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Two Dicks

by batui4

Chapter 1

Jeff was a normal guy … no scratch that, he wasn’t a normal guy, he had a bit of a defect. He never told anyone about it either. He grew up at an orphanage and the only one who knew about his condition was the doctor he visited sometimes. However, his condition was driving him nuts and to make things worse, he was starting high school. 

Jeff had a lot of stamina, maybe it was a caused by the genetic defect or maybe it was just there, he didn’t know, but he did have the stamina. So to stop himself from … doing something bad, he forced himself to work manual labor along with joining the track team. He wanted to make sure that he was busy and exhausted all the time. He didn’t want to have the luxury of looking at hot girls because he knew it would cause a problem. 

So for his first year in high school, he was a zombie; he talked to no one, made contact with no one and 
avoided girls as much as possible. However, things couldn’t stay like that. He needed to let go. 10th grade came around and because of all the physical activity he was involved in, he was very fit. He had almost no fat on his body. He wasn’t big and muscular, but he was strong and fit. 

Jeff was about 6’ so he was very much noticeable regardless of how much he tried to hide. “Alright, settle 
down. We have an exciting class today that all of you will want to pay attention to.” The younger hot teacher said with a smirk. Her name was Jennifer and she was adored by most males. She had a nice proportional body and she wore the right clothes to show it off. 

Jeff expected this and he wanted to get out of the class. Obviously he couldn’t just walk out, so he did the next best thing, he put earbuds in his ear and lay down on his desk and fell asleep. He was tired enough for it. Obviously the subject couldn’t be covered in one day and for about a week, he had to sleep every time to avoid listening or watching a hot teacher talk about sex. 

“Jeff, wake up.” Jenny said and Jeff slowly stirred and looked up. He quickly looked away from her body and looked at the empty classroom. “Jeff, what’s going on? You’ve been sleeping in my class all week?” 
“Don’t worry about it.” Jeff said putting his book/pillow back in his backpack. 
“I do worry about it, you’re my student.” 
“I know what I’m doing.” 
“Do you now? Do you know that this material will be on the test?” 
“I expected it.” 
“Jeff, come on tell me what’s the problem, I’m pretty sure I’ve been through it already.” 

Jeff smiled and struggled not to burst out laughing. “I doubt you’ve been through this.” He finally managed to say. 
“If not, then I’ve at least heard about it and know something that might help you.” 
“No I doubt that too.” 
“Fine, how about a bet?” She said and Jeff finally looked her in the eye. He was already close to losing it. 

She was too close for comfort and he could smell her nice smell, whatever it was. He remained seated to avoid being found out. “What bet?” 
“If I can guess what’s bothering you, you’ll have to listen to me and stay awake in my class?” 
“How about I make it easier for you, if you’ve even heard of this situation, I’ll stay awake and listen to your solution.” 
“Ok.” She smiled and was about to speak but Jeff put up a hand. “But, if you’ve never even heard of this, you’ll be mine for two hours.” The look in his eyes explained what he meant and for the first time Jenny blushed and tried to look away. 

“That’s a very nice look on your face Jenny.” Jeff said with a smile. He was happy that he wasn’t the only one under stress at the moment. “Um, Jeff I’m your teacher we…” 
“Save it. I don’t care about the speech, if you want to help and you think you know enough to help, then you should be willing to risk something for me just like I’m risking a lot by trusting you.” Jeff cut her off.

Jenny stood up and paced around for a minute. Jeff was struggling not to watch her body’s movement. She was wearing jeans and t-shirt which obviously were too tight. Jeff looked out the small window and saw the clear sky outside and wished he was somewhere else away from all this stress. 

“Ok, I’m in.” Jeff heard and turned to see the resolute face looking at him. 
“Ok, go ahead, make a guess.” 
“Girl trouble.” 
“Not really, but its related. Guess again.” 
“Ok, sexual trouble.” 
“Again, close but not on the mark.” 
“Ok, medical condition?” She asked obviously worried that she might be offending him. 
“Um… small.” She whispered the word. Jeff burst out laughing. “No, I’m not too small.” Jenny blushed. 

“No, I’m a virgin.” 
“Oh…” She was obviously lost by now. 
“Boy trouble?” She said and Jeff looked hurt. 
“No, I’m not gay.” 
“Sorry, I just wanted to make sure, because you kind off avoid looking at me most of the time.” 
“Well, yes, It’s kind of hard sitting here and trying to learn with a hard-on.” She blushed harder at that and turned around to pace some more. 

“Genetic defect?” 
“I guess you can call it that.” 
“Are you perhaps too big?” 
“I’m bigger than average, but that’s not the problem.” Her face was very red now. 
“Are you missing something?” 
“Do you have a vagina too?” 
“No. gross.” 
“Fine, I give up, what is it?” 
“Take my pants off and you’ll find out.” Jeff said standing up and moving away from the crammed desks. He stood in front of her desk and waited. She moved to stand in front of him but not before making sure the door is locked and the shades are down. 

She stood in front of him and looked him in the eyes. She’s not that experienced either? Jeff thought noticing the blush on her face. However, after a few seconds hesitation, she dropped to her knees in front of him and pulled down his pants and shorts. The look of shock on her face was priceless. “Impossible.” She whispered as she used both her hands to grab both his dicks. 

“Is this real?” She asked quietly without looking up. Jeff guessed that she was trying to verify it for herself. He did have two dicks, three balls. He made his own special underwears to avoid skin problems, especially when he runs. She stroked his dicks a few times marveling at the size and girth of both of them. 

Obviously she was still in disbelief and still wanted to make sure that they’re both real. “This is not a joke right?” 
“Nope, this is me. I’m born this way.” Jeff explained with difficulty, he wanted to blow his load on her face already. She was moving her hand slowly stroking one while just holding on to the 
other. Then she started stroking the other to verify that it was real too. They were both fairly hard. He was obviously excited that a female was touching him instead of him jacking off. 

“So, why don’t you put one in your mouth?” Jeff suggested and she looked up at him with a hurt expression. “What?” He asked. 
“That’s demeaning.” 
“Only if you think of it that way. Wouldn’t you want the guy to go down on you too?” She hesitated before nodding with a blush. She moved her head closer and took the top dick in her mouth while holding the other with one hand a bit lower. 

Jeff was having a hard time not blowing his load instantly. She wasn’t experienced and she was taking her time tasting and adjusting to the foreign object in her mouth. However, the fact that she was sucking him off in the first place and the visual he was getting was amazing. She had her lips wrapped around his dick and she was moving her head slowly back and forth playing with his lower head. His second dick was just held in hand with no movement, obviously he didn’t mind. 

Slowly he gathered enough courage to put his hand on her head and slowly guide her movement. She wasn’t resisting to his complete and utter shock, so he moved her head down further forcing more of his dick in her mouth. Now she started struggling. His dick was obviously big, so he was hitting her throat very quickly. She let go of the other dick and pushed a little against his thighs with both hands. “Slow down.” She said after he let her go with a hurt expression. 

She was breathing a bit hard. 
“It’s… ok. Get the chair and take off your pants.” She waited on her 

knees until he brought her chair over, took off his pants and sat down. She was about to continue, “Um, could… could you take off your t-shirt?” He asked hesitantly. She blushed a bit more but did what he asked. Jeff was staring pretty hard as her bra came into sight. It was a plain conservative bra, but still, it was his first time being this close to a hot almost topless girl, even if she was his teacher. 

She sat there with her bra and started moving closer to his dick, “Um, c… can I take off your bra?” She turned even redder and after a short hesitation, she nodded. He leaned over her head and found the bra strap. He struggled with it for a while until finally he figured it out. He slowly pulled the bra off to reveal a very nice set of breasts. 
“May I?” He asked moving his hands closer to her breasts. She was very red but there was small smile on her lips as she nodded. 

He moved both hands and grabbed her breasts gently. She was pushing out her chest giving him better access. Jeff was ecstatic feeling those perfect breasts and squeezing them lightly. He smiled when he heard a moan escape her lips. After a few minutes, “Ok, enough of that. I want to make sure those are real. Do they both um ejaculate?” 

She looked skeptical but leaned down and took the top dick in her mouth then pulled it out and took the other. She alternated a few times before taking the top one back in her mouth and moving down deeper. “Do you like that more?” He nodded and she smiled before returning to choking on his dick. Jeff gripped the chair harder. 

“I’m close. Speed up please and grip harder with your hands.” He said with a struggle. She did like he said and in seconds, one dick was dumping her mouth, the other was spraying her neck and breasts. 

Jeff was in heaven for a few seconds, Jenny was still licking him clean while her other hand was touching the liquid on her breast and looking at it. After a few more seconds, she took the dick out of her mouth and took a few seconds to swallow what was in her mouth. To Jeff’s amazement, she started scooping up what was on her body and took it into her mouth. “It’s not bad, I didn’t try it before but now that I have it’s not bad at all.” She said and Jeff’s dicks started to re-harden. 

“So, will you be able to focus in my class now?”
“Not yet. I’m no where near done.” 
“Um, Jeff, we already went too far…” 
“You lost the bet, you are mine for two hours and I’ll use you for two hours.” He said sternly and she was shocked but also happy for multiple reasons. 

“Fine what now?” She asked acting a little pissed. 
“Well, I was wondering if you’d like payback?” Her eyes grew wider in shock and she turned red before she stood up. She hesitated before sitting on her desk and laying back. Jeff struggled to get up, but finally he did. He didn’t go to her directly though, he went around and looked in the drawers until he found the wipes. He stood right behind her head so that his dicks were right next to her head as he cleaned out her body. 

To his elation, she started playing with his dicks again while he wiped the remaining cum off of her body. 
Finally, he deemed her clean; he went around the desk and stood by her legs. He looked her in the eyes first before undoing her jeans and slowly pulling them down. They were fairly snug and it took him a bit of effort to pull them off. 

Finally he stood back up and wiped some imaginary sweat with exaggerated motion. She giggled, it was the desired effect. 
“Um, Jenny, something is wrong.” He said looking at her panties. 
“What, what’s wrong?” 
“Something is leaking inside you because those panties are wet.” She kicked him lightly as she blushed hard. He moved closer and ran both hands up her thighs until he reached her fork. She was breathing a lot faster by now and the wet spot on her panties was bigger than before. 

Jeff left one hand on her thigh and the other moved up slowly to feel what’s hidden under her panties. His thumb explored slowly feeling the lack of hair and the wet lips. 
“You’re still leaking.” He commented but didn’t get punished this time. On the contrary, she moaned a few times and had to cover her mouth with her hand since her voice was getting louder. 

Finally, Jeff couldn’t wait any more and slowly grabbed her panties and slid them down. She was super red by then but he wasn’t looking at her face. He was admiring the vulnerable position she was in where she was showing him all her secrets. 

He grabbed her calves one in each hand and lifted them up in the air to give himself better access. He moved the chair and sat in it. it was perfect height for him to reach her lower lips with his lips, which is exactly what he did. He leaned in and licked her lower lips tasting her flowing fluid. Jeff let go of her legs and moved even closer. He had one hand pull back the skin to reveal her clit, the other was holding an ass cheek. 

Moans were escaping from Jenny’s lips quickly. She never experienced something so erotic and pleasurable before. She wasn’t a virgin, she had a few boyfriends, but they were all awful to say the least. Jeff took his time building up her pleasure using his tongue lips and teeth sometimes. He also used two fingers slowly to enter her very tight tunnel. 

Jenny was drooling her pleasure as she moaned over and over again. She was using both hands to cover her mouth to stop the sound from escaping but it was a bit hopeless. Jeff picked the right moment to poke her clit as his other hand touched her o-ring. She held her breath and shook hard as she had a powerful orgasm. 

Jeff continued eating her out to prolong her orgasm. She was shuddering and spasming for a while with tiny squeals of pain and pleasure escaping her lips. Finally, her orgasm subsided and she took a big breath. “That was amazing. How did you do that?” 
“Um, I was watching your reaction.” 
“You are amazing. Go ahead and put it in, I want it.” 
“One or two?” 
“Yes, you have two holes.” He said as he pushed his finger deeper in her back hole. 

She suddenly realized that he had pushed his finger in there. “Um…” 
“I’ll take my time and I’ll wait for you if you don’t want me to continue at any time, please say so.” She was obviously worried about the pain but at the same time, she wanted to try it. 
“Two.” She finally said. Jeff smiled and stood up. 

He lined up the bottom dick and slowly started to push in while holding the other one up so he could see. Jenny was struggling a little but she took a breath and relaxed. Jeff used that moment to push in the head. Jenny gasped at the intrusion and Jeff grunted at the great tight feeling. After making sure that she was still ok, 

Jeff lined up the second dick with her pussy lips and slowly pushed in there too. Jenny was feeling sensory overload. She was feeling pain and pleasure from her back hole while she was feeling pleasure from her honey pot. She snapped her head to look down when he started playing with her clit again. He was holding both dicks with one hand while the other played with her clit. She started moaning again in pain and pleasure, her clit was a bit sensitive after that last orgasm. 

True to his word, Jeff was taking his time and he waited for her to be comfortable before pushing in slowly one inch at a time. Jenny covered her mouth again as she lay back; she was enjoying whatever it was he was doing. She even enjoyed the small pain she was getting. 

Jeff noticed her pleasure on her face evident by the fresh drool escaping from her mouth. He started to push in even deeper. That pulled out a small scream of pleasure and pain. He paused, pulled out a little, then pushed back in again. She moaned her pleasure this time. He smiled and pulled out and pushed in even deeper this time. He took his time going in and out letting her get used to the foreign bodies invading her privates. 

Finally, he pushed in the last inches and bottomed out in her vagina. He looked down and saw a tiny bit more of his dick still out. He smiled and pulled out a bit. He moved back in and again he didn’t go in all the way. “You are stuffed to the brim. How does it feel?” The look of ecstasy on her face was answer enough. He pulled out a bit more and pushed in with a bit of speed. She moaned harder. 

“I’m gonna pick up some speed ok?” She nodded slightly. He smiled and started moving in and out while again holding both dicks. He was feeling the tightness of her o-ring around his lower member and it was a bit of struggle to move in and out in there. Her pussy was tight too, but it was very wet now and he was able to slide in and out without problems. 

With movement, the liquid dripped from the top hole to the bottom one and it became slightly easier to move in and out. Jeff was smiling more and more, he knew he was going to lose it soon and he wanted to blow inside her. 
“Are you on the pill?” She struggled to answer. “Yes.” 
“Can… can I shoot inside you?” 
“Don’t you dare take them out.” She threatened. Jeff smiled wider and moved faster. 

He could already feel his balls ready to dump the liquid they’ve been working hard on. So he grabbed her hips and moved faster trying to build a bigger high for himself. Obviously it worked with two dicks in tight tunnels. In seconds, he was spewing his liquid inside her. He didn’t stop his movement, his liquid was quoting her tunnels even more making it even easier to move. 

He was dumping so much liquid, he almost passed out from the intensity of his own orgasm. Finally, he calmed down a bit, but he didn’t stop moving. Surprisingly, his dicks were still hard and ready to continue. Jeff smiled and continued moving; he wanted to give her another powerful orgasm and from the looks of it, it wasn’t too far away. A few more strokes, and it was Jenny’s turn to moan and spasm because of the power orgasm. 

He drove her to further height with the continued movement. He even rubbed her clit and pinched it a few more times. Her eyes was tearing from all the pleasure she was getting. Finally, her orgasm subsided and she was back to watching him and looking him in the eyes. 

“Can… we use a different position?” 
“Doggy style?” She asked with a smile. 
“Yes.” He said quietly. He didn’t want her to feel that he was abusing her or that he was belittling her. “I’d love to try it.” She said with a smile. He pulled out slowly and helped her lower her stiff legs. She got to her feet with a struggle and looked at his dicks. To his shock, she dropped to her knees and took the dick that was in her pussy into her mouth. The other dick, she was cleaning with a wipe. 

After she cleaned the other dick properly, she swapped dicks in her mouth. She sucked him for about a minute before standing back up and bending over the desk. Jeff was in a daze as he moved up behind her. She was very wet and ready for him. He struggled to put it in her back hole again since it kind of closed up, but he took his time easing his way in. Finally, he had both dicks in her. To her shock, he grabbed her by the hips and pushed in all at once. 

That pulled a nice squeal of pain and pleasure from her mouth. “Teacher, you are naughty aren’t you?” He asked as he moved in and out slowly. She turned and looked at him with tears of pleasure streaming from her eyes. 
“You should be punished.” He said and lifted his hand so she could see what he was doing. His hand dropped down and smacked her ass cheek with a nice echoing sound. She moaned and locked up around him a bit more. He did it again. She locked up around him again and had and nice small orgasm. 

Jeff smiled and continued pounding her with ease. She was so wet now that he didn’t need to worry about it. He was pounding as fast and as strong as he could. The sound echoed in the class of their bodies colliding together. 

Jeff spanked her a few more times before grabbing her and going for the homestretch. He was getting exhausted from all the activity but he was determined to go out with a bang. He pounded for all he was worth and was rewarded with another orgasm from her. She locked up both holes around him again and had an orgasm. The extra tightness helped Jeff go over the edge too. He dumped his load one more time inside her coating all the insides. 

Finally, he pulled out and collapsed into her chair. Jenny remained on the desk for two more minutes; she was trying to catch her breath. Finally, when she got her wind back, she stood up slowly and looked at her student. “You are amazing.” She said with a big smile. She moved closer and smiled as she dropped to her knees again in front of him. Jeff winced as she took it upon herself to clean both dicks with her mouth. 

After a few minutes, she deemed him clean and stood up. There was a lot of liquid spilling from her. She
scooped a some of it and tasted it. “Not bad.” She said when she saw Jeff looking at her with shock on his face. Jeff turned a bit red when he noticed that most of the liquid was his. He grabbed the wipes and took his time wiping her thighs all the way up to her lovely holes. 

Finally, they were both clean. Jeff reached for his underwear and started dressing up. “You know, you’ve only used me for an hour. You still have one more hour, but since I’m tired right now, I’ll let you postpone that hour to another day.” Jeff’s jaw dropped. 

“Maybe I could borrow your services. You know how to fix things around the house right?” “Yes.” He said not understanding. “Good, I’d like you to drop by, let’s say, on Friday by my house. You can help me by fixing a few things that a girl like me doesn’t understand, and I’ll help you by um… giving you the rest of your allotted time.” She said with a smile and Jeff beamed at her. 

Neither of them knew that someone had over heard a lot of what they’ve done. That someone was thinking quickly 

on how they’d use what they’ve heard to their advantage. 


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