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Becoming The Bladder: Embrace The Baby You Want To Be

by jslavel

(Just a little something I came up with. If someone wants to use it as the basis for a file, feel free.)


Come with me. Allow me to take you on a journey into your body. Into a specific part of your body. Your bladder. I am going to take you all the way down to your bladder and then, I am going to transform you into your bladder. You will experience what it feels like to be filled with urine, what it feels like when you’re about to burst at the seams. And then, you are going to be emptied. You will experience the relief of your owner finally emptying you after holding all their urine for so long.


First, let’s help you visualize your bladder. A flexible, flaccid sac that resides in your abdominal cavity. Normally flaccid, it expands as it fills up with urine. It’s like a balloon, really. Round when filled up, but deflate it and it gets flat again. Right now, your bladder is a deflated balloon, empty, no air in it. Imagine what it would feel like to be flat and empty, no shape, just an empty sac. Limp, loose, waiting to be filled up. Feel yourself becoming limp and loose right now. No voluntary movement, no muscle control, just empty and limp. Like a deflated balloon. That’s right.


Right now, you are your bladder when it is empty. Of course, you don’t stay empty for long. As the bladder fills, it gains mass and bulk and shape. It becomes more defined and more prominent, like a balloon when it’s pumped full of air. As you begin to fill, you feel yourself getting more defined, gaining shape and mass and bulk. Feel yourself getting fuller. And fuller. And fuller.


Feel how full you are now. So full. So full of urine. So totally, absolutely filled to the brim. And getting fuller. And what does the bladder do when it’s full? It sends a message to the brain, telling it that it’s time to find a toilet. “HEY!”, you call. “GETTING KIND OF FULL DOWN HERE! HOW ABOUT A BATHROOM BREAK?!” If you’re lucky, under normal circumstances, your brain will respond and you’ll be emptied in short order. But not today.


Because your bladder and your brain are one and the same right now. Because you don’t simply have a full bladder, you ARE the full bladder. Actually, correction. You are the over-filled, ready to burst bladder. You are about to explode, but have no way of getting word to the brain center. So what happens in that case? What happens when a baby’s bladder fills up? Babies can’t register a full bladder. Babies can’t decide when it’s time to find a toilet. So what do they do? That’s right.


You see, you are not just any old bladder. You are a baby’s bladder. You are a baby with a baby’s bladder and that bladder is also you. Babies can’t control their bladders. Babies can’t sense the urge to urinate. Their bladders fill up and when they don’t get a response from the brain, they take matters into their own hands. Just like you’re going to do right now. Babies, they don’t use a toilet. Babies wear their toilet, they wear diapers. Did you wear a diaper before starting this journey? I hope so.


Normally, when it’s time for the bladder to be emptied, the brain will give the signal to the bladder that they found a toilet and it’s time to urinate. The bladder will then relax and release the urine, relieving that full, bursting sensation. And as it does so, the bladder will deflate, becoming limp and loose once again. But, in the case of a baby, there is no signal from the brain saying it’s time to urinate. So what happens then? The bladder simply keeps holding it in, until it simply can’t any longer. Like you right now.


You are so full, you can’t hold any more urine. Even just one more drop and you will release everything. Just one more drop. I am going to count down now, from five to one. When I reach one, you feel exactly one more drop enter you. And when that single drop enters you, you will burst. You will relinquish all control. You will begin to empty, you will begin to get loose and limp again, as you release all that pent up urine.






















Because you are so full right now, your sides are stretched as far as they can go. You are absolutely bursting with liquid right now. You cannot hold another drop. You need to be emptied so badly. “HEY!”, you call out. “I’M DROWNING DOWN HERE! EMPTY ME! PLEASE! I CAN’T HOLD IT ANY LONGER!” It’s terrible, because while you’re bursting, you still feel an obligation to hold it in until the brain can find a toilet. You don’t want to wet your pants. You don’t want to let the brain down.





But you are so full. So stretched out. Ready to burst at any moment. All it would take is…










One more drop. One single drop of urine collects in the giant ocean you have become. And that single drop is one drop too many. You tried so hard, but it’s too late. You relax, and out comes the urine. Urine streaming out of you, feeling yourself get emptier as the urine trickles out. It feels soooooo good to be emptied at long last. As the urine flows out of you, you start to get limp and loose. You start to lose muscle control. You start become flat and flaccid. You are empty once again.


But as good as it feels to be empty, you feel a bit of shame. Because you failed. You didn’t wait for the brain’s signal. You let the brain down when you released your urine. You feel better, but you also feel ashamed.


And now, you feel yourself regaining shape, becoming yourself again. You are no longer a bladder, you are a human being. And now you know what your bladder goes through when it is full. You know how painful it is to hold in so much urine and not be able to release it. And you know the shame of letting the brain down. But babies do not feel that sense of shame. Babies don’t care if they wet their diapers.


And you are a baby. You are a baby, with a baby’s bladder, and you just wet yourself. And you don’t care. In fact, it felt good. And you always want to feel good, don’t you? Of course you do. You want this feeling to last forever. And it can. All you have to do is remain relaxed all the time. You should always be limp and loose, flat and flaccid. You will no longer wait for your bladder and your brain to discuss the situation. You will simply let your bladder fill and empty on it’s own. And you will love it. No more having to find a toilet. No more sitting in discomfort until you are able to urinate. You will simply let it out and enjoy how wonderful it feels.


After all, when you gotta go, you gotta go… :)


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