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My new life as a sissy chapter 2

by goodgirl69sissy

Chapter 2 - Many errands to run

It’s been two weeks since my wife of several years informed me that she was leaving me for another man. Todd. 

She had offered me to stay a part of the relationship if I agreed to her terms, including (among other things I was to learn) being obedient to her will at all times and being a fool in love, without giving it a second thought, I agreed.

I awoke to a familiar feeling as my wife’s lips descended on my soft cock, licking like a kitten lapping up milk until I was fully hard. My brain wasn’t functioning well enough to discern why she wasn’t still in bed with her new man Todd. And I didn’t care. Within minutes she brought me to the best orgasm I had had in weeks. I was confused.. my wife sensed my confusion and explained, Todd would be gone on a business trip for the next three days, so I would once more be the one to fulfill my wife’s needs. 

Today she told me, we must run some errands, and I was to accompany her. First we would go visit Becka, her long time barber and salon attendant. Next she wanted to do some clothes shopping. Last night I had again been told to wear my wife’s panties, wet with her pussy juice, before she followed her new man upstairs and let him fuck her brains out in our bed. I was still wearing my wife’s satin red panties, and nothing else. She had instructed me to wear them today as well, and requested to choose my outfit for this outing. As per our agreement I said that was fine.

Years ago my wife had bought me a kilt for a Renaissance fair that we had not ended up being able to go to. It was still buried in the closet, tags still on it. The kilt in question was black with pink pinstripes and I was surprised to see her holding it out to me. This one she said. I slid it on without a word, tying it off behind my back. It barely went half way down my thighs and if I bent over even the slightest bit you could clearly see the red satin fabric of my wife’s panties hugging my ass. I frowned but continued to put the clothes on as she handed them to me. Next, she pulled out a white tank top and pink button up shirt from her closet for me as well the dress shirt I recall looks absolutely stunning on her and really makes her firm tits stand out. I pulled those on too. Feeling a little silly, but happily playing along, I asked her what shoes I should wear. She handed me a pair of black flip flops with pink straps to put on. Then pulled on my favorite yellow sun dress, neglecting a bra and donning some frilly black lace panties that could be seen straight through her dress, to complete the outfit she pulled on a pair of yellow flip flops with flowers all over the straps. Lastly she told me to go shave my face and to make sure it was perfectly smooth. 

Our tasks completed, we stepped out the door, my face glowing red in embarrassment due to my outfit. She giggled at my situation and said she would drive. Some basic small talk ensued as we made the short drive to Becka’s Salon. She parked the car and we headed inside. It’s a small town and this salon had a sort of rustic charm. On one side the wall was lined with salon chairs and on another, a huge display of makeup and nail polishes. Through a small side door, was a side room were they did waxing and tanning. A cute place to be certain. We waited a moment for the only other customer to finish paying for her new haircut and then we were next. A sweet older lady who’s name tag said Diane greeted us. My wife said she needed to talk to Becka for a moment and Diane ushered her to the back room. She smiled awkwardly at me and asked if the breeze was nice. Confused I said what? And then it dawned on me, kilt. Um yeah I mumbled, slightly embarrassed. Just then to my relief, my wife and Becka returned big smiles on their faces, Becka welcomes me and asked us to wait a few more moments. We sat down on the small couch under the makeup display and waited. After a few minutes, Becka called out. Joshua, come on up. At first I was surprised, I had been here several times with my wife and they had always called for my wife. She smiled warmly at me and  beckoned to the first salon chair. I sat as I was told, wondering what my wife had planned. My wife walked up and told Becka to trim my hair into a short bob and dye it platinum blond. My eye brow raised in question of that and my wife told me that I was to obey, so that’s what I would be doing. Becka giggled from behind me and fastened a maroon plastic apron around my neck and said, you’ll need to take your hair down hun. So I sat back in the chair took my shoulder length hair out of the man bun and Becka went straight to work. Becka was skilled with her trade and had cut my wife’s hair for years, quickly my hair was cut just as my wife had instructed. My wife squealed in excitement and said that it looked perfect, I was handed a mirror to look for myself, and I told my wife that it probably was fine just dirty blond. But my wife insisted and so Becka went about dying it. Once finished, my head was laid back into a basin behind me and washed, then conditioned with some girly conditioner, that ended up leaving my hair smelling of lavender for hours. After a quick blowdry, she had me sit up and look at her handiwork. It looked ok I guess, very feminine for a mans hair. Nonetheless I thanked her for my haircut, and stood up to fish my wallet out. 

My wife stopped me and told me that we weren’t done yet, next we would both get a mani and pedi. That was no surprise and I had done so with my wife a few times in the past, choosing a simple clear coat. It made her happy and I didn’t mind having my hands and feet massaged, I would pick a clear coat and she would get whatever girly thing she wanted that time. So I sat down into one of the chairs, and My wife into the other. 

Becka asked what colors and style my wife wanted, she chose acrylic nails about half an inch longer then her natural nails, a hot pink polish, and cute white French tips. 

Becka then asked what I was getting, but before I had a chance to reply my wife instructed her that I would have the same. I was horrified, there was no way I could work my desk job with fake nails.  but before I could open my mouth to protest my wife gave me a glare that stopped me in my tracks. I sighed. The same I guess, I begrudgingly replied. 

I realized right as Becka sat on the stool in front of my feet wife’s feet, and Diane moved to sit on the stool in front of mine, that with just a slight upward glance, she would be able to see right up my kilt to the red satin panties covering my cock. She set about painting my toenails, giving no sign that she saw anything. My cock was hard as soon as I realized she might see, it was so thrilling. Before long though, she quietly started on my fingers. maybe she noticed, I don’t know, but I remained a deep shade of crimson the entire time. Lost in my own confused mind. 

After she began to work on my fingers, the process went quickly, once all my new nails were applied, she meticulously painted each nail hot pink to match my wife’s and then set about the french tips. I had to admire the skill her gentle hands showed. 

Her work finished, she said let them dry and walked over to the counter. I kept my hands still to allow for the paint to dry fully before lifting them to admire her handiwork. At last I thought, we must be done.

I noticed Becka and my wife chatting quietly about something, and giggling back and forth like school girls. Becka then said rather loudly, it’s a shame there’s not a second person to wax, being that you have a buy one get one free deal on full body waxing today. I groaned, thinking what had I gotten myself into.

Diane played right along and said she would be happy to wax me too, Brazilian or Hollywood? Which did I want? I was mortified. My wife however walked over to me and whispered in my ear, you will take a Hollywood, and say thank you to Diana for the kind offer, you wouldn’t want to go against our agreement would you? I was about to mention to my wife that maybe this had gone a bit too far, when she began kissing up my neck and sucked my earlobe into her mouth..

My brain went numb.

I had no idea what a Hollywood was, or what my wife was doing today with all these crazy requests, but I had agreed to obey her every command willingly, and I couldn’t lose her, so I looked over to Becka and timidly said to her, thank you for the offer, I will have a Hollywood.

All three girls broke into laughter and I knew I was in over my head. Without a second more delay Becka ushered us both to the waxing room, gesturing at two massage style beds and told us to disrobe and lie on our backs in the beds. 

My wife didn’t skip a beat, dropping her sun dress to the floor in one fluid motion, now standing stark naked except those lacy black panties. And next she stepped out of those, her magnificent pussy coming into view. Realizing that I hadn’t moved since she started undressing and my jaw was hanging open she punched me playfully on the arm, ordering me to undress immediately. I did, slowly, unbuttoning the buttons carefully, I asked, what exactly is a Hollywood my love? She giggled and said I would have to wait and see, and lay down on her back. Becka went to work on my with right away, smoothing wax onto her luscious skin with what looked like a spatula. I removed my kilt and was standing there fumbling with my tank top when Diane walked in. Immediately I moved to hide the fact that I stood here in front of several women in a women’s tank top, red satin panties, black and pink flip flops and nothing else. I turned an even darker shade of red when Diane started giggling and told me to finish disrobing, as a Hollywood would be awfully difficult to complete unless I was fully nude.

A Hollywood I was to learn, would consist of removing all hair with the exception of my eyebrows and the hair on my head. 

Defeated, I removed my last articles of clothing and took off the flip flops and laid on the bed on my back as I was instructed. Again I asked what a Hollywood was, and Diane smirked and said well let’s just start with those hairy legs of yours. 

Not counting a lot of pain and load grunts when the wax was ripped off over and over, it went quite well. When she did my crotch, I could barely stand the pain and each rip brought a mighty yelp out of my throat. All three ladies giggled every time.

She stopped short of my cock and frowned, hunny I’m gonna need this to be hard to finish this. My wife giggled and said she could help with that, she leaned over and ran her tongue up from the base of my shaft, and then sucked just the head into her mouth, swirling it around in her mouth like a slut a few times, and had me hard as a rock in seconds.

Diane laughed and said that was much better, without further hesitation she set about applying wax all over my tender bits, I thought the other parts were painful, but this brought tears to my eyes. I thought it would never stop when she finally said she was finished. I was indeed missing all body hair, even my arms were silky smooth. I managed with some difficulty to get up, my skin red all over, and sore from the waxing, I began to pull my clothes back on, embarrassment gone at this point, and Diane left the room back to the main salon. 

I slipped on the panties first, my eyes rolled at how wonderful they felt on my now completely smooth nether region. my wife had already finished and left the room, I guess I would have to wait till tonight to see what all she had done. so I quickly finished dressing and headed out to the main lobby again in time to hear the ladies discussing schedules, apparently this buy one get one free deal happened every month on the 15th, and she had scheduled the both of us for waxes same time next month and another mani and pedi for 2 weeks from now.

I was too tired to protest, we had now been here for almost three hours and we skipped breakfast, all I could think of was food and how hungry I was. My wife paid with a black Amex card that must have been Todd’s and we headed back to the car.

My wife laughed and said I was walking like I had a stick up my ass. And to be fair I kinda was, I stuck my tongue out as I hobbled the last few feet to the car. I pulled open the passenger door and plopped my butt down on the seat, immediately groaning in pain and wishing I had been more gentle. 

She looked at me and smiled and I had to ask her why we were doing all this as she started up the car. She pulled out of the spot and replied with a smile, we’re not done love. 

Next we pulled up to Jamba Juice and we headed inside to, as my wife put it, show me off. I spent the entire time silently blushing beet red as my wife ordered us both peanut butter smoothies with a protein shot and we got back in the car. 

My to my dismay, she told me that we needed to go to the mall next.

Pulling up to the mall I was terrified to have anyone I knew see me like this. My wife spritzed herself as well as me, with a perfume called Amber Romance, I think from Victoria’s Secret, and we headed in. 

As we passed through the busy mall I was certain all eyes were on me, and I was getting hard again against my will. Thankfully the panties kept my erection snug against my waist. I think I was actually beginning to enjoy standing out, I felt good, I felt sexy, and so confused. My wife had finally reached the store she needed, I looked above at the sign and grinned. It was Victoria’s Secret. 

I had been here a few times with my wife to pick out undies and bras for her, and it had been fun sneaking into the fitting room and fooling around a little a time or two. We walked in and were greeted by a young blonde chewing bubblegum who asked if she could help us ladies find anything and I again turned bright red. My wife said we were fine and we made our way back to the panties and things and such. 

My wife asked me to pick out 10 different pairs for her, so I set about picturing my wife in each of them until I had picked the ones I liked best. I ended up with several lacy thongs in different designs and colors, a few pairs of sexy bikini cut black ones with different colors of lace. And one pair that were hot pink and said Pretty Princess across the crotch. My wife approved of most of them and said that next she needed a few pairs of stocking that matched some of these panties set.

She ended up picking out several pairs of lacy black thigh highs each with cute designs, since black matches everything. She also picked out a black garter belt and stockings set that was super frilly and a pink set that had a lot of pretty lace. 

Last she said, she needed fresh lingerie to sleep in, which I thought was weird since she and Todd had both stripped naked in front of me every night wearing nothing to bed, since this whole situation began. Nonetheless I was so horny imagining my wife in all of these outfits that I didn’t think it any further. 

We headed over to the nightwear section and she picked out several practically see through nighties with lacey designs all over them as well in pink and red and black. We headed to the counter with our purchases and again she pulled out that black Amex card and paid the lady. 

My wife was saying something that I barely heard. I snapped to when she said my name, I had been daydreaming of my wife in all of these beautiful lacey outfits.

We are gonna head to Macy’s, I want to look at dresses she repeated. And drug me clear to the other side of the mall. 

The large department store had always kind of intimidated me, and as we made our way to the back of the store where the clothing was, she smiled ear to ear and looked like a kid in a candy store. 

We headed to women’s clothing and my wife picked out dress after dress, short ones, all no longer then mid thigh and handed them to me to hold. some of them I know would barely cover her panties. My favorite was about that short and was of a black satin material and had a corset style front. Finally she had everything that she needed and we got back in the car with about 9 shopping bags worth of new clothes.

Finished at the mall, I suggested we head home and maybe order in some pizza. My wife said that sounded great and we drove towards the house. It dawned on me that she hadn’t tried a single thing on, but I figured she just knew her size pretty well, and thought nothing more of it.

We ordered pizza from a Papa Johns and sat in the living room with the tv on until it arrived. I paid the man and he said thanks sweetheart. It caught me by surprise, but I was flattered. And I felt pretty. Weird. We finished our food and my wife said we should head up stairs and have a fashion show.


Instantly hard again I agreed and we headed up the stairs, I licked my lips at the sight of her ass outlined in her sundress as I followed her up the stairs. 


To be continued.



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