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Exhibitionist show.

by lalsingh18

Chapter 1

Hello friends my name is Lara, I am a model and I was being given a project to act in a movie which was directed by some bgrade directors, Initially I was told about the project of a funmf comedy story but as soon as I came to set for the shooting the director of the movie started objectifying me, Even though it was humiliating but it was arousing , One day we were shooting in an outdoor location ,crowd was also seeing the shooting ,I was dressed in a pink short skirt and a tank top , The scene was to seduce the actor while bahaving bit slutry as told by director but the scene was not as much as director wanted he said , eventually he striped out my all clothes and asked me to perform the scene it was so humiliating for me stand naked in front of the crowd and do that, after I will I lost all my control and I was performing like a slut whore in the midst of people , people started taking my nude photographs soon I was turned into a exhibitionist whore.This was my story how I did the exhibitionist show ,hope you all liked it , I will continue if you guys appreciate it.


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