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Being Evil For Fun

by mystic-wolf

Being Evil For Fun

Recently i heard from lulu when she was on her job there was a guy harassing her fellow colleagues at the club she
Works as a bouncer. It was a club owned by one of the most famous dancers in the country, Lucille "Scarlet" Rose
Herself. Anyway i discussed the issue with helena and lulu, helena allowed me to use my magic on this guy. Turns out
This guy was a poorly trained mage that may have used a few charm and body expansion spells on the dancers at the
Club, pretty interesting to know that lucille and her employees all have ties to magic one way or another. I asked if
I could defend against the spells this guy had but helena told me i would be okay his charm spells never seemed to
Work and body expansion spells would have no effect on a magic user that can transform herself. One way or another
I had the full advantage over this guy, i told lulu to say to her colleagues and her boss that the problem would be solved.
I also dressed up in a pretty seductive outfit to in all honesty i took a liking too, it feels really nice to dress up like this once awhile.

The plan went perfectly, lulu redirected him to the hall backstage where i would await him to be his "tour guide" so he
Could see the dancers backstage, the pervert fell for it easily it was almost ridiculous that some humans could be easily
Tricked even when they know the dangers of the world of magic. Anyway i told him we'd go meet the dancers have a
Quick meet and greet then a private dance by the girl he physically favored the most, he obviously showed interest.
Though i'm pretty sure he peeked at me here and there which felt rather uncomfortable but i would get my sweet revenge Against this guy, i had the perfect idea for what i wanted him to become. He will become a really cute girl, that's for sure.

Just for the dramatic effect i changed my eyes to orange with cat-like pupils, and i snapped my fingers. The entire room
Began to glow red and the guy was shocked stumbling while he backed off, and i just began laughing maniacally at him.
Enjoying the sweet taste of fear from him, i told him i was a mage as well someone trained far better then he was.
I told him i would punish him for what he did and tried to do to the women in the club and shouldn't have messed with
A place that housed magic, in fear this guy pleaded that didn't want to die that he would change his ways. But i told him
I had different plans with him, and i would enjoy it to the fullest and savor the taste as a glass of finely aged wine.

I told him i was a mage that could shape someone to my will physically and mentally, and when i looked at his face i
Just had to laugh some more. He was in shock and suprise as he felt his hair grow and his clothes began to change,
His or rather she in a short time tank top became a strappless white corset teddy that hugged that beautiful body of her
And the piece of clothing held that beautiful pair of growing breasts oh so well, it showed her cleavage rather nicely.
Slowly but surely she gained some clothes that fit well in the category of office attire in the same color combination
of red and black that i had on my clothes as well. Of course i wanted this beauty of a woman to show her legs as well
So she had wore knee-long shorts and a nice pair of stockings that showed of her legs rather well, and finally her shoes
Became a pair of black heels. But i found the change of her body oh so exciting, the shock of her transformation turning
To pure euphoria while that beautiful black hair grew i could see on her face that the mental changes kicked in. She felt
It there was shock in those beautiful white pearl-like eyes of her it pushed her old self away but as much as she resisted
She couldn't and it slowly overtook her as i could hear gasps and moans in a beautiful feminine voice, it was a good idea
To link the submission to her changes with euphoric pleasure she couldn't resist such good feelings and for a while her
Brain must've been mush for awhile because the face she showed was once drowned in ecstatic pleasure. Though after
A minute or so she recovered and stretched a bit looking refreshed and reborn anew.

The new women looked at me with a warm smile and introduced herself as jasmine, a name i planted into her mind.
She thought i was an employee here and that she was here for talk if she could be hired as assistant with helping the
Dancers prepare for work like organizing and stuff like that. I felt bad for this but i dreamily stared at the beautiful
Creature before me, she didn't seem to mind that i was blushing but i couldn't help it she looked like the kind of woman
I desired in my life. My heart was thumping immensely and i almost felt a bit weak in the knees, looking back at it i
Wonder if i was no better then the former man she was, that desire was running trough my body and mind for her.

In the heat of the moment i kissed her on the cheek, she was shocked by it but she blushed so much it was so adorable.
I couldn't help myself, after that moment i said sorry almost a hundred times and i hoped she would forgive me which
She did. After that i told her why i kissed her on the cheek, i told her that when i saw her coming in the building that
I felt in love with her at first sight. I told her she was one of the most beautiful women i set my eyes on and i couldn't
Help it in the heat of the moment, after i told her this she was flattered and that she would consider a date with me.
To which i responded rather happily to and well... that day ended on a good note, lulu and her colleagues no longer
Where bothered by the man i changed and i had a potential beautiful girlfriend. Reality had changed so the former man
No longer existed in the memory of anyone but me, helena, lulu and her colleagues. Reality changed for better or worse.


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