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the forced feminization

by themaleisgone

the new girls

 there this kid name bill he was working at a college in new jersey.That week he was told that some new teachers where coming to help with the college students. Bill was kinda of a douche and thought all girls was his cunts. Well these three new teachers whose names were Emily Donavyn and Dove, these girls were ultra feminine

all things changed

So one day bill was working on paper work late at night. While bill

was working these three teachers sneaked up on him. Bill said "what the fuck u doing here, guess while your here come fuck me". When bill said this it pissed off the three teachers. They all said at the same time " think your a fuck boy?, well not for long". Emily pussed him down into the chair, and dove holded open his mouth, while Donavyn

poured some things into his mouth. Then they said "good night".

Bill woke up in his bed, he freaked out when he saw his hair long and beautiful strawberry blonde with red highlights, he also noticed that his dick and body was no longer his. He realised what those girls did to him they turn him into a girl named Audrey. she then out of no where felt sharp pain in her head, this was all her man memories changing to that she was always Audrey. 



the end


The basic premise is good, BUT... - LindaLatte

Tuesday October 3 2017, 1:57 PM\r\n\r\nYour language leaves MUCH to be desired. Leave out the F _ _ _ words and others. Also, if you have to, use sodtware to correct your grammatical errors, huh?\r\n\r\nA sentence like \"Bill said \"what the fuck u doing here, guess while your here come fuck me\" is that of a grade school dropout. Learn to speak and write using proper English.\r\n\r\nNo offense intended, really. You may be clueless ??\r\n\r\nLinda Latte

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