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Chapter 1

Peter woke up with a start. He grimaced, rubbing at his temples. His head felt like it was full of cotton wool. Unfocused and floaty. After he shook off the unwelcome sensation, he stood up on shaky legs. The ginger furred husky stiffened when he realised that he was completely nude. His paw travelled down over his exposed, pudgy body as he tried to remember the last thing he could. However, there was only a haze. Suddenly Peter reached out an arm and then his paw quickly hit against something transparent. The canine started to panic when he found that he was sealed inside a large glass tube.

“Ah, you’re awake. Good.”

Peter looked around for the source of the voice. The space around his transparent, cylindrical prison was pitch black. His ears perked up when he heard a switch being flicked. The husky was then blinded by a sudden flood of light. He blinked furiously and rubbed the coloured spots from his eyeballs. When his vision had returned to normal, Peter found that he was at the centre of some sort of laboratory. 

There was several work benches covered with glassware. Some of the containers were filled with coloured, bubbling fluids. There were other empty glass tubes were against the far wall. They were all similar to the one the husky was trapped in but they looked much older and more worn. This place truly looked like something from an old horror movie. A mad scientist’s lab. Peter gulped. There were strange looking machines all around him with blinking lights, pipes, wires and crackling electrodes. Their nefarious purposes were unknown to the canine. One in particular caught Peter’s attention. 

It looked as though it was connected to the top of his tube via a long clear pipe which ran along the stone ceiling, between the wooden rafters and down into the back of it. The grey coloured rectangular device was sleek and smooth with only two openings the husky could see and a large red light. One opening was on the front, just beneath the light. It reminded Peter of those gumball machines you would find outside shops. The slot covered by a metal flap the gumball would come out of. On the side of the device was the second opening. It looked like a simple metal funnel running into the machine.

Peter’s observations were interrupted when he heard footsteps echoing through the room. He turned just in time to see a German shepherd wearing a buttoned up, body length lab coat step out of the shadows. This must have been the mad scientist that came with the laboratory, the husky thought to himself. The second canine grinned as they made eye contact. Peter glared at him as he casually sauntered up to the tube with his paws behind his back. 

“Comfortable, are we pup?” the Shepherd asked with a glint in his eyes.

That voice. It was the same one as before. Peter slammed his fists on the see-through surface of his prison tube. This was the guy who was behind all of this. Whatever all of this was. He was the one who had trapped him here. Peter snarled, baring his teeth at the other male. However, the German Shepherd was unfazed. He simply laughed as he turned and padded over to a nearby control console, his thick tail swaying gently behind him, sticking out from under his lab coat. 

“Don’t you fret little pup,” the Shep said with a smirk, tapping buttons in a particular sequence and flicking a few switches. “Like I said before, now that I’ve perfected my process, you’re going to enjoy this as much as I will.” With one flick of a yellow coloured switch, a protective covering flipped open, revealing a big red button. Peter’s face fell and a shiver ran up his spine. He had a very bad feeling about this. Without breaking eye contact with the husky, the scientist Shep slammed his palm down on the big red button.  

The large red light on the sleek grey coloured rectangular machine switched on. It began to shake and whirl, sending vibrations up through the pipe along the ceiling and down to the glass tube that Peter was sealed inside. He immediately removed his paws from the smooth surface of its walls. They were beginning to warm up. The ginger furred husky whimpered, frantically glancing around, not sure what was going to happen next. Suddenly a small hole opened above Peter’s head. It looked as if it led to the pipe which was connected to the strange looking machine.

Peter glanced over at the German Shepherd who was looking back at him with great interest. There was a wide dirty grin stretched over the other male’s muzzle as he watched, his paw squeezing his crotch. Peter’s eyes widened. Just what the fuck was about to happen?! The husky’s question was quickly answered when he heard a low humming sound. It got louder and then the glass around him began to glow an eerie blue colour. Crackles of electricity surged around the length of the cylindrical cell. Peter could soon felt his fur standing on end because of them.

The husky stumbled. Something was off. He felt tingly all over. Peter quickly collected himself. However, his heart rate was beginning to increase. The same with his breathing. All around him, the bolts of electricity started to arch from the tube and strike his body. They didn’t hurt when they made contact though. He just started to go numb all over. Peter felt very light headed all of a sudden. His vision was getting blurry too. He held his paw out, trying to focus on it. It looked very pixelated.

Peter broke out in a cold sweat when he suddenly realised that it wasn’t his vision. His paw had begun to physically look like static. The bizarre affliction then spread down along his arm to the rest of his body. The husky watched in horror when his fingertips started to dissolve into little dots which floated away from his body. They were immediately drawn up, sucked into the hole in the top of the tube and then along the clear pipe into the machine. 

Peter was powerless to stop his whole body from dissipating. With a final terrified gasp, the ginger furred husky was reduced to a cloud of rust coloured dots. They were then all quickly collected and brought along the shuddering pipe to the sleek grey coloured rectangular machine.

The German Shepherd chuckled to himself, smiling triumphantly as he watched the last of his specimen’s essence being brought to his device. Once the last of the dots were collected, the hole in the top of the tube closed up and the blue aura surrounding it disappeared. The Shepherd’s gaze then fell on his machine. It was shaking and whirling wildly. The lab coat clad canine then left the control console, padding over to the hard working device. He stood before it, excitement building up inside of him. His red tip was already rising out from his hefty sheath. The Shep licked his lips and murred, anxiously waiting for the next part. 

Peter wasn’t sure exactly where he was. He felt strange. Like he was in a dream. Floating. Disjointed. And yet fully conscious. Aware of everything. He couldn’t see anything. After all, he didn’t have any eyes anymore. Everything was just bright and fuzzy. But he could feel. And damn did it feel good. He felt so warm. It was pleasant and comforting but also exciting and even arousing. A total rush of ecstasy. In the belly of the strange machine, Peter’s essence was being whipped up and stimulated, churned and reshaped. If the husky had had a mouth anymore, he was sure it would be open and moaning in pleasure. 

He was being rolled around for a time. It felt like he was being made into a ball. Shortly afterwards the device began to compress him. The pressure was intense. Peter felt himself being squished and compacted, squeezed and moulded. Despite the strenuous actions inflicted upon his dissociated body, Peter continued to feel good. Overall, it was quite a pleasurable experience. Eventually the canine felt very small and a bit gooey. He was flattened out into some disc shape before being stuffed into some kind of foil housing. Soon Peter felt like he was falling for the longest time before coming to a complete stop. 

The German Shepherd huffed contently when the large red light of his machine switched itself off. One of his large ears twitched as he heard something drop down behind the meatal flap covering the slot on the front of his device. The canine was so excited. His paw was actually shaking as he reached out and slid two fingers behind the metal flap. He felt around and quickly found what he was looking for. The Shepherd quickly pulled the object out and then held it in the palm of his paw. It was a square foil packet with the words ‘Pleasure Sheath’ printed on the front of it in big, bubbly, brightly coloured text. 

The grinning canine carefully brought the small package over and set it down on the edge of the control console. He stared down at it, feeling a pleasurable heat rapidly building up between his quivering legs. “Oh pup, you’ve gotten me all excited,” the Shep rumbled, popping the top button of his lab coat. “Let me just get myself ready for you …”

With practiced dexterity, the German Shepherd ran his fingers down the centre of his coat snapping the rest of the buttons open as he went along. Very soon the garment parted, revealing that the canine was fully naked beneath it. He took in a deep breath, his muscular chest puffing out. The Shep’s member was half erect, still emerging from his sheath. It was rapidly filling out, swelling with blood as the canine’s arousal increased. He exhaled, his impressive pair of balls bouncing, bloated full of his plentiful seed.  

“Not much to look at now,” the Shepherd murred, running his long pink tongue around the length of his handsome muzzle. “But don’t you worry pup, it’s a grower … It’ll give you a good stretching soon enough …”

The canine hissed heatedly through gritted teeth as he wrapped his paw around his swelling length. His fingers gripped it tightly, his plump pink pawpads pressing against the heated red flesh. A thrill ran through the German Shepherd’s body, causing his fur to bristle. 

With a deep and steamy rumble, the lab coat clad canine began to move his paw and pump his wanting member. He was slow at first, squeezing his shaft and rubbing at his head, before speeding up his rhythm. A moan escaped his lips while he pleasured himself enthusiastically. Watery drops of precum started to dribble from the tapered tip of the Shep’s cock, splattering down onto the stone floor of the lab. 

He shut his eyes, revelling in the feelings that were surging from his fully erect cock. It was a little over nine inches, with a meaty girth of three. The canine had been telling the truth when he had said it was a grower. He panted, his tongue lolling free from his agape muzzle. His paw squeezed at his impressive length while his other paw snaked down and then cupped his shuddering balls. The pleasure coursing through his aroused frame doubled. As he furiously jerked himself off, he tugged, rubbed, fondled and squeezed his furry sac. 

It wasn’t long before the German Shepherd felt a pressure rapidly building at the base of his cock. During the end of every rep, the canine rubbed at the site of the intense feeling. Fuck, it felt so good! He threw his head back and forcefully fucked his fist. His hips bucked as he felt the base of his member pop and then swell rapidly. The Shep was short of breath while his knot came in. His body shook, heat and pleasure surging throughout him. When the throbbing bulbous reached its impressive full size, that of a big ripe grapefruit, the German Shepherd pulled both his paws away.

The canine panted raggedly, trying to catch his breath. He was shaking all over. His large, fat, nine inch cock stuck out from his body, gushing precum heavily. At its base, his fully engorged knot was throbbing angrily and beneath both of them his balls were twitching, aching for release. The Shepherd cocked a smirk as he ran the back of his arm over his brow, wiping off sweat into the sleeve of his lab coat. His gaze then travelled from his cock over to the foil packet he had left on the control console. He sniggered as he padded over, his length bouncing and slapping against his well-defined chest with every step.  

“Like I said, pup,” the German Shepherd said, his tone noticeably deeper than before. He reached out and then carefully picked up the foil packet by the corner using his index finger and thumb. “This right here will give you a good stretching. Something I know you’re going to fucking love!” With that, the Shep then grasped the other corner of the packet and pulled, tearing it open along the middle and revealing its contents. The canine’s eyes lit up when he caught sight of the ginger coloured, pre lubed condom that was nestled inside.  

Peter found himself in total darkness for the longest time. It was cramped and damp around him and he was sure he could hear muffled moaning outside. If he still had lungs or a mouth, the husky thought that he would have suffocated by now. Suddenly there was a sliver of light that got bigger and bigger. Soon Peter felt like he could breathe again, that is, if he had been able to. He still didn’t have any eyes so all he saw was brightness and fuzzy colours but he knew he was being freed from the foil housing the machine had stuffed his altered self into.

With a victorious grin, the German Shepherd plucked the condom free from its covering, which he then quickly tossed away. He held the rubber sheath up close to his face. His nostrils flicked as he got the sweet smell of latex and lube. It made his cock throb. The condom was just like any other condom, a robust, elastic ring surrounding a finer, rolled up film with a nub at its centre, coated in lube and all coloured a rusty ginger. But it was also not like any other condom. This latex sheath was alive and could feel everything. 

Peter tingled all over. The condomized husky could feel the Shepherd lightly gripping his outer ring. His velvety pawpads pressing against him as he carefully held him. He could also feel the other canine’s hot breath washing over him as he sniffed his latex body. It was a pleasing sensation. It made him feel good. A sudden and pleasing rush ran through Peter’s prophylactic form when the German Shepherd grasped him by his nub. He squeezed it, removing any air and made the husky quiver in the process.

“Hope you’re ready, pup,” the Shep said as he brought the ginger coloured condom to the tip of his nine inches. “Because this is gonna be good for both of us.” Peter could soon feel the heat the throbbing member was giving off against his tingling latex flesh. He shuddered in the other canine’s grip. With a lusty murr, the Shepherd pressed him against his leaking tip. Peter immediately stretched as the other canine began to unroll him over the entire length of his cock. It was ecstasy.

The German Shepherd could actually feel the husky shuddering against his sensitive flesh while he covered his member with him. While he pulled the condom over his cock, Peter surged with wave after wave of pure pleasure. Every creak of his ginger coloured latex being stretched made the husky lose himself that bit more in a churning sea of bliss. He felt so good. So very good!

The sensation of his elastic body straining over the Shep’s big, fat cock was indescribable. He had never experienced such intense physical feelings before. It all made him shudder and quiver powerfully. Heat coursed throughout him as well as never-ending surges of pleasure. Not one ounce of pain. Just pleasure. Constant, white hot ecstasy. The stretch. The intense stretch. So good! It felt so fucking good!!!

“Like that, pup?” the Shepherd huffed, tugging more on the condom. “Fuck! I love the feeling of a fresh rubber wrapped around my meat.” He groaned, his member throbbing inside its latex covering. “Love the sound, the smell, the feel. Fuck yeah!” The Shep’s hips twitched, poised for action. He hissed through gritted teeth. Damn. Peter was sure a tight sheath. He was hugging the other male’s member like a vice grip, his latex stretched close to its limit. A tight fit and the Shepherd hadn’t even reached his knot yet.  

“Don’t you rip on me now, pup,” the German Shepherd grinned evilly. He hooked his fingers under the robust ring of the condom before spreading it wide over the girth of his swollen knot. Peter felt like he was coming undone. He wanted to scream and moan and throw his head back but he could do nothing. He lacked a mouth, a neck and even a head.

The Shepherd groaned, pulling the husky down over his knot, straining his elastic rubber to its limit. Just as he passed the throbbing bulbous and had reached the very base of his cock, the Shep finally released his grip. Peter snapped shut around him, his rim holding him firmly. He was now covering his cock fully, knot and all, in his ginger coloured latex. 

The condomized husky felt so strange. It was so bizarre but so pleasurable. There was so much to experience. He felt so full, his latex flesh pulled taut over the other canine’s big, fat piece of nine inch meat, hugging it tightly. It was intense. Overwhelming. The Sheppie cock was so hot and throbbing rhythmically within him. The very same was the case with the big bulbous knot. 

Peter could also feel the tapered tip of the impressive member twitching inside him and leaking a steady stream of precum, filling him with its sticky warmth. The gooey fluid dribbled down his shivering inner walls. It was all so much to take it, almost too much. Then when the German Shepherd wrapped his paw around his needy length, Peter felt like his was going to lose whatever was left of his addled mind. 

“Fuck y-yeah!” The Shepherd groaned as he squeezed his latex clad cock. His thumb rubbed firmly against his rubber covered meat. “That’s the stuff.” His fur stood on end, a powerful surge of heat running up his arching spine. The Shep revelled in the feeling of his heated organ being squished against the stretched out, lubed up rubber with his pre in between them. His ears twitched as he picked up on the creaking and shifting sounds of the strained condom. It made him grin. He was going to put the husky through his paces. With a grunt, the German Shepherd slowly started to move his paw and pump his rubber sheathed cock. 

The condom creaked and groaned as the canine scientist jerked himself off. Peter couldn’t focus on any one feeling. There was so many of them and each one was as overpowering as the others. He was at the mercy of the Shepherd. The grunting and growling canine worked himself over quite aggressively. He had built up quite a strong rhythm as he pumped his length and squeezed his aching knot. 

Every one of his downward strokes pulled Peter even tauter, pushing his limit. It felt like he might split at any second thanks to the Shep’s efforts. It was an overwhelming sensation. Excruciatingly so. But if the husky still had a cock of his own, he would have definitely cum by now. The more intense the sensations were, the more intense Peter’s pleasure was.

“Such a good lil’ condom pup,” the Shepherd rumbled, his hips jerking up into his fist. His fingers were soaked through with the lube Peter had been coated in, resulting in a delicious frictionless fucking. He humped his slicked up fist mercilessly, pulling on the husky and royally working him over. 

As he furiously jerked himself off with one paw, the German Shepherd’s other paw was soon moving down to once again play with his balls. They were pulsing, the load inside them churning impatiently. The Shepherd was getting closer and closer toward the edge. Just as he was starting to teeter, his paw left his readying balls, snaked along his furry taint and then up the furrow of his ass to his twitching tailhole. The aroused canine traced his puckered pink ring, tapping at it, rubbing it and tugging on it before finally firmly pressing inside himself.

“F-Fuck!” the Shepherd cried, his hips bucking feverously as he filled Peter up with several, powerful jets of precum. “Feels so good!” he murred, his fingers pushing deeper while he pulled and twisted his paw over his nine inch cock, working over both it and the condomized husky stretched around it. The German Shepherd had gotten so rough as he chased his ending. Peter wasn’t sure if he was conscious anymore it was all so fucking overwhelming. 

Then as the Shep delved deep inside himself, he touched off something that made his body go rigid. His paw wrapped around his cock stilled, giving Peter a respite. The Shep was panting, his breathing laboured. He pressed his finger unforgivingly into his tailhole, assaulting his sweet spot. A broken moan erupted from his quivering lips. As he rubbed off against his prostate, his paw moved down his member to its base, pulling Peter taut around it. His hips trembled as he pushed them out, his cock standing up straight and proud. It wasn’t long before his balls tightened and he threw his head back, unleashing a howl of sheer ecstasy. 

The German Shepherd came. His body was shivering violently. His pupils dilated as he pumped his hot load into Peter. The husky’s latex flesh swelled out heavily with the Shep’s thick release. He groaned. His form pulsating with heat. The stretch. The excruciating stretch. It was so intense. The nub at the tip of the prophylactic canine’s form rapidly inflated with white, filling up like a water balloon. It was soon bloated and shuddering, adding to Peter’s extreme feelings of bliss. The Shepherd panted and grunted. His hips were bucking wildly, humping the air while he spilled his sizable load into Peter.

His balls twitched and quivered, giving everything they had and they had a lot to give. The scientist Shep had been saving up for this moment. He quickly gripped at the base of his erupting member, just below his throbbing knot, where Peter’s rim was holding him tight. The German Shepherd held onto him just as tight, slightly tugging on the swelling canine. When the condom husky’s tip was full to bursting, the Shep’s cum rapidly surged down the sides. Peter moaned as best he could, feeling the white flood lift his body off the Shep’s throbbing organ. He half felt like he was drowning in the white stuff. His condomized form inflated, stretching, filling with the other canine’s hot, thick seed. 

In no time at all, his latex flesh was plump with Sheppie spunk. The German Shepherd thrust his hips into his paws, grunting and growling as he pumped out the last of his impressive cumload into the husky. Peter was dazed from the sheer amount of thick, warm cocksnot swirling around inside of his stretched out form. When the Shepherd’s orgasm finally ended, and his stream ceased, Peter was heavily bloated. His ginger coloured latex was straining, stretched taut and quaking. 

With one paw still gripping the base of the condom tightly, the Shep reached out and cupped the cum bloated sheath that was hanging from his spent cock. He weighed it in the palm of his paw, a proud smirk soon plucking at the sides of his mouth. “Told ya I’d give you a good stretching,” the German Shepherd murred.

Peter felt so full, so heavy and bloated. His rubber flesh creaked and groaned in the other canine’s hold, the large load he contained was churning and bubbling around within him. He could feel his stretched out condom body straining so much with the sizable load of jizz inflating him. It almost hurt. As the Shepherd’s paw ran down the steep curve of his cum heavy form, he wanted to moan and whimper, to cry out. His body had been pushed to its limit and perhaps beyond. The husky felt exhausted. Every contact from the other male was exquisite agony. He had been put through his paces and then some.

The German Shepherd felt the husky shudder powerfully under his touch as he gripped his robust outer ring. With his thumbs hooked under it he pulled, stretching it wide before gently pulling it off his softening member. He was careful not to spill any cum. Meanwhile Peter let out a muffled groan, his ginger coloured latex creaking loudly. 

Once the Shepherd had removed the condomized canine from his member, which was quickly receding back into his sweaty sheath, he held him up before his muzzle. A wide, toothy grin adorned his face. He was gripping Peter by the base, feeling the weight of his load weigh down the rubber sheath. The large volume of cum pooled in the tip, tugging on the rest of the condom, stretching it downwards. Peter quivered in the Shep’s hold. 

“What a good pleasure sheath you’ve been,” the German Shepherd grinned, padding back over to his grey coloured rectangular device. As he did, he made the cum filled condom bounce in his grip adding to Peter’s already overwhelming list of sensations. “Possibly the best specimen I’ve had.” As he stood next to his machine, the Shep held Peter over the second of its openings, the one that looked like a metal funnel. “Now, let’s see if the reversal sequence can be just a big of a success.” With that, the scientist released the prophylactic husky and let him fall into the funnel and tumble once again into the belly of the device. 

There was a short whirling sound and then the large red light on the front lit up. The Shepherd padded over to the control console, stepping on the discarded foil wrapper as he did so. When he arrived, the canine immediately started to press buttons and flick switches. The grey coloured rectangular device began to shake and groan. 

Inside Peter could feel his molecules quickly coming apart again. It was just as pleasurable a sensation as the first time. But it was different. It wasn’t as forceful or strenuous a process. It was much calmer, like slipping into a warm bath. Melting. The German Shepherd watched as a steady stream of rust coloured dots started to move along the pipe running from his machine back over the large glass tube. After the hole in the top of it opened back up the dots were fed in. They collected inside the cylindrical container, swirling and bouncing around inside of it. 

After the big red light on the machine had shut off, the German Shepherd pressed a few more buttons. Shortly afterwards the transparent walls of the tube began to glow a dark blue. Bolts of electricity surged around the container, striking the cloud of rust coloured dots within it. The blue energy caused them to stick together. Soon a definite form started to take shape. The Shepherd crossed his fingers. After a few more minutes the dots had all been put back into their original places. With a rush of steam, the electricity faded and the glass tube rapidly rose up into the ceiling, releasing a slightly shaky legged Peter. 

“Welcome back, pup,” the Shepherd smiled padding up to the ginger furred husky. He raised an eyebrow when he noticed the bloated belly the other canine was sporting. There was also a painfully erect cock pressing into the overhang of said belly. A moan escaped Peter’s lips when the Shep placed his warm paws on the curve of his paunch. He rumbled, his mind still in a bit of a haze as the German Shepherd caressed his cum bloated stomach. “My, my,” the scientist said, his tone deep. His red tip was already poking out of his furry sheath again in response to the husky’s bloated gut. “What a very interesting result …” 


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