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Training An Obedient Diaper Dog Chapter 2

by Fafnir789

Chapter 2

Mike felt great. Trainer sure was nice and the Academy felt so warm and inviting. Mike decided to look around his apartment. It was small. Only 2 rooms. The main room had his bed, a dresser, a small table, and a chair. There was also a small dumb waiter built into the wall and a dirt clothes chute. The bathroom had a shower, a toilet, a sink, his toothbrush and toothpaste. There were some towels in the cupboard underneath the sink.
A ding ran through his apartment. His dinner had arrived. It consisted of a bowl of something resembling grits with bits of meat and vegetables mixed in, and two large cups of water. Using the spoon given to him, he ate his dinner quickly. The second glass of water tasted rather odd but it didn't stop Mike. If Mike could remember the earlier session, he would have realized that this was in fact the Super Bowel Enhancer. He soon placed the dishes back in the dumb waiter and began to get ready for bed. As he began to undress, he unknowingly began to follow his commands. After removing his pants and shirt and throwing them down the chute he sat down on the changing machine. The machine whirled to life and remove the messy diaper. Mike began his shower. Once he was clean and dry, he once more sat on the changing machine. A new, freshly powdered diaper was strapped to Mike. After brushing his teeth, he returned to the bedroom and laid down on his bed. He always slept with only his underwear on and so minutes later Mike was fast asleep. Soon, whispers could be heard in the room. They repeated all of the commands Mike had been given. Mike smiled as he slept. His dreams filled of him on all fours shitting in his diaper like a good boy. It wasn’t strange. Good boys used their diapers.
It was only minutes after he fell asleep, that Mike needed to relieve himself. However, with the hypnotic commands Mike was given, he was unwilling to hold it in. As a result, Mike's diaper was filled with the piss and shit of a good boy. As he relieved himself, a wave of pleasure once more filled him and Mike began to grin. All the while he sleeping on.
It would be hours until Mike’s alarm clock went off the next morning. What would Mike's training be about today?

Mike woke the next morning with the previous night’s dreams in his mind. They were strange, but for some reason he seemed to like them. The idea of him being an obedient dog that fills his diapers seemed to turn him on.
His diaper was already stuffed, as he had relieved himself the previous night.Without even thinking about it Mike release his bowels, adding to the already large diaper.
The hypnotic suggestions had already taken hold. Soon he would be hypnotized and conditioned into an obedient diaper dog.
Mike proceeded to get ready for another day of training. He quickly removed his diaper and showered, immediately replacing his diaper with a fresh one. He then proceeded to get dress, just in time for the dumb waiter to bring Mike his food. After eating breakfast, which was the same as last nights dinner, he heard a knock on the door. He opened it to find Trainer.
“Mike 7 Obey 9 Time 2 Husky”
Hearing his trigger, Mike immediately smiled as he became completely obedient. He then followed Trainer as she led him to a large room. It had a decent amount of space and various piece of equipment for training.
"We are going to do some training. Everything you are told to do is perfectly normal for you. Until you return to your room, you will be unable to relieve your bowels, unless I tell you to. Every time you preform a command incorrectly, you will feel immense disappointment. You will start to send the incorrect response to be stored in your bowels. Each time this occurs the desire to relieve yourself will only become stronger. Once you correctly demonstrate the actions asked of you I will say, "Good Dog. Now release the wrong answers." When I say this, you will relieve yourself. This will soothe the aching pressure you have and when you release this pressure you will acknowledge that this is the only way to preform the action. Even when conscious, you will always act this way, because it is the only way to act. The next time you wake up, you will be conscious of everything you do like normal, but you will do as you are told and obey. You will obey and understand that you are acting like a good dog. That is completely normal, because you are a good boy. Now, wake up."
Mike woke up and looked around before remembering that he was about to start dog training with Trainer. The absence of a dog momentarily confused him, before he forgot why he was even concerned. Nothing was wrong. He was a good boy.
Diana was ready to begin the process of turning Mike into a dog. It is fairly easy to make him want to be an obedient diaper dog. However, this desire does not mean that he will truly believe he is a diaper dog. The effects can even wear off over time. In order to completely hypnotize Mike, Diana would need to slowly get him to accept it as the absolute truth. Mike needs to believe he is a diaper dog, and take it as an absolute fact. This takes at least a week even with the intense drug enhanced hypnosis session yesterday.
Diana brought out a set of small shock pads and told Mike to stand still while she put them on him. While he did so Diana gathered the rest of the supplies she would need for today. These included bowls, normal food, dog food, water, and a large package of Super Bowel Enhancer.
"Now we will be teaching you many things today, and testing you to make sure you know to act in private and in public. We will start with how to act in private. While I get everything ready, drink a bottle of Super Bowel Enhancer.
Diana brought out a bowl of food, the meat and veggie grits, and placed it on a tray with a spoon. Having finished drinking the enhancer, Mike stood with a smile on his face, ready to obey.
“You are a good boy. Show me how a good boy eats their food in private.”
Mike immediately grabbed at the spoon, and Diana pressed a button on a remote in her pocket. Mike recoiled in pain, as the pads shocked him. Diana then repeated herself.
“Show me how a good boy eats their food in private.”
Once again Mike tried to grab the spoon only to get shocked. This went on for an hour. Each time Mike tried to eat the food he would be stopped by a shock. Minutes after his first failure, he already needed to use the restroom. Mike’s mind was full of his commands. He was a good boy. Good boys must obey. Eventually, Mike remembered that good boys are good dogs. He should eat like a good dog.
This time Mike dropped down onto all fours and shoved shoved his face in the bowl. Eating his food like a good boy.
Diana smiled and began to pet Mike on the head.
"Good Dog. Now release the wrong answers."
Mike was a good boy. He felt the immense pressure in his bowels and he immediately knew what to do. Staying on all fours he squatted down. He released another load of shit and piss into his diaper. Pleasure filling him as he did so. He stood back up, fully awake the entire time, yet consciously unaware that he had defecated himself yet again. Mike now knew the proper way to eat in private. It had become his truth, as he shat out more of his human habits.
Diana gave Mike another bottle of Super Bowel Enhancer and repeated the process with a bowl of water. This time it only took Mike
“Good dog. Now release the wrong answers. That is how a good dog drinks.As you relieve yourself, feel pure pleasure wash over you. Remember that this is how you eat and drink. You get down on all fours and use your tongue like a good dog. You do this because you are a good boy.”
Diana taught Mike how to walk, sit, and sleep in private. By the time it was over Mike's diaper was bulging and clearly visible in his pants. The weight of his own waste seemed to make him even more obedient. His dick was clearly hard and throbbing, straining the diaper it was trapped in. Soon it was time to teach him how to act in public.
"In public you will have to act differently. No one can know you are a obedient diaper dog, unless you are told otherwise by someone you have been instructed to obey. You must act like a human but deep down you know you are actually an obedient diaper dog. This part of you is called False, because it is all a lie. False will act normal but he will always understand that deep down he is a good dog and a good boy. Repeat this back to me 10 times."
Once Mike was done repeating, Diana led him out of the room.


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