissive sissy was and then started laughing and said ?You have NO idea what a sissy is and from what I?ve heard about you, you try to control a scene, rather than submit. The MindMaster told me the only way he got you to REALLY submit was using hypnosis and tweaking your hot buttons. And what?s with the diapers? if you?re not a baby why the diapers??

I explained how MindMaster had hypnotized me and made me wet like a little baby and need diapers. I told her I wasn?t really into diapers or baby stuff but I did really enjoy wetting my diapers and couldn?t seem to give them up.

We had a couple more drinks and talked some more. Finally she said ?Look, you know I?ve retired from the professional life and am workign on two books. I could use someone to help illustrate on of the books and do artwork for me. If you REALLY want to be a sissy and learn to be a real submissive sissy, then come to my loft tomorrow at noon and we?ll talk.?

She left and I had another drink thinking about what she meant. Finally I went back to my little apartment, changed my diaper, and sat on the bed and cried. I guess I knew she was right. I did seem to try and manipulate things in a scene to get what I wanted, and MindMaster had constantly berated me for not submitting, but topping from the bottom. Only when he hypnotized me did I really feel a need to submit and surrender control and obey.

I decided to visit Mistress Janice and slept fitfully until around 10:00. I showered, dressed in casual ?boy wear? and took the subway downtown then the bus to Mistress Janice?. She greeted me and we had a light lunch. I offered to do the dishes and clean up and she let me. I was pleased.

We moved to her living room and had coffees and a liqueur and talked. She asked if I?d though over what she?d said last night and I admitted I?d been contolling rather than submitting and that I wanted to learn how to truly be a good submissive sissy. She laughed lightly and said ?First you need to learn to submit, then we can begin to mould you into a sissy and finally a submissive sissy.

If you REALLY want to learn, then in exchange for your art and graphic skills, I will train you and you can move into my scene room. It needs some cleaning up and organizing but it?s spacious, well lighted and has the power and internet connection you?ll need. During the work week you can work from here, and we?ll work on your training while you work.

HOWEVER, once we start there?s no turning back. For one fully year I will be your Mistress and you my trainee. I will teach you to submit and you will learn to love submission. I will turn you into a sweet prissy sissy and you?ll love your new sissy life. By the end of the year you?ll be complete submissive sissy and discover the pleasures of complete submission, and uninhibited service.

If you agree, we?ll sign a contract where you give your body, mind and soul to me for one year, and I?ll use hypnosis, conditioning and all the tricks I know to turn you into a happy submissive sissy.?

I was stunned. I stammered out my agreement.. and she reminded me this was not a scene or playtime, this was for real. I?d learn what a sissy was and learn to be a perfect submissive sissy, who revelled in my submission, my sissy state and my uninhibited service.

I still agreed, and she told me to go home, think about it a bit more and call he that night if I still wanted to start training. If so she?d have one of her former subs pick up my stuff and help me move into the scene room.

I though about it all the way home, and thought more and more that afternoon and evening. I knew deep down inside me I wanted to be a sissy, or at least what I thought a sissy was. I like dressing as a girl, and putting on my makeup and acting coy and cute and teasing boys. I?d even sucked a couple cocks in scenes under hypnosis and it made me feel very submissive and sissyish. I thought about my job, my family (who?d pretty well disowned me because they thought I was ?queer?). My job shouldn?t be a problem especially with working from my new home, and even if I started wearing girlish clothes to work, most of the guys were pretty flamboyant anyway.

I made the call that night, and Mistress Janice said someone would be at my place by 10:00 next morning to move my worldly goods to her loft. ?Be ready? she ordered.

I spent the rest of the night packing my computer, clothes, books and stuff into duffel bags, pillow cases and a few boxes from the local Mac?s milk, and grabbed few hours sleep. Promptly at 10:00 two guys showed up with a station wagon and trailer and moved my stuff into the loft. By noon we were all done moving my stuff in.

Mistress Janice had set out some sandwiches and wine for us for lunch and we sat and had lunch and chatted. She said ?You realize you are mine now. After you sign our contract, I?ll own you body, mind and soul for one full year and will train you and change you and turn you into a submissive little sissy, the sissy you could only dream of becoming, and you?ll love your new life.?

She handed me a typed two page form which outlined our arrangement, my services in return for her training and a place to live. It outlined that she would use hypnosis, conditioning, even brainwashing to teach me to submit willingly and naturally and to turn me into a sissy. She defined sissy as ?a male person who is feminized to point of looking like a female, behaving as a female and passing as a female in public, while retaining basic male genitalia. ?

I asked ?You?re going to turn me into a woman or transexual??? and she said ?NO? I?m going to turn you into a sissy. You won?t be a woman or girl and you won?t be a man? you?ll be a sissy!?

I thought for a moment, then signed the agreement and returned it to her. And so the journey began?.

The Journey Starts:

That was January 2nd 2007. I was a 28 year old man, 5 foot 8, about 160 pounds, 36 inch chest, 30 inch waist and 34 inch hips. I had longish auburn hair, sparse beard and really not hair on my chest or back. I know this because Mistress had me strip to my diaper, and took my measurements, several pictures and commented on my slightly feminine form and appearance.

Today, I?m still 5 foot 8, weigh about 130 pounds, have a 37 inch C cup bust, 26 inch waist, 36 inch hips, no beard and no hair on my body below my head. My hair is shoulder length, generally quite wavy or curly and a strawberry blond with auburn highlights.

Mistress said the first thing we had to do was start toilet training. She was not going to have a baby in diapers around the loft, and besides I should be in panties not diapers. That evening, she hypnotized me to learn how deep seated my desire to wear diapers was, and gave me suggestions to want to be potty trained and out of diapers.

After our session she said it would take a few more sessions but we?d start with training panties just like with a preschooler and eventually I?d be ready for real panties. It took almost a month but I stopped wanting to wear diapers after a week or so, and gradually stopped wetting my training panties after two or three weeks. By two months I only wet the bed twice when I had a bit too much too drink. When I?d kept my training panties dry for two weeks and my bed for one week, she presented me with some big girl white cotton panties.

I was totally pleased with myself. Now I had big girl panties.

During my potty training period, Mistress had me select some hypnosis files from the Internet. I chose some from WMM, Isabella Valentine, Mz Dominica and Mistress Lycia. Mistress had to approve each file, and laughed as I picked out ?sissy? theme files, and pointed me more towards ?submission? files. She selected 3 submission training files and told me to listen to them each at least once a day. Sometimes she would hypnotize me and train me to submit willingly. I learned submisison is pleasure and the more I submitted to her the more pleasure I could experience.

By the time I was potty trained, I found myself wanting to please her and looked for opportunities to serve and prove myself worthy of Mistress. At the end of 3 months, I knelt at her feet as she presented me with a pretty cold chain collar, and a pair of nylon pink panties with little bows at each hip.

?Well my little submissive. You?ve learned to be a good submissive and try to please your Mistress. We will continue your submission training and reinforcement, and now I think you?re ready to begin your sissy training.?

I was ecstatic. I?d become a good submissive and pleased Mistress? and now I was ready to start my sissy training which would please Mistress even more.

Change Takes Time:

For the next three months, we used some of the files I?d first got from the internet. We started with Curse Stroke Sissy from WMM, and that?s how we chose my sissy name celeste. I was shocked at how powerfully the file affected me. I began to need to serve and be totally submissive and wanted so badly to be a sissy and be feminized. I was totally consumed with masturbating, and Mistress encouraged my ?naughty behaviour? for some reason, as long as I did it in front of her avowing my submisison and need to obey her. Mistress rerecorded the Curse Stroke Sissy script and made a few little changes and had me listen to it every day.

She began teaching me how to style my hair, put on my makeup, remove all my body hair below my head and how to pick clothes that accentuated my femininity and made me feel pretty and sweet and made me feel like a good submissive sissy. She put me on a diet, and exercise regimen and I slimmed down. She also began giving me daily pills and had me go to a doctor weekly for a shot.

By the end of three months I was a pretty, sweet passable girl. My makeup, hairstyle, clothing were all quite appropriate for a prepubescent girl. My muscles had softened somewhat despite the exercise, and my chest was soft and I had little budding breasts. My nipples were VERY sensitive.

I had begun wearing blouses and girls slacks, with bobby sox and girl flats all the time. The guys at work took a bit of notice but didn?t? say anything. Some of the girls giggled, but were sweet enough about it. The personnel manager, a lady, pulled me into the office and asked what was going on. I told her I was ?transitioning? and becoming a female, which she accepted. She was pleased with my work, in fact it had improved over the past 3 or 5 months, and I got a raise.

Six months had passed and I was ecstatic. I loved my girl clothes, makeup, perfume, and lifestyle. I adored reading girls magazines, especially fashion or beauty tip magazines and worked on my voice and walk, and posture as Mistress taught me.

At the end of 6 months, Mistress sat me down and said she was pleased with my progress. I had learned to do my makeup, hair and nails and pick the right clothes for a girl. I was behaving demurely and had become even more submissive and obedient. I was ready to begin the next stage of becoming a true sissy, and this would be the most difficult but most fulfilling.

A Sissy is Created:

Mistress explained she had been giving me low dose female hormone the past 3 months, which was why my body had softened, my beard was less thick and I?d begun developing little breasts.

Now we were going to go to full dose, pre-operative, hormones which would make my bottom fuller and rounded and develop full breasts. As the hormones took effect I?d become impotent and lose the ability to get an erection, but my sissy clitty would still get some pleasure and I?d learn new ways to experience pleasure as a sissy.

We?d also start laser treatments to remove any body hair on my chest, back, legs and pubic area.

She gave me a soft pink training bra and panty set, and two white sets, and some panty hose. She said we were going shopping for more grown up girl clothes, skirts, camisoles, nighties, blouses, dresses and my first pair of heels.

My first bra felt strange but made me feel quite girly and excited. We shopped all day in about 300 stores, and finally had a truck load of dresses, blouses, skirts, nighties and everything a girl needs to look sweet and good. It took quite a while to get used to my small 2 inch heels, but I finally got my balance and learned to walk properly, swinging my hips, wiggling my bottom and being the perfect little lady.

I started hormone shots twice a week and daily pills, and my breast sbegan to fill in,as my nipples swelled and got really really sensitive. I began playing with my nipples a lot and it made me feel really funny but good.

Mistress made 2 more files for me to listen to daily and selected one from Isabella Valentine. I began to love the changes in my body more and more as my breasts developed and I graduated to a big girl bra and panty set. My breasts were now obvious, and I had to wear a bra to work and everywhere. I graduated to higher heels and walked comfortably in 3 inch heels swinging my bottom provocatively. I revelled in my femininity and longed to serve Mistress.

I began to experience strange, really pleasurable sensations in my whole body when I played with my nipples or when I served Mistress orally. Mistress explained I was beginning to experience female orgasms, and it would just get better and better the more I became a total sissy and submitted to Her.

By the end of 9 months my body had really begun to change into a cute, sissy young woman?s body, and I was dressed always as a sweet sissy. My blouses were mostly pink, mauve, soft pastels with lace bodice and cuffs. I wore skirts with a silky slip always, and now wore nylons with frilly garter belt to hold them up. My lingerie was from La Sensa for big girls now.

I loved looking at myself in the mirrors and revelled in what a sissy I had become. I was a sissy now, and would always be a submissive sissy. I obeyed Mistress instantly, no matter what she asked. I lived to please Mistress and obey Her every wish. We decided to dye my hair strawberry blonde with auburn highlights and I was so happy with the look. It makes me look really sweet and a bit sexy.

My little clitty had shrunk to almost nothing, and couldn?t do much except get in the way of my panty line. I learned to tuck it in, and make my panty line nice and smooth.

Near the end of the eighth month I started having my period and Mistress taught me how to insert and wear a tampon for the three days of my ?flow?. This was not a nice part of being a sissy but all sissies have their period when Mistress has hers.

At the end of the nine months Mistress sat me down and we talked. I sat obediently at her feet on the floor as she stroked my head and neck. She told me I?d become a good little submissive and learned to dress and behave as a good, sweet submissive young woman, but a sissy had to be more than a sweet female. A sissy has to learn to be totally submissive and serve all the time.

A submissive sissy must server women and men equally well and and crave to be sexually used by both women and men.

This frightened me a bit as I?d never really been with guys except in a few scenes.

Mistress understood my apprehension, but said a sissy must long to serve men equally as women and to be a sexual toy for their enjoyment. It?s not enough to be a cute, sweet sissy in form, but in mind and attitude a sissy must be sexually submissive to anyone who wants her.

She said I was now a shemale, a male with useless male genitalia, but with the body, attitude and behaviour of a young woman in all other ways. Physically I was neither fully female or male, but a physical sissy. While I didn?t have a vagina, I had a sissy pussy that would give me pleasure when I learned to use it properly, and a mouth and lips that would learn to service cocks and pussies with equal pleasure.

She took me into Her study, sat me down at Her computer and put on several computer movies of sissies sucking cocks and being fucked in their pussy and showed me how much pleasure a real sissy experiences with a man.

The Process Completes:

Mistress made another file for me to listen to, and had me listen to Mistress Lycia?s Cock Sucking Sissy file and another WMM file. I began to find myself wanting to experience sucking a cock whenever I saw a commercial for guys exercise equipment. I started being fascinated by men?s crotches, imagining what they had in there and how it would feel in my lips and mouth.

Mistress taught me to suck cock using a dildo on a mannequin, and had me practise several times a day. She videotaped me and had me watch the tapes learning my mistakes and learning to be a really good sissy cocksucker. At the end of the 10th month Mistress took my cherry with her strapon and I had a wonderful orgasm as she fucked my sissy pussy while I sucked the dildo cock.

She began making me wear butt plugs and gradually increased their size until I could easily take a 2 « plug and enjoy feeling it fill my sissy pussy.

A short while ago we went shopping again, and this time picked up some different outfits. These were really quite provocative and kind of slutty looking and I felt great in them. They made me feel sexy and horny and I wanted to have sex with a big hunky guy, sucking his cock and feeling it cum in my mouth then having him fuck me until I cum.

Mistress made a new file for me and after a few days I began to feel really silly and sexy. I started giggling all the time and wanted to watch porn movies of girls sucking guys and getting fucked from behind while they sucked other guys. I was horny all the time and couldn?t seem to really think about anything than dressing sexy and having sex.

Mistress explained this was my Bimbo Sissy celeste mode, which I?d learn to enjoy sometimes too. Then I was back to being just a horny little sissy who loved kneeling in front of Mistress and licking her to many wonderful orgasms as I had my own orgasm when she came.

The weekend before Christmas, Mistress had a little party and invited two other ladies and 6 guys she knew. I didn?t know any of them, but the guys were all real hunks. I imagined sucking their cocks and being fucked by them and started feeling more and more horny.

Mistress came up to me and whispered ?This is your cumming out party sissy celeste. All these guys need to be serviced by a sissy slut, and you are the only sissy slut here sweetie. Go get ?em.?

All of a sudden I felt really bold and horny. I needed to have a nice big cock in my pussy and one in my mouth. I NEEDED to suck a cock and taste it cum in my mouth.

I walked my sexiest walk, and picked a hunky guy. I sweet talked him for a few minutes, began to run my hand along his thigh and eventually to his crotch, and felt he was really hung. Oh God I wanted that cock.

And I got it. We retired to my room and he fucked me so long and hard I came three times. I was in sissy heaven. As he was pulling on his pants, I heard another male voice saying ?Oh so this is where our sissy party girl went. Well sissy how about you service THIS cock.?

Oh my God. A wonderful big, thick cock just inches from my face. I stammered ?May I Sir??? and he laughed. ?Why of course sissy. Have at it.?

I gave him a long sweet cock kiss, licked his long shaft then took it in my mouth. I sucked and licked that beautiful cock for nearly half an hour, then felt him tense and then his hot cum pump into my throat. I almost gagged as his cum hit the back of my throat but managed to swallow and keep sucking. As he began to get soft, I licked him clean, kissed his balls and licked him, then kissed his beautiful cock goodbye as I tucked it in his pants.

Just as I was pulling my skirt down over my behind, I heard two male voices saying ?Now girl? don?t forget the rest of the real men. How about you take us both like a good little sissy slut???

Oh boy? was I ready. One in my pussy and one in my mouth. I wanted them both to cum in me together but the guy fucking me came first so I just continued sucking that wonderful cock until it came and I swallowed it and licked him clean. I was in sissy heaven. Cum tasted heavenly, and I?d had 7 or 8 orgasms so far being fucked and sucking cock. How had I ever wondered about doing a guy. I loved it.

Then I heard Mistress calling me to come out to the living room. I pulled my skirt down, straightened my blouse and pulled on my heels. As I approached Mistress, she and her girlfriends started laughing. ?Well we know what you?ve been up to . You?ve got cum running down your thighs, and cum on your chin. Somebody?s been a naughty little sissy.?

I blushed and stammered ?Yes Mistress. I?ve been a naughty sissy.? Mistress made me tell Her and Her friends what I?d done, and as I related the happenings I began getting horny again.

Mistress laughed, and said ?Well sissy, you?ve been having lots of fun with the boys, but I think you should also make my girlfriends happy too. Don? t you????

I snapped ?Yes Mistress? and turned to the first lady to my left, ?May I??? I pleaded.

She laughed and said ?Why of course. How about over here?? and sat on a lounge chair at the side of the room. ?Yes Mistress? I said and got on my knees in front of her. I gently raised the skirt of her gown, and kissed her mons. I gently pulled her panties off and placed them neatly on the arm of the chair, then licked her thighs, calves, and thighs again as I worked up to her mons, then labia and finally began licking, nibbling and kissing her labia and clitoris. As she orgasmed and I orgasmed, the room began to clap and applaud, and I was bursting with pride being such a good sissy and pleasing Mistress? friend.

Mistress said ?Good girl sissy. But there are still two boys who haven?t been serviced yet. Why don?t you show us how well you service two cocks at once??

?Yes Mistress? I obediently said and crawled to the middle of the room and opened the first guys pants, pulling down his shorts and kissing his beautiful cock. As he sat down I bent over to keep my mouth on his cock and my bottom raised up. I instantly felt another big strong cock at my pussy and pushed back to feel him enter me and start to fuck my pussy. I sucked and bucked for nearly an hour and as they came in my mouth and pussy I felt fireworks going off. My mind seemed to melt into a molten puddle of cum and I kept thinking ?I?m a sissy slut now. A totally submissive sissy slut and I love it.?

I serviced Mistress? other girlfriend, then was sent to shower, clean up and put on a fresh dress and makeup.

That night I relived the entire evening and night over and over in my dreams and felt so satisfied with being a sissy slut and knowing I?d always be a sissy slut.

The next morning Mistress said my training was complete. I had become a completely submissive, feminized, sissy slut and would continue to be a sissy slut for the rest of my life. I?d serve men or women equally and always as a submissive sissy.

Mistress explained the hypnosis had opened my mind to becoming a submissive, then to accept being feminized. The hormones had started to change my body into a more feminine form, and the hypnosis increased my desire to have a feminine body and to dress, behave and be as feminine as possible. Once I accepted my femininity, I was trained to be more sissy, to feel and act more girlish that womanly, and to become more sexually active and horny as a sissy.

The cumming out party had been the final part of my sissification, teaching me the pleasures of serving men and women as a sissy submissive and learning that submission is pleasure and serving sexually as a submissive sissy gives me the best orgasms and utlimate pleasure.

This New Years eve, we went to the scene party again, and I teased and served three different guys and one lesbian girl. She was a bit shocked when she learned I was shemale, but enjoyed the experience anyway.


In a year, I?ve gone from being a silly boy pretending to dress as a little girl and trying to be a sissy. With the use of hypnosis files, I learned to become a female in manner, and behaviour. With some hormone therapy, I have the body of an attractive young woman, and with more hypnosis training now know how to use this body to give pleasure and receive pleasure.

Mistress and I are starting to do some publishing together, combining Her writing talents with my graphic talents. Sometimes she gets a little miffed with me when I got trolling in the village after seeing those buff guys in the Bowflex commercials, but I can?t help myself. I need a cock to suck whenever I see one of those.

If you?re serious about becoming a REAL sissy, then find the right files. Use them regularly and let them work their magic. You can become the sissy you want to be with a little work and some guidance.

a happy real sissy slut


Re: Becoming a REAL sissy - spacey1

What a wonderful story, you lucky girl!
Every sissy's dream come true!
How i wish it could happen to me. Alas
Wishing you every happiness.

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