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The email

by mserin

The email pops up in your inbox one morning, and at first you disregard it. You don’t recognize the sender, and the subject is simply “PLEASE READ”. It looks like a computer virus waiting to happen, and you almost immediately delete it.


But something stops you as you hover over the delete button. Some little part of the back of your mind is intrigued. You don’t delete it. In fact, you think about it all day. At work you can’t help but wonder what it could possibly contain. You find yourself drawn to it, something telling you that you need to find out what is in that email.

So that night, you open it. Inside the only text of the message is just “PLEASE READ” again, and an mp3 file named “LISTEN” is attached. You click on the file and it downloads fast. You settle back in your desk chair and open it.

Immediately, strange sounds fill your ears. There are pulsing beats that seem to be sinking into your mind. You almost feel them echoing in your head, and under them you can faintly hear a voice saying something, but you can’t make it out. You almost stop listening until you hear a clearer, computerized voice say “Hello.”

You pause.

“I am going to help you release all of your stress. Lay back and relax,” the voice commands. That sounds pretty good to you. You find yourself doing just that. The beats are starting to feel nice in your brain, soothing you.

“Close your eyes. Think of all the stress in your day and let it go.”

You have to admit, this is pretty nice. You can feel yourself getting heavier, sinking into the chair, and your eyes are quick to close. The darkness is calming.

“Clear your mind. Empty it of all thought.”

The noises in your ears seem to help with that, and it’s so easy to let yourself think nothing at all.

“You are nothing. You do not think. You only listen. You only obey. Obedience is pleasure.”

The voices seem to be filling your mind now, taking up the empty space left by the thoughts you can’t seem to think anymore. You’re filled with incredible satisfaction. It’s the most relaxed you’ve felt in ages. You don’t know how long you sit there, at some point you seem to drift away completely from yourself, but you abruptly return when you hear the voice again.

“Remove your clothing.”

You don’t know when you sat up. You don’t remember opening your eyes. But suddenly words come tumbling out of your mouth.

“I must obey.”

You stand then, and you don’t know why you’re doing this. It’s as if you can only watch as you strip down to your bra and panties. Then just when you think you’re done, you remove those too. Another command must have been given but you can only guess at what it was until you find yourself returning to your chair and immediately spreading your legs.

“Play with yourself,” the voice commands.

Your hands feel as though they belong to someone else. They move fast, one hand gropes your breast and the other moves right for your waiting pussy. It’s wetter than it has ever been, the slick juices filling the room with a lovely musky scent. They drip onto the chair and you hear the wet sounds even over the voice. Suddenly, more words come spilling out of your mouth.

“I am a slave to control. I will serve my master. I will cum for my master.”

The voice has you dancing on the edge for what feels like hours, waiting and waiting and waiting for the permission you somehow know is coming.

“Cum,” it commands, and you cry out in the orgasm that overtakes you. Your mind seems to white out completely, it’s the best orgasm you’ve had in a long time.

When you come back to yourself, the file has stopped. There’s silence. You sit up, feeling dazed, and close your laptop. That was fun, you think to yourself. Initially you think that was a one time only kind of experience.

Until you suddenly find yourself tempted to listen again the next day.


very hot - delcogy

please keep this story going.

yum - zelovergirl

I love finding files that can do this to me. So much better than any porn.

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