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Fishing Buddies Part II

by ElSupremo

Chapter 2

                                                    Fishing Buddies

  Part II


We finished our soaking in the hot spring all the while listening to the ever present back ground music that seemed to always be playing even in our room. Charlie and I walked back to our room and he had his arm around my shoulder and somehow I felt safe and protected. I kinda liked the way Charlie was taking charge and was treating me so special.


In our room we each got a bottle of ice cold water and Charlie was saying how much he missed having the hot spring special water and how healthy and good it made him feel. I agreed and took off my fluffy motel robe and got naked into the queen size bed that I would be sharing with Charlie for the next week. I was laying back drinking the water and listening to the back ground music wondering if I was gay or not. I knew I was a cock sucker and had sucked my buddy Robert’s cock several times. Then we had met Willy and I didn’t hesitate to suck his cock either thanks to Robert’s setting me up as the cock sucker of the day for not catching a fish. Eddy the motel owner, care taker and all round maintenance man with the largest cock I had ever seen had let me suck and choke on him. Bill the State Park Ranger had even let me suck his sizable cock. Still I wondered if I was gay, it seemed as though I was being told I was gay and I was beginning to feel like sucking cock was the normal right thing to be doing. Actually I was happy with everything and wouldn’t change a thing.


Charlie came out of the bathroom and got into the bed and put his arm under my head and started to hug me. He squeezed me and held me tight, then his hand started wandering and ended up holding my hardening cock. I took hold of his cock and he was already hard. He started to nuzzle my neck and lick and suck my neck. He was giving me a hickey and I found myself offering my neck to his sucking lips. I was so excited and he was in complete charge and control of me. I felt his hand grabbing my ass and he started fingering my asshole and it felt so good and was turning me on. Charlie was telling me how happy he was with me and what a great time we were going to have. He put some ky on his finger and my asshole and started to finger me and I liked it. I could feel him finger fucking me and I responded by sticking my ass at his finger so he could really stick it in. While he finger fucked me he started to kiss me and his tongue was all in my mouth and it seemed like I was getting fingered fucked and tongue fucked at the same time, I really was in a different world and I liked it, no I loved it. Charlie was telling me that I must really want to be fucked in my ass and proceeded to put two fingers in me and I just pushed and begged for more, Oh God I was so being fucked and wanted more and more and told Charlie I needed more he proceeded to give me more. He greased up his cock and my hole again and removed his fingers and I felt so empty and then I could feel the head of his cock at my back door. He gently nudged the head of his cock into my ass and I thought I was going to be split into two, but I wanted more and more, but he was so big and was stretching me to the point of ripping me apart and I was wanting it all. Charlie was telling me I was now his bitch and his cock owned me. I think he was right and deep inside I wanted his amazing cock to own me and I came without even touching my cock. Charlie had his cock all the way in and slowly began to pump in and out and my ass began to rise and meet his every stroke. I was on the bed and on my knees and Charlie was standing on the floor, we matched up perfectly and with him holding my waist and pounding me from behind I was getting throughly fucked and loving every second of it, Charlie’s cock owned me and I loved being owned like a bitch, I was Charlie’s Bitch. I felt his cock swell up and he jammed his cock as far in as he could and held it there and he came and made sounds of joy. I wanted him to just stay in me and as he shrank he slid more and more out until he came all the way out. Charlie got into the bed and held me and started to kiss me and own me again. He started to talk and told me that I was a natural bitch and he was going to keep me and train me to be his bitch. That made me happy and I reached down and took hold of his cock. Then I heard him begin to snore.


I cleaned up my cum by using my fingers and I was also able to capture some of his cum leaking out of my ass. I fell asleep and didn’t awake until 4 in the morning only to find Charlie had a boner problem to which I started to suck on it and that woke Charlie. He asked how I was doing and I said great, but was sore. He hugged me and gave me a really deep passionate sloppy kiss. He then applied some KY and had me sit on his stomach. Then I got up and started to lower myself down onto his hard cock. It hurt, I was sore, but I didn’t care, I was able to get the head of his cock lined up and with a fist on his cock and a little squirming he entered me and as I lowered myself he entered me more and more. Once fully plugged I started to bounce and I think I actually fucked him and had shot my wad and hit him in the face and chest. Charlie swelled up and came and I tried to keep his cock locked in my butt, but I failed and it plopped out.


I started to clean up all the cum and Charlie stared wide eyed at me and asked what I was doing and I told him I just didn’t like wasting good cum. Charlie asked why and I said he needed to ask Robert why. After all it was time to go fishing. We knocked on Robert’s door and he was ready to go fishing.


We got our usual morning burritos and was on the lake in record time. Robert kept looking at me and finally I asked what he was looking at. He said that my neck was covered with sucker bites and Charlie laughed and said he had gotten carried away because I had liked it so much. Then Robert said that must be the reason I was walking so funny this morning. Again he laughed and said that would be his fault too. Robert laughed and said that he had heard that tiny dicks make good receivers and Willy added that he had heard the same thing too. Charlie just smiled and looked like he was the guy that had gotten the cheesecake and had eaten it too.


Later in the morning when the fishing had died down Charlie decided to ask Robert why I ate my cum. Robert said that was a long story and Charlie said he had nothing but time so Robert started off explaining all about hypnosis files and the spells to have you eating your own cum. Well, he gotten really excited about it and said that he wouldn’t mind listening to the files himself. He said he didn’t believe that just listening to a mp3 could make someone start eating their cum. He was saying that hypnosis can only work if the subject wanted it to work. I said that I must have wanted it and he said he figured I had wanted to be a cum eating cocksucker. I said he could think what he wanted and we would find out later in the week after he had listened to the files a few times. Robert ask him if he had ever ate or tasted his cum before and he said no. The conversation drifted away from the hypnosis to my sore ass. Robert was almost excited over the idea that I had been fucked in the ass and Charlie said he was so in wonder over how I really took to getting fucked in the ass and was able to take his cock up it so well. Both Robert and Willy were grinning so much I think their faces would crack, at least I was safe with Charlie.


I dove into the lake and the water felt great. I swam a ways out and then turned around and returned to the boat because those guys weren’t coming in and I didn’t want to swim alone and I had the thought that they might leave me in the lake naked. I got back on the boat and the three of them were looking at me like I was a side of beef and they were starving. We went back to the motel and went straight to the hot spring for a soak. The hot water felt so good after the cold lake water. I closed my eyes and took a deep breath listening to the background music and thinking that I must be gay because of what I have been doing lately and especially after last night and the way I took to Charlie fucking me. It felt so good and right and if that meant I was gay than I was gay, and I woke up with Robert shaking me and telling me to wake up. His cock was hard and it kept hitting my arm, I pretended I didn’t notice and was saying something like ”I must have dosed off for a second or two” Robert said I had slept for about 15 minutes and I needed to get out of the hot water or I would end up like the frog in the pot. We got back to the room and Willy said we should clean the fish while Robert set up Charley’s phone for the hypno files. I went with Willy and we cleaned fish, but Willy was so interested in my adventure last night. I told him Charlie was a good guy and Willy said that he seemed like a nice guy, I agreed. Willie showed me his hard cock and practically put it in my hand and I took it and began to squeeze and stroke it. He stopped me and guided me into the bed and touched my cock. That was all it took and that next thing I knew he was greasing up my hole and I let him work the head of his cock into my ass and he got it in and started to pump and I came about 10 seconds later he swelled and came in me.


Willy couldn’t believe he had ejaculated so fast and was sorry he came so fast, I was sorry he didn’t get to really fuck me good. Robert burst into the room and was so excited because he had Charlie listening to the files. Willy and I must have looked guilty and Robert stopped and gave us a silly look. He said “you, you guys have been fucking, haven’t you?”. He came over to the bed took off his robe and got into the bed with a huge boner. I think the idea of fucking me was turning him on. I said that I needed to get back to my room and Robert said that I didn’t need to do any such thing because Charlie was in another world. He smeared Ky on his cock and my ass all the while telling me that I didn’t know the true meaning of being fucked until I got fucked by a real man with a real cock. I was scared and already sore from last night and Willy had already added to my soreness. He grabbed me and started to line up his cock on my hole and was telling how much I was going to love his cock teaching me the way of the cock. He got the head in and I was at the breaking point. He was really gentle with me and slowly started to slide in and out, a little in and a little out, each time a little farther each time and before I knew it I was completely impaled by his huge cock. Robert yelled “oh my God” and started to spasm and gave me several crazy pumps. He was cumming in me and it was over before it had really started. He prematurely ejaculated and his eyes had rolled up and I think he had one of the best ejaculations of his life. After he shrank down and slipped out he laid next to me and held me and started to kiss and lick my neck and ears just like Charlie had done. He started to suck my neck and Willy took notice and started to lick and suck on my neck on the other side. I was getting sucker bites from both sides at the same time. They came around and up to my mouth and took turns kissing me and sticking their tongues in my mouth. While one was kissing me the other would suck on my nipples. They traded back on forth and I was being double tag teamed and loved the complete helplessness. I couldn’t believe this was happening to me and I actually got hard again and all of a sudden Robert noticed and took care of my dick.


Willy was first to recover and had a nice boner. He lubed it up and got the head in my ass, I was exhausted but wanted him t fuck me and he did. I kept lifting and pushing my butt at him and he got me completely impaled on his cock and started to fuck me with strong thrusts and he quickly swelled up and blew his wad into my ass. Robert took his place and had his cock in me so fast that I didn’t even notice the switch; He started to give me really nice strong thrusts with his hips smashing into my butt and after about a whole minute he too swelled up and blew his wad into me. I was wishing they would last longer and really fuck me like Charlie had, he had ridden me like a Alpha male and treated my like the bitch I was truly becoming. Willy was sleeping and Robert looked to be about to sleep and I gave his cock a few cleaning sucks and licks and moved over to Willy and sucked and licked him clean too. I was able to collect some drippings that was slowly leaking out of my ass slurped it down feeling so content and happy that I had three cocks to fuck me.


I was pleasantly surprised that I hadn’t been ripped apart and wasn’t as sore as I should have been. Maybe the hot spring and drinking water was working yet another miracle. I put on my robe and quietly slipped out the door and went over to the hot spring thinking the the water would be so much better then just a regular shower to clean up. I wasn’t in the shower more then 2 minutes and Eddy came in. He asked why I was alone and I told him everyone was taking a after fishing nap. He then asked if I was getting along with Charlie and I told him we were getting along really really good. He smiled and said that he figured I would get along with Charlie and smiled a knowing smile and said I had a bunch of sucker bites on my neck. I just said that he liked to snuggle and I guess he got a little carried away. Eddy said that I seemed to be walking a little funny and understood, to which I commented that actually we had a good time was glad that he was my room mate. Eddy was in the water and all I could do was admire his cock. He came over to me and I took hold of that monster piece of meat and was in awe as to his incredible size. I bent over and started to lick and suck the head. After a minute or two he got out and got a tube of KY and I knew what was going to happen next. He lubed up and put some on my ass and was explaining to me how I needed to relax and try to be as loosey goosey as I could be. He lined up on me and so gently started to add pressure and I worked really hard at relaxing my butt muscles thinking that if this worked he was going to give me the treat of a lifetime. The head of his cock was in my hole and i felt totally stuffed and stretched to the breaking point and I loved it. Slowly, ever so slowly I could feel him going deeper and deeper into my ass. I had so many mixed feelings, he hit spots that made me almost pass out and the fullness I was experiencing was beyond explanation, it all felt so good and right. He kept talking into my ear and telling me, helping me, guiding me to a fantastic fucking. He was sliding in and out, filling me completely and fully impaling me and all I could do was encourage him to fuck me harder and harder. My God he was pounding me and I was delirious and loving this guy and his monster tool finally he swelled to a point where I thought I would be ripped apart and he came and came and was telling me strange things about being a true bitch and my burning need to please cocks. I felt like the world was right and I wanted cocks, big hard cocks and Eddy’s cock was the master cock of all cocks, I felt so small and humble, but was so happy to have had the privilege to service and receive his cock. Eddy was special and I knew it.


I got back in the waters and let the heat caress and heal my aches and soreness. Eddy relaxed with me for a while and held me and told me I would always have a special place with him and he kissed me like no other. He totally took over me and I felt like he planted a piece of him into me and I was delighted and felt right. It nearly killed me to see him leave and I knew this wasn’t the last time I would be mastered by him. I got out of the spring and went to my room and slipped into the bed and was asleep instantly. I woke to Charlie slowly and I mean slowly fucking me with long slow strokes and as soon as I woke up and pushed back on his cock I came and came and he pumped, swelled up and came too. I was quietly scooping up my cum and then I sucked on his cock and got some last drops of his love juices. He had his arms around me again and was kissing my neck and ear and then he was in my mouth and we both kissed each other laying there naked, mouth to mouth, stomach to stomach, cock to cock and legs hooking us even more together. We were so happy and content laying there and I got my lips on to his neck and he pushed me away and told me that he wasn’t a bitch and that I was a bitch and I got fucked and sucker bites. I understood and wasn’t going to make that mistake again. He was my Alpha and that was that.


I woke to the smell of the BBQ and figured I’d get a quick snack and started to suck Charlie’s cock. He didn’t last to long and I soon had my snack. I put on my robe and went out to the BBQ carrying a nice ice cold bottle of water. Strangely both Robert and Willy ignored me until Robert said “bout time, now you can cook these fish correctly” I took a sip of water and took the spatula and tended to the fish, strangely happy with my subservient position. Eddy came by and had a nice piece of fish, I was checking out his cock outline and had a feeling I wanted to suck and fuck with it some more. He said that he understood that we had been playing with hypno files and we all nodded our heads and he said that since we liked hypnosis he had a really really good play list and if we wanted we could all listen to it tonight. Willy asked what was it about, and he smiled and said that it was his favorite and thought it was exactly what we all needed to spice up our week and walked off saying he would program it into the motels music system. We all started to try and guess what he had in mind. I didn’t care because anything Eddy wanted was okay with me and I couldn’t wait to go to bed get programmed by Eddy.


We all agreed that it was risky, Eddy was a nice guy and he had the water. I told them I was game for whatever Eddy wanted and Robert just said that I was in love with Eddy’s big cock and I couldn’t disagree with him. He said that Eddy should make me a total wimpy sissy complete with makeup and nails and a tiny weeny.




 end - part II


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