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by Stigg101

Chapter 1

Emma often wished her girlfriend, Mia, would be just a little bit more jealous.

Not too jealous. Not crazy jealous. Just a little bit jealous. She knew jealousy could poison relationships, but Emma had always thought that getting a little annoyed when your girlfriend flirted with someone else was a way of showing you really cared. When Mia never reacted with more than a shrug or a smile, it made Emma slightly anxious. Did Mia not care about her enough to mind the idea of Emma cheating on her? Emma told herself that wasn't true, but she couldn't help thinking it would be nice if just once, she got a rise out of her beautiful girlfriend.

"Hey Mia," Emma said to her girlfriend, who was lounging at the other end of their couch, staring at her phone.

"What is it, love?" Mia replied absently, while toying with her silky, jet-black, waist-length hair.

"That barista was there again, when I was getting my coffee this morning."

"Which barista? The cute one?"

"Yeah." Emma starting tugging on her braid, as she often did when annoyed. "And I think she was flirting with me."

"Really?" Mia still didn't look up.

"Yeah. She remembered my name, and when she handed me my coffee she flashed me this really sexy smile. She's definitely a lesbian. I can always tell." Mia still didn't react, so Emma decided to dial it up. "To be honest, I got kinda flustered. She's just so hot. She's got this really cute pixie cut, and it so does it for me. I had to resist the temptation to ask her for her number."

"Why didn't you?" Mia asked. Emma tugged her braid again.

"Because of you, obviously." Emma sighed. She loved her girlfriend. Mia was so beautiful. She had the pure white skin of an angel, and these huge, wide eyes that Emma could just get lost in, but at times like this she could be completely oblivious. "Wouldn't you be mad if I was flirting with other girls behind your back?"

"Not really." Mia finally looked up, but only to give Emma a happy smile. "I know you'd never do anything to hurt me. I love you."

"I love you too, babe," Emma replied automatically. Why couldn't Mia get just a little tiny bit jealous, just this once? It was so infuriating. As Emma brooded, an idea came to her. It was idea that she'd considered before, but she'd always put it out of her mind because it seemed much too far fetched and manipulative. Now, though, she was frustrated enough to give it a shot. She checked herself in her mirror, fixing her flame-red hair and practising her most innocent look. "Hey Mia," she began. "Why don't we listen to one of your relaxation tapes?"

"Really?" Mia seemed surprised. "I thought you hated those."

Emma did. They were just so bland, all whale songs, seaside sounds and generic, soothing singing. Mia listened to them all the time, and it always got on Emma's nerves.

"Normally. But I've been feeling a bit stressed lately, and I was thinking it might be a nice way to relax."

"OK, I'll put one on then." Mia reached for the remote control to their stereo, and hit play. Immediately, smooth, melodious singing emerged from the speakers. Emma could see Mia's eyelids already start to droop. Perfect.

"Come here," Emma beckoned, managing to keep the excitement out of her voice. "I wanna cuddle."

Wordlessly, Mia put away her phone and crawled across the couch, curling up next to Emma as the little spoon. Emma put her arms around Mia comfortingly, and waited. She'd observed Mia listening to her relaxation tapes dozens of times, and it was always the same. Within minutes, they sent Mia right to sleep. Well, almost to sleep. Mia usually ended up in a strange, unresponsive state that reminded Emma of the hypnotic subjects she'd seen in stage hypnosis shows and corny Saturday morning cartoons. That connection had prompted Emma to wonder: could she give Mia post-hypnotic suggestions? Could she change her girlfriend's thoughts and feelings? The prospect was incredibly tempting. Who didn't want to change just one or two things about their partner? And now, she decided, she was going to try it.

She waited for several minutes, until Mia's eyes closed almost completely and her head lolled to one side. Then she waited another couple of minutes, until she was absolutely sure Mia was in a trance. She gave Mia a tentative prod. A faint murmur was her only response. Emma took a deep breath.

"Mia? Can you hear me?"

"Mmmm." Mia's weak, affirmative groan was all Emma needed to hear.

"Great. Are you feeling relaxed?"

"So relaxed," Mia said sleepily.

"That's right, so relaxed." Emma found her heart was beating faster. She hadn't really planned out what she was going to say, so she did her best to copy the sort of spiel stage hypnotists usually gave. "And no matter what happens, no matter what I say, you're going to stay completely and utterly relaxed. OK?"

"OK..." Mia sounded completely out of it, but she seemed to be following what Emma was saying.

"Brilliant. You're doing great." Emma stroked her fingertips along the curve of Mia's neck, just how her girlfriend liked. Mia made an appreciative sound and nuzzled against Emma's hand. Emma found herself grinning. "I'm your girlfriend, aren't I?"

"Of course." Mia giggled, sounding slightly drunk.

"And that means you trust me, don't you?"

"Of course I trust you." Mia snuggled against Emma even closer.

"Good. And so you know I'd never lie to you, don't you?"

"Never lie to me," Mia half-repeated.

"That's right, I'd never lie to you. That means, if I tell you something, it has to be the truth, doesn't it?"

"It does?" Mia's brow furrowed; she seemed to be having trouble with that thought. Emma waited with bated breath, and was sure she'd failed until Mia finally relaxed. "Yeah, it does."

"That's right." Emma swallowed. For some reason, seeing her girlfriend in this state was turning her on. "Say that again for me, Mia. If I tell you something, it has to be truth."

"If you tell me something, it has to be the truth."

"Anything I tell you is the truth."

"Anything you tell me is the truth." Emma made her repeat it a few more times, until she was sure the idea had sunk in. It had to, if this was going to work.

"That's great," Emma said, after a few repetitions. "You're doing so well, Mia. So well."

"So well," Mia whispered dreamily.

"That's right. But now, I'm going to tell you a few things about yourself. Things that you might not have realised until now. They might sound strange and wrong at first, but just remember, I'm your girlfriend and you trust me. And what does that mean?"

"Anything you tell me is the truth," Mia intoned. Emma grinned.

"Exactly. So you'll believe what I tell you. Every word. No matter how strange it seems. You'll remember what I tell you, deep down in your subconscious, and you'll know it's all true, even after you wake up. OK? Promise me you'll remember and believe?"

"I... I promise." Emma sensed a bit of hesitation on Mia's part.

"Do you promise you'll try really hard?"

Mia seemed more comfortable with that idea. "I'll try. Promise."

"Perfect." Emma took a deep breath. "Mia. You love me. You love your girlfriend."

"I love my girlfriend," Mia repeated immediately, with a smile on her face.

"You love your girlfriend," Emma said, wanting Mia to repeat it again simply because it was nice to hear.

"I love my girlfriend."

"You would hate to lose me. It would devastate you."

"I would hate to lose you. It would devastate me."

"Thinking about losing me makes you anxious and sad." Emma had already planned out how she was going to implant this idea into Mia's mind.

"Thinking about losing me makes you anxious and sad." There was no hesitation in Mia's voice, but her smile vanished and was replaced by an uneasy frown.

"OK. What do you feel when you see me looking at other women?"

To Emma's surprise, Mia relaxed. "Nothing," she answered.

"Nothing?" Emma hadn't expected that. She'd hoped planting the idea of losing her would be enough to stimulate some kind of response, even if it was just a glimmer, but clearly not. "Why nothing?"

"I trust you," Mia said simply. "I know you'd never betray me."

Emma pursed her lips. She decided to try a direct approach. "No," she said, keeping her voice soft but insistent. She knew it seemed absurd that she was hypnotising her girlfriend to make her rust her less, but for some reason she needed this. "That's not right. When you see me looking at other other women, or when you see other women flirting with me, you worry you might lose me."

"I... I do?" Mia sounded conflicted.

"Remember, I'm your girlfriend," Emma prompted. "You love me. You trust me. Anything I tell you is the truth. Right?"

"Right," replied Mia, but she didn't sound very convinced.

"When you see other women flirting with me, you feel sad and anxious," Emma insisted. This time, Mia didn't respond at all. She pressed harder. "Say it for me, Mia."

Mia still didn't respond. To Emma's alarm, her forehead wrinkled, her eyelids started to twitch and her head shook slightly from side to side. She was about to wake up. Desperate not to see her efforts ruined, Emma put her lips right to Mia's ear and adopted the most soothing voice she could.

"Shh," she whispered. "No thinking, no worrying. Just listen to the music, Mia. Let the music send you back down."

After a few nerve-wracking seconds, Mia relaxed again. Emma released a breath she hadn't realised she'd been holding. This wasn't working. Even though Mia had agreed she trusted her, it seemed simply telling her to be jealous wouldn't work. Emma thought long and hard, trying to come up with a new strategy. Eventually, she hit upon an idea that seemed promising.

"Mia," Emma began. "Remember Abigail." Abigail was Mia's ex-girlfriend. They'd broken up shortly before she and Emma had started going out. Emma understood that it had been Abigail's decision, but that they'd parted fairly amicably. Perhaps she could alter that just a little. "Remember how your relationship with her ended. Why did she break up with you?"

"Because... we just weren't right for each other," Mia answered. "It would never have worked out in the long-term." Mia's face now wore a sad expression. Emma's heart went out to her. She hated the idea of forcing her precious girlfriend to re-live painful memories. But she was too intoxicated by her power over Mia to stop now.

"Yes. That's what she told you, isn't it?" Mia nodded. "Think back, to just before you broke up. Did you ever see her staring at other women?"

"I don't remember," Mia replied. Emma smiled. Perfect. Mia was clearly sure she trusted Emma, so Emma needed to exploit something her girlfriend wasn't so sure about.

"Are you sure?" she questioned. "Are you sure you don't remember? Are you absolutely sure she didn't look at other women? Not even once?"

"I... I'm not sure." Of course she wasn't. Who could be absolutely sure about something like that? It had been more than a year ago. Emma felt increasingly confident this was going to work. She just needed to keep it small, keep it to something easily forgotten.

"I think you do remember, Mia," Emma pressed. "Maybe there was one night, when you went out to a bar together. Maybe there was a girl sitting just along from you. She was gorgeous. Abigail couldn't stop looking at her. She looked at her more than she looked at you. You could tell Abigail wanted her. You could tell she was thinking about sleeping with her."

"No..." Mia whispered, but Emma could tell she wasn't certain anymore.

"Yes. You forgot until now. It's easy to forget a look, isn't it? But a single look can communicate so many things. Especially lust. Now you remember, don't you? When I describe it to you like this, it's so easy to picture in your mind. You remember Abigail looking lustfully at another woman."

"I... m-maybe." Emma grinned triumphantly. Who wouldn't have doubts about their ex, after a breakup? All Emma needed to do was breed a few small memories out of those doubts, and inflame uncertainty into fear.

"It wasn't just one woman, though, was it?" Emma kept pummelling Mia with questions and statements, trying to overwhelm her tired mind. "It was every woman. Every beautiful woman you say when you were with her, whether you were at the gym, or at a bar, or even just out shopping. You remember it now, don't you? The way she stared at them."

"I remember." With a tone of horrified acceptance, Mia's voice sounded even emptier than before.

"Have you ever wondered if that's why Abigail broke up with you? For those other women?"

"No... she said... we just weren't right."

"Of course she would say that. She wanted to protect your feeling. But you must have had doubts." Emma knew Mia had doubts; she'd confided that to her. "Maybe some other woman seduced her, or she seduced them. Isn't that more likely? After all, you loved her. How could she believe you weren't right for her? Don't you think that sounds ridiculous?"

Mia didn't reply, but the look of terrible sadness on her face told Emma she was winning. She was vaguely aware of how mean-spirited her words were, but she didn't care. Her body was in heat. She was drunk on the feeling of bending Mia's mind to her will. She'd never had that kind of power over another person before. She loved it. It was incredibly arousing. It was addictive. She couldn't stop now, even if she wanted to.

"Mia," Emma said slowly. "How do you feel when you see other women flirt with me?"

"Worried," came Mia's answer, eventually. It sent a thrill through Emma's body.

"Yes, that's right. What are you worried about?"

"I'm worried I might lose you." Perfect. This was exactly what Emma had wanted.

"Yes. And you would hate to lose me. It would devastate you."

"I would hate to lose you. It would devastate me." Emma could see the words sinking into Mia's subconscious.

"And what would you do to avoid feeling that way?" Emma's heart beat faster and faster as she spoke.

"I'd do anything." The firm conviction in Mia's voice took Emma by surprise.

"Anything? Are you absolutely sure?"

"Anything. Anything in the world." Mia's voice was filled with an almost religious fervour. Emma's mind was on fire. This had worked better than she'd hoped. Now, she just had to wake up Mia and see whether or not her hypnotic suggestions had an effect on her conscious mind. She reached over and turned the relaxation tape off. Immediately, Mia started to rouse herself. Feeling impatient, Emma gave her girlfriend a small prod to help her come to her senses. Mia opened her eyes, looked round at Emma sleepily, and gave her a strange smile.

"Hey you." Mia yawned. "I'm sorry, I guess I was really out of it there. Those tapes always do that to me. What were we talking about?"

"Don't you remember?" asked Emma carefully. "I was just telling you about that girl from the coffee shop. The cute one." At those words, Emma saw an angry flame ignite in Mia's eyes, and she knew she'd won.

"Go on," said Mia, in a tone of warning Emma chose to ignore.

"Well, like I said, she's just so cute." Emma saw Mia twitch, and smiled inwardly. "And she's really good at flirting. The way she looks me whenever I order coffee is pretty fun. I think I might have a shot with her. If I wasn't with you, I mean," she added, as if it was an afterthought.

"I see," Mia said flatly. "Is that the kind of thing you think about, when I'm not around?"

"I guess so." Emma twirled her braided hair with one finger, feigning innocence. "It's just a fun thing to imagine, you know?"

To Emma's complete surprise, Mia sprung into movement with the swiftness of a coiled snake. Before Emma knew what was happening, Mia had flipped herself over and thrown one leg over Emma's body, straddling her. Emma felt her girlfriend's weight settle on her hips, ensuring she couldn't get away. This is amazing, she thought. Mia bent her face close to Emma's, her midnight-black hair falling around her face.

"You know you're mine, don't you?" Mia asked. The question gave Emma chills. This was exactly what she'd wanted.

"Do I?" she responded, slyly. Mia looked angry.

"Clearly you need to be reminded," she growled. Emma was about to offer another bratty retort to see how far she could push Mia, when she felt her girlfriend forcefully shove one of her hands down her skirt, almost ripping it in the process. Mia pulled her panties to one side, and roughly thrust two of her fingers into Emma's pussy. There was no tenderness, no foreplay—not that it was necessary. Emma's panties were already soaked through with wetness just from the excitement of hypnotising Mia. But Mia didn't know that. "Is that why you're so wet?" she demanded. "Because of her? Because of that coffee shop slut?"

"No..." Emma whimpered. Seeing her girlfriend like this was driving her crazy. She'd never believed Mia could be so aggressive.

"You're lying!" Mia snarled. Emma was amazed at the complete transformation that had come over her. "I swear, I'm not going to lose you to her. I need to show you I'm the only one who can make you feel this good."

Mia pressed her fingers into Emma as far as she could, burying them right to the hilt. Emma's whole body went limp. When Mia curled her fingers to stimulate Emma's G-spot, she felt her own hands clawing weakly against Mia's hips. Mia knew exactly where to touch her, and exactly how to turn her into a weak, wet puddle of arousal and need. She was right; she was the only one who could make Emma feel this amazing.

"Please..." Emma begged, even though she wasn't sure what she was begging for.

"You see? I'm the only one for you. Only me. Don't look at anyone else but me." As much as anything else, Mia's expression was filled with anger and desperation. Her eyes were abnormally wide, stretched into dark pools that Emma couldn't look away from.

"Mmmmm, yes." It was the only thing Emma could manage to say, in her present state. How could she say 'no' to her girlfriend when she was like this? She wanted nothing more than for Mia to keep dominating her. To eat her all up.

"Promise me," Mia insisted. Emma tried, but was silenced when Mia brushed her thumb against her needy clit, making her gasp and see sparks. "Promise me!"

"I... ah!" Emma let out a wild moan when, impatient for a response, Mia used her free hand to claw at Emma's clothed tits, sending a fresh rush of pleasure through her. "I promise!"

Mia smiled, and relaxed a little. "Good. My good girl." Emma shivered. Mia had never called her that before. She liked it. The smile was robbed from her face, though, when Mia removed her fingers from Emma's pussy when she was still simmering toward orgasm. "What?" Mia asked, noting Emma's dismayed expression. "You've been naughty. Don't think I'm going to let you cum after that. At least... not until you've proved your devotion."

As she spoke, Mia slipped out of her tight jeans and shucked off her panties. Emma immediately understood what was going to happen, and she grinned from ear to ear. Mia clambered further up Emma's body until she was squatting over her head. Mia looked down at Emma with a crooked smile as she lowered herself down onto Emma's face.

"Lick," she commanded.

Emma excitedly dove into Mia's cunt, taking to her task with great fervour. Truthfully, even though she was disappointed Mia hadn't made her cum, she enjoyed giving pleasure as much as she enjoyed getting it. Mia's muffled moans, coming from above her, were music to her ears. They resonated with Emma's body, sending waves of delicious pleasure running through her. She wrapped her arms around Mia's thighs, pulling her girlfriend in close so she could really bury her tongue in her cunt. Emma loved everything about giving her girlfriend head, not least the way she could feel her juices pooling on her face, leaving her slick and smelling of sex. It was bliss.


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