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My new life as a sissy

by goodgirl69sissy

Chapter 1 - An agreement hastily made

Hi, my name is goodgirl69sissy. Many years ago I came across the sissification fetish. Being married several years and happily so, I disregarded them. Yet no matter how many times I would see and hear stories about the potential joys of being a sissy, I never once gave in to the temptation to try it for myself... until about a year ago... my wife of several years left me for another man, my best friend Todd no less. But always the trickster, she offered for me a deal, if I could be ok with a change in our roles I could stay with her and her new man. Desperate for another chance to keep this beautiful women a part of my life, I agreed without hesitation. This here was a good case of not reading the terms of service before agreeing to them. But nonetheless I agreed. Later on I found out that “a change in roles” would ultimately change my life forever.

Fastforward 2 weeks:

We still live together in our same house, only now, there are three of us. I have been lulled into a pretty standard routine, throughout the day My wife, my best friend Todd, and I go about life pretty much as usual, but when bed time comes, things had changed a lot. Where once I would curl up to my beautiful wife and rub her back till she fell asleep, or possibly have intense but very brief sex, now I sleep on the couch downstairs and Todd and My wife share the bed that was once ours.

Another part of our deal is that no clothes are after 8pm unless absolutely necessary or part of the evenings festivities. At first the idea sounded great Unfortunately for me, my wife was never shy and neither it would seem, was her very well endowed new man. Every night promptly at 8pm, they both, standing right next to me, take turns peeling off articles of clothing from each other’s beautiful bodies until they are both fully exposed. I swear it looks like a porno. Now my wife is absolutely stunning 5’3” skinny as a pole at the waist, perky, firm c-cup tits, and the roundest, fullest ass you ever did see. To crown those amazing proportions, she has a smile that would light up a room, her short blond hair cut in a cute bob just above her shoulders accent the most breathtakingly blue eyes. 

Todd is about 6’1” and I’d say about 220lbs solid muscle and built like a tank. He has short, military cut black hair and a shit eating grin on his face at all times. Also he has a horses cock. Like literally it’s at least 11inches if not more and atleast twice as thick as mine. Delicious. Pretty easy to see why she chose him.

Now me, I’m not a cunt hair over 5’9”, I have wavy dirty blond hair just over shoulder length that I have for years kept in a cute little man bun. I’m about 120lbs soaking wet, skinny like a stick, and not much in the way of muscles. My cock well... it’s about 6 inches long and barely compares to that massive cock Todd’s walking around with. 

Anyways, back to the agreement.


So now that they have both shown off everything there is to see of both of their gorgeous bodies, they begin to make out in front of me, as if I’m not there. After several heated minutes, and plenty of groping each other, my wife hands me her panties and smiles. Wear them she demands, because that’s the closest you are gonna get to this dripping wet pussy. As she walks away, she throws the panties at me, they land on my face. I eagerly snatch them up and give them a strong sniff, the intoxicating aroma of my wife’s delicious pussy fill my nostrils once more. They are unbelievably damp in the crotch, and I get a pang of despair deep in my gut knowing that her pussy got this wet for him and not me. Obediently I slip her satiny panties up to my hips, in love with the feel on my cock. As I lay down I can start to hear her mewling like a kitten and I start to daydream about Todd pumping his solid rod deep into my wife’s dripping pussy over and over again. Her moans get louder and louder as he continues and now the only thing I can think of is how happy I am that she is enjoying herself. At first I enjoyed this erotic imagery and then I realized to my embarrassment that I hadn’t been fantasizing about being Todd like most men would, plowing into my hot wife. No I instead was fantasizing about being my wife, being plowed by that massive horse cock. From that day on I couldn’t get the idea out of my head that I would love to be plowed by a cock like that. The next day it would seem, my wife had several ideas of her own to share.  


Not bad - wildberry

It\'s not bad for the start. I\'m in patience to read further.

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