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Female Feet Curse

by mixtapemax

Chapter 1

Hello deary,Welcome back to my file *giggle*If you've been here before, you know what to doIf not, then just sit back, and relax for meBreath nice and slow for meGood boynice and deepnow do it with mein... and outin... and outin... and outin and hold.. outin and hold.... outin and hold...... outGood boynow, in a few moments, you'll feel a nice warm sensation going upwards through your body, starting at your toesfeel it enter your toes now, causing them to wigglethe more they wiggle, the more they relaxthe more they relax, the less they wiggleuntil eventually they stop wiggling good boynow feel the sensation spread through your bodyeasing all your muscles... relaxing them as much as your toes are relaxed right now...at rest, just for now...now, I'm going to tell you a secrete... my words are like bondage to youhypnotic bondagebecause you feel so relaxed right now, don't you?and you want to continue feeling relaxed, right?don't worry, this is only for a little whilebut just to be sure you don't try anything funny, I'll leave something by your feetyou can feel the soft whispy sensation as I place it by your feet, maybe you let out a tiny giggle.that's right, dearie. It's a few feathers.any time that you resist my words, strugling in my bondage, you'll begin to feel the feathers as you move your feet back and forthcreating an unbarably ticklish sensationnow, let's get back to the lesson, shall we?good boyNow, you feel the sensation now, don't you?relaxing your legsrelaxing your lungsslowing the heart to a good calm pulsemassaging your sholderstingling your fingersand then up, past your neck, your eyes already so heavyit seeps into your mindmessaging itsoothing itmaking it feel so relaxedyour mind has been working so hard all dayit just needs a vacationa time to relaxa time to not thinkin a few moments, I'm going to count from 10 to 0with each number, you'll find yourself going deeper and deeperand when I reach 0you'll find yourself deeper than you've ever thought possible10 feeling so good9 feeling so relaxed8 you like to feel so relaxed7 because it makes you feel so good6 and because it makes you feel so good5 you become more relaxed4 which just makes you feel better and better3 down down down, deeper and deeper down the endless spiral of my words, of endless relaxation2 of course, there is an end point in sight, and you already know, that to get to this point, we just need to take 1 last step0 SLEEP...good boy, you're now in trance, opening your mind for meyou'll find that any thoughts that are possible still there will finish up what they're doing, and then leavethey are not important right nowwhat is important, is that you listen to megood boyyou like to be called a good boy, don't you?yes, so be a good boy for me, darling, and listen to my words*giggle* now, let's see, where to beginFirst, women are your idolesdeities to be worshoped by your handsfrom their heads, down to their toesyou love them, don't you?they get you so hot under the collor of their controlyou can imagine them kissing your on the cheek... or on the lips *giggles*or, maybe you'll return the favor, worshoping their beautycourse, this goes into your second lesson, what's the best way to worshop a woman?well, what do they tend to talk about a lot? their makeup, their hair.... ooo, their clothes, that's something.which part about their clothes? the shirt?... no... the pants?... not usually,oh? what's that? their shoes? oh my, yes. they loooove their shoesnow, I wonder why that is.is it because they love how the shoes look, maybe.but I think we better think about why the shoes are there... is it just decoration?or, is it protecting the true beauty of the female bodythat's right, I'm talking about their feet.their seculent arches,the balls of their feetthe cute little toesiesmakes you just want to take a lick, don't you think?after a long day, a woman's foot is sure to be a little sore...don't you think it's nice to worshop her feet a little?lick her sole, suck on her toes, massage the ball of her foot?after all, you want to be a good boy for her, don't you?letting her know how much you appreciate her presense?good boynow, that's all I can teach you for now, but let me remind you of something important...first, those feathers by your feet aren't leaving any time soon, oh no.They'll continue to be there long after I leave you.You see, they've heard everything I said, just like your subconscious...If at any point, you begin to even consider disobeying my wishes and going against my lessons, you'll begin to get the tickling of your lifehehe, let's test it for a second, shall we.I'll just slowly tease your left foot's arch... going up and down.. up and down... left and right... left and right... all around... heheaww, were you giggling? let's check the right foot, sawing between each toe... back and forth, back and forth, next toe down, back and forth, all the way down, back and forthdoesn't that feel good? *giggles* so, if you know what's good for you, you won't even think of disobeying, will you?good boy.now, you'll be a good boy and listen to this daily, won't you?I'll understand if you don't always have the time, but if you keep putting me off, my feathers will start to get impacient. hehe.now, be good my good boy, and I'll see you later.when you're ready to leave trance, wake up at your own pace or go to sleep if you're all ready and in bed... laters.


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