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Bonks little vacation

by bonks

Bonks little vacation

Bonks had a friend online that was ab dl too that he talked to everyday. They had been planning this vacation for several months now and it was time to leave now. They lived about 100 miles apart so they met in a town about halfway and rode together. Now bonks and taylor are both guys that are 19, about 5 foot 9 inches tall and 175 pounds. They both piled in bonks pickup and headed to the cabin that they rented in Tenn. up in the mountains. They drove for about 2 hours and were at a small town before they would go up the mountain so they stopped to buy some beer, food and they had both ordered diapers online they took along. They started to drive up the mountain and bonks didn't notice that Taylor who was driving put in a CD and slipped some ear plugs in his ears. They drove up and Bonks listened to the music and did not realize it had secret messages in it. Bonks drifted off for a small nap listening to it for about 30 min. They pulled into the drive for the cabin and Taylor woke up Bonks. Bonks woke up and stretched, sweet we are here and it is do excluded in the woods. Nobody can see us up here. They got out and went into the cabin and looked around, wow this is going to be a fun week. They unpacked and then Taylor handed Bonks a beer. They cracked it open and both drank it down. After one beer Taylor suggested that Bonks change cloths. Now Bonks did not know that the hypnosis CD had some triggers. One of the triggers was that if he had beer to drink he would do what ever was suggested to him. Taylor took out a pair of really thick training pants and shorts with built on suspenders. Here you need to put this on, its what you should wear. Bonks said really and took it and put it on. Taylor says wow you look cute. Bonks kind of blushed and they both cracked open another beer. Bonks was starting to feel the urge to pee bad and Taylor was giggling a little to see Bonks potty dance almost. They went out on the deck and Taylor said if you wet those training pants your going in a diaper. Now Bonks didn't know after he heard the word "wet" 3x he would loose control of his bladder feeling like a 4 year old having a accident. Taylor then said Bonks don't wet, Bonks got more and more desperate now holding his crotch and then Taylor said, Bonks its ok, its too late for you, your going to "WET". Just then Bonks got a funny look on his face then a smile as he felt warm pee flowing in his pants. Bonks felt it fill the training pants then run down his legs making a puddle on the deck. Taylor laughed with him and then took Bonks hand and leg him into the cabin. Taylor lays down a changing mat on the floor and lays Bonks on it. Taylor takes off his wet cloths, wipes him down clean and puts a attend 3 tab diaper under Bonks, puts a lot of baby powder on him and tapes it tight. Taylor then pulls sweat pants up Bonks legs, stand him up and pulls them up. Bonks smiles with his new diaper on and giggles at Taylor. Should I cont.? if you like comment to me.


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