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Bunny Party (6/7)

by Briar

Bunny Party (6/7)

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Keith and Becky were still sucking and licking at Maddie's bare breasts when someone knocked on the bedroom door. Maddie instinctively sat up and moved to cover herself, but Becky gently pushed her back and continued to kiss her chest as Keith stood to answer the door. As expected, it was Will, returning with the promised couple from down the street. Keith took both Will and the other man by the hand and gently pulled them into the room, leaving the man's wife to pull the door shut behind her.
“Welcome back to our hutch,” Keith said to Will, smiling.
“I'm glad to see you made good use of the time I was away,” Will replied, returning the smile. “These are Violet and Connor, the friends I was telling you about.”
Connor, whose hand Keith still held, was dressed as a pirate. His costume was notably more elaborate than the others, he'd even grown out and styled his facial hair for the occasion, but Keith suspected it would come off just as easily as Will's Waldo costume had. “It's nice to meet you girls, we've heard so much already, I feel like I'm meeting celebrities.”
“Ooh, I like this one,” Keith said slyly. “You won't mind if I steal him for a while, do you Violet?”
“Not at all,” said Violet. Her costume was a bit harder to place, but if he'd seen it in a store, Keith guessed it would have been labeled something like Queen of Hearts. It consisted primarily of a very short dress with a repeating pattern of hearts, diamonds, clubs and spades. She wore white stockings with the same pattern, heels (one black, one red) and very sexy makeup, including hearts painted on each cheek. She hadn't taken her eyes off of Becky and Maddie since she'd entered the room.
“You don't like me?” Will asked, mock pain in his voice.
“Oh, I like you too Will,” Keith said. “Why don't we all have a seat, and we can get ready to show off just how much we all like each other, hmm?” And with that, he guided them back to the bed, where he sat, a man on either side of him, and began to undo their belts.
As Keith worked, he saw Violet continue to watch Becky devour Maddie's breasts. There was desire in her eyes, but Keith couldn't decide which end of the equation she wanted to be on. Not, that is, until she undid the top two buttons on her dress, revealing her bare breasts, and walked over to the two women on the bed. She reached down to stroke Becky's hair, drawing her attention, then bent in for a long, passionate kiss, during which Maddie sat up and looked on expectantly. She was soon rewarded, as Violet transferred he affections from Becky to Maddie. When the second kiss had ended, she rose, kneeling on the bed, one knee nestled between each woman's thighs, so they pressed gently against their crotches, slid a hand around each of their heads, and pulled both of her new subjects to her breasts.
As Violet was establishing her queendom, Keith had effectively lowered both Will and Connor's pants, and had begun to slowly tug and rub their dicks. The combination of his stimulation and the women's display had both of them, even the recently spent Will, extremely hard. As Keith jerked their cocks, Will leaned over to speak to him.
“So, is it true what they say about bunnies and bouncing?”
“What do they say about us and bouncing?”
“Well, I've got it on good authority that there's nothing a bunny like you loves more than a good bounce.”
“If you've got it on good authority, then it must be true.” Keith was looking directly at Will now. “But maybe we'd better put it to the test, just to be sure.”
As if on cue, Becky removed herself from Violet's harem, which Violet made perfectly clear had only occurred because she'd permitted it, and took Connor's hands in hers, pulling him off of the bed and on to the floor, leaving Keith free to focus on Will, while Maddie continued to attend to Violet's whims.
Keith stood up and turned toward Will. He bent forward, giving him an excellent view of his breasts, then snapped back up to a standing position. He turned slowly, rhythmically spinning his hips as he did, and started to bob his ass over Keith's crotch, this time showing off his tail and butt, and eventually starting to grind.
From this position, Keith could see where Becky had taken Connor. She had removed his pants entirely, and was laying on her back, her head just in front of the bed and her feet stretched out toward the door. She'd also loosened her outfit just enough to fold down the front of the bodice, freeing her own breasts. Connor knelt over her as she started to jerk his cock again.
Keith pivoted so that he and Will faced each other, and straddled Will's somewhat spread legs. Keith then lowered himself into a sitting position, his thighs on Will's knees, then leaned in for a kiss. After they parted, he ran his hands down Will's chest, then down his legs, and up his own thighs and around behind himself. After seconds of adjusting, he'd levered the flared base of the dildo out of his clothes, and slowly removed the plug from his ass. Once it was removed, he brought it back around so that Will could see it, before laying a couple of tissues on the bedside table for it to rest on. Will's amazement was plain as the nose on his face, which made Keith smile even more. Before Will could say anything, as he was no doubt feeling obliged to do, Keith stood, spun on his heel, and slid himself down onto Will's very hard cock.
Ann's self-lubricating dildo had kept Keith's ass relaxed and lubricated all night, so Will slipped in without issue. Keith started by taking a little bit of him in at a time, sliding a little lower every time he did so, just as Ann had done when she'd inserted the plug in the first place. Once he felt Will was properly teased, Keith returned to the top of his cock, then surely and smoothly lowered himself until his ass rested on Will's thighs, the entire length of the man's cock nestled inside of him. It was larger than the dildo had been, but not so much so that it was a problem. The difference was just enough for Keith to feel and appreciate, and he even allowed himself a moan of pleasure as the cock filled him. From here, Keith began to bounce. Lifting himself slightly from his sitting position, he let himself fall back down, pushing the cock further inside of him as he did, letting out gasps and moans to match Will's.
Again, he could see Connor and Becky on the floor. Connor's cock now lay between Becky's exposed breasts, which she was pushing together. He pumped through her cleavage, the head of his cock poking out the other side and sliding in and out of the bunny's glossy red lips, which she held open for him.
As it turned out, Keith wasn't the only one watching Becky and Connor. Shortly after Keith had started bouncing, Violet stepped over, a totally subservient Maddie in tow, and laid a hand on Connor's shoulder. Immediately, Connor rose from his kneeling position and stepped aside.
This time it was Keith's turn to help Becky. After a long slide up and down Will's cock, he stood, letting Will slip out of his ass, and walked over to Connor. Bending at the waist, he kissed the tip of Connor's dick, still dribbling pre cum, before taking the head into his mouth. He swirled his tongue around it, sucking gently, then removed it from his mouth. He turned to look behind him, right at Will, then jiggled his ass invitingly. Will got the hint and stood, then took Keith's hips in his hands, and pulled him back against his cock, filling him again. Keith wrapped his own arms around Connor's waist, pulling him closer, and took the cock back into his mouth. He then began to rock back and forth, taking Connor's cock deeper as Will's slid out, and vice versa, without ever dropping one entirely.
On the floor, Victoria had situated herself over Becky, and Keith was able to see her lowering herself onto Becky's face. He saw Becky's red nails climb Victoria's body, holding her, pulling her down onto her own waiting lips. Victoria ground against her briefly, before starting to establish a rhythm to which Becky was presumably responding. Once this was in place, she tugged Maddie toward the bed, then pushed her onto her back, legs in the air, garters showing and underwear clearly missing, before bending forward to eat the nurse out. Victoria was truly a generous queen.
Keith started to hear a change in the pitch and quality of Victoria and Maddie's sounds mere second before he tasted the first spurt of semen in his mouth, which was, itself, quickly followed by a similar gushing into his ass. Scored by the orgasmic moans of pleasure from the women, both men shot their loads into Keith's eager orifices. He pulled them both close to him, his lips kissing Connor's scrotum and his ass pressed against Will's thighs, holding them there while they caught their breath, before releasing them, and dutifully swallowing Connor's seed.
The two men returned to the bed, sitting next to each other, breathing heavily, while Keith returned to the night stand, swinging his hips, and retrieved his tail. He bent again at the waist, and slid it back inside himself, this time treating his admirers to a contented “mmmm” before going to help Becky back to her feet.
The women had finished roughly with the men. Maddie lay breathless on the bed, her legs hanging off the side, wrapped in Victoria's arms, for the queen had climbed up to lay with her favorite subject. Keith reached down and helped lift Becky to her feet before both of them returned to the bed as well, positioning themselves in the center.
“We have got to do that again.” Connor said between breaths. Maddie, Will and Victoria all made various sounds of approval.
“Is there some way we could get in touch with you two? Through your agency, maybe?” Maddie said, turning toward Becky and Keith.
“It's probably easier to go through the couple that hired us,” Becky said. “Just give them a call and they'll be able to pass the message along.”
“They wouldn't think that's weird?” Will asked.
“Just say that you thought we were a nice touch at the party and you'd be interested in hiring us for something,” Keith said. “Happens all the time. But even so, I think you all might have a lot in common. They did hire a pair of bunnies for their party, after all.”


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