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Sam I Am

by EMG

Chapter 1

I am Sam
Sam I am

That Sam-I-am
That Sam-I-am!
I do not like
That Sam-I-am

I'm sure you've heard this peom, if not you were DEFINITELY not a child in the US in the 20th century.   Well, My name is Sam, and this is the story of how a childrens book changed my life.

Through most of my life I HATED this book.  I know, it's not about me, but with a name like Sam, people had to make jokes.  At first it was just one or two in grade school.  Shelly Thompson running around the playground singing "I do not like that Sam-I-am" and you would think that grade school is where it would end but Shelly wasn't your average grade school bully.  I don't know if it was just that I was quiet and geeky, or if every social climber needs a victim, but Shelly went out of her way to torment me through middle school, and finally High School.  It's hard to enjoy something when your own personal tormentor uses it over and over again for over a decade and that is exactly what Shelly did. 

Getting accepted to state college was the best day of my life.  I would finally be able to leave Shelly Thompson behind and get on with my life free of Sam-I-am.  The summer before college started I spent every spare minute working on my body.  I ditched my glasses and got contacts, I wanted my life to change and I knew that college would be the place where it happened.  I would no longer be Sam-I-am, I would just be Sam the 6'2" stud from Sliver Springs.  I was going to leave that nickname and my entire past behind me.

Sam-I-am was dead ... That's what I thought as I walked onto campus, he's dead and I will NEVER have to hear that stupid rhyme again.  Or, so I thought.  At the end of the first semester I met Grace, and never before have I met a girl who's name so beautifully describes her.  She was a member of the cheerleading squad, and her auburn hair and radiant smile could turn every head in a room.  At 5' 4" her C cup made her breasts seem even larger and I frequently had to restrain myself from calling other guys for staring at her tits.  We actually met in physics class and I was instantly smitten with her.  A few inquiries later and I discovered that she made a little money on the side tutoring other students so I told her a sob story about needing help and made sure she got me at my very best every time we had a study date. 

Studying turned into flirting, and flirting turned into dating and by the end of second semester we were getting pretty serious.  We hadn't had sex yet, but I knew it was just a matter of time as our kisses were becoming the thing of legend around campus.  Sadly, Grace had been brought up in a deeply religious family, and nothing I could say or do would get me past second base.  I'm sure half the guys on campus thought I was the luckiest guy alive, but in private my balls were so blue they'd look perfectly normal on Babe the big blue ox.  Needless to say, I was a mess.

That was when it happened, the moment that changed my life.  During spring break Grace's roommate got in an auto-accident and decided to return home while she recovered.  The college, in it's infinite wisdom, decided to assign her a new roomate, a transfer student from Silver Springs.  When Grace told me her name, a shudder went through my body and I felt like I was going to be physically ill.  Shelly Thompson was going to be Grace's new roommate.  From that moment on, I did all I could to avoid her, meeting Grace away from the dorms, doing all I could to keep as much distance as I could between myself and Shelly.  Sadly, it wasn't far enough.  About 2 weeks later Grace and I bumped into her while exiting the student union. 

It took her a second to recognize me, but the moment her smile twisted into a sneer I knew she knew me.  I was utterly shocked when she didn't say a word, not one single word.  She just took my hand and said "Hi Sam!" whith an evil little laugh that told me it was only a matter of time before she heaped some new humiliation upon me. 

It didn't take long, but it came from a direction I never expected.  It was a Friday evening and I'd managed to talk Grace into coming back with me to my dorm room as I knew my roomate was out partying with friends and probably wouldn't be back until Monday. I had my hand inside her blouse and could tell Grace was getting worked up when I suggested that she return the favor by sucking on my cock.  I'd never suggested this before, but thought maybe she'd consider it since it wasn't 'technically' sex.  I even had my list of arguments(and a little top shelf liquor) ready to help persuade her that she could do this and help me out and still remain a virgin.  It was then that I discovered what Shelly had been up to.

My Grace, my beautiful desirable Grace burst out laughing, and when I asked her what was so funny all she could say was"

I do not want your manly cum
I do not want it here or there
I do not want it anywhere

Not on my box
Not with a fox.
Not in my mouth
Not in this house.
I would not eat it here or there.
I would not eat it anywhere.
I will not eat your cock my Sam.
I do not like it, Sam-I-am.

I was LIVID, my face turned red and I almost lost it right then and there. Grace didn't even notice, she was still doubled over laughing, not realizing that she'd just helped Shelly humiliate me yet again.  It took all my resolve, every bit of willpower that I had to keep from slapping her and sending her away.  It was in that moment that clarity hit me.  I was going to have revenge, and I knew exacly how.

Aside from a solid knowledge of physics, I also know quite a bit about hypnosis, and had been studying the effects of subliminal messages.  MY eureka moment came when I realized that like a single frame of film replaced with something else in the middle of a film, sounds can also be burried in music, tv, etc in just the same way.  It's simply impossible for the human ear to make out a single word or phrase buried inside of other sounds, you simply cannot hear it consciously.  So, after calling in a favor from a friend of mine who had hacked the local cable company so he could get free HBO and unlimited PPV I got him to feed the cable box in Grace's room to play 1 frame in 20, in synch with my voice.  The subliminals would be on whenever Grace and Shelly watch TV and I know they planned to binge watch Game of Thrones this weekend.

It took all my willpower to avoid calling and checking on them both.  If you remember how slow time seems to crawl when you're waiting for Christmas, this was a thousand times worse.  I swear that by Monday morning my cock was ready to punch a hole in my trousers and make it's way to Grace's house and take her without me.  If the weekend had crawled by, Monday moved at a glacial pace.  Finally, Monday night arrived and it was time for me to be the one to get the last laugh.

I had invited Grace out to a nice restaraunt for dinner, one that I KNEW she was going to enjoy.  As we sat making small talk before dinner I looked at her and said "Remember that little rhyme you told me on Friday?"  Grace smiled and laughed a little before apologizing, she hadn't meant to hurt me but it had just been so funny that she couldn't hold back.  She really was sorry, but it was too late for that, my mind was made up.  With a sly smile I replied, "Try it, try it and you'll see."  Not exactly the original line, but she'd made her own improvements and so had I.  Grace's eyes glazed over for a second, and then I saw her gaze start to shift.  My conservative, tight laced little Grace was staring straight through the table at where my crotch was and I could see her licking he lips.  Suddenly I felt her foot running up my thigh, and I knew that the trigger I had given her had worked. 

Grace tried to hide what was going on inside her, but fanning herself with the menu wasn't working.  Neither did "accidentally" knocking over her glass of water.  One quick trip to the bathroom later and she was out practically begging me to take her home so that she could change, but I wasn't having it.  I'd been humiliated and ridiculed for years and now it was MY turn to have some fun.  As Grace pleaded with me to please come with her, I told her flatly "No Grace, I intend to sit here and have a nice meal, if you want to go then I guess that means we're through."  It wasn't easy to say, but I already knew she wasn't going anywhere.  Meekly she sat down and tried a different tactic.  First one button, then another "mysteriously" opened themselves as my Grace did her best to seduce me and get me to take her somewhere else.  I wasn't having any of it, she was going to suffer like I had.  It took less than 10 minutes for her to break, she was already sitting there across the table with her blouse open, her C cup tits exposed, she was licking her lips seductively when she couldn't take it any longer when she said "Sam, please, take me home, take me anywhere, just TAKE ME!!!" 

I just smiled and looked back at her and said "If you're THAT desperate Grace, why don't you just crawl under the table and prove it."  The look on her face was one of total shock, I had never denied her anything like this before and she didn't know what to do.  But more than that she needed my cum, not just a little, she needed it more than she had ever needed anything before in her life and she knew it.  Making one last attempt to control the situation she looked back at me and said "Ok, Sam, I don't know what's going on in that head of yours but if you don't leave with me right now I'm leaving you."  A week ago, those words would have destroyed my world, tonight they didn't change a thing.  Looking her straight in the eye I said "I am not leaving, do what you have to."  With that she broke, she couldn't resist the desire any longer, instead of storming out of the restaraunt she meekly said, "Ok Sam, but after I'm done so are we."  With that she knelt down on the floor and crawled under the table, I could hear her sobbing as she unzipped my pants and slid my cock in her mouth.

I'd love to say that I kept her there all through dinner making her fight to get my cum, but that's not the way it happened.  Months of blue balls combined with Grace's desperation had me cumming in her mouth in less than a minute.  Grace's inexperience made quite a mess of the event, as my cum hit her mouth she orgasmed and the two combined made a bit of a mess with my cum going everywhere.  As her orgasm subsided Grace realized just how badly she needed my cum and immediately started cleaning up every last drop.  She sucked it from my pants, licked it from the chair I was sitting in, and then proceeded to polish the floor with her tongue until every last drop was inside her.  While she cleaned I finished the book for her:

Sam I love your Manly cum
Please cum all over my box
Please let me lick it from a fox.
Cum in my mouth
Cum in my ass
Cum on my face.
I will eat it any-place
I do love your manly cum
your worthless cum slave feels so dumb
I will eat it here or there
I will eat it anywhere.
Thank You
Thank You

When she was done I smiled down at her and and told her Ok cum slave, let's go talk to Shelly, I hear she's quite a Fox....


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