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It's just a relaxation CD...

by Jeshi

It's just a relaxation CD...

It's just a relaxation CD...

He could probably tell I was under stress, I'm sure anybody could, I had my hands on head and my chin on table. College gets so stressful on your 5th year, at least it seems that way to me.
I was about to get up and head towards my next appointment in my over-scheduled life when He came up to me, "You seem really stressed" he stated bluntly, before I could reply he continued "I recorded this relaxation CD which incorporates a mixture of Hypnosis and Subliminals to relieve stress, and you seem like the prime test-subject", he handed me a CD with "Relax 1" written on it in sharpie, "Hypnosis? Is there anything in it that will make me do things I wouldn't normally do?" I asked, "No, it's just a relaxation CD, come talk to me after listening to that for a week and tell me how well it works." he said, and then he walked off before I could decline. I stared at the CD for a bit before getting up.

Later that day I was finally done with everything for the day, I decided it was the perfect time to listen to that CD that guy gave me, I took it out of it's case and popped it into my CD player, I lied on my futon and listened to it with headphones and my eyes closed, It began with his voice, "Hello, this CD is mean to relax you, so relax, as I guide you deep into relaxation, relaxing relaxation, deep, deep, relaxation"
"Take deep breaths, In...out...in...out...deep breaths, deep, feel a wave of relaxation starting at your feet, and coming up to your ankles... and now your calves, relaxing completley, your thighs, your waist, everything below the waist now completley relaxed" I could barely make out a muttering that was to quiet to understand in the background, and a strange beat with swishing and tones, "The relaxation is coming up to your shoulders now, and now your neck, relaxing completley, now relaxing your face, and your scalp, all the muscles in your head relaxed, now relaxing your brain, to relaxed to think properly, relaxing, going deep, deep into a relaxing sleep like state, open to my suggestions, open to my words, open to my will, everything I say is the truth, the moment I say it, it become the truth, and everything I tell you to do, must be obeyed, And everything I say is the truth, so because I just said that you must obey, then you must obey, you must obey me, you have to obey me, you need to obey me.

Now, you find that you enjoy being hypnotized by me, you enjoy it very much, you will listen to this CD at least once a day for a week, more if you'd like, and after a week you will find me and return this CD to me, and I will give you another CD which you must listen to, you will be excited to find out theres another CD and you won't be able to wait to listen to it, because you love being hypnotized by me, you need to be hypnotized by me, and need to obey me.

Imagine me in your head, what I look like, my face, my hair, my body, you find that when you do you begin to get aroused, you find that your image of me is not wearing any clothes, imagine my chest, my muscles, you're beginning to get an erection, imagine my cock, how long and hard it is, you like it.

You will find that whenever I am present your mind will get hazy, you become aroused and your heart will beat fast and you will blush, all of your attention will become focused on me, my body, what I say to you will catch you're complete attention, yet at the same time you don't seem to care what exactly I am saying, just that I'm the one saying it, and regarless of what it is, you do anything I ask of you, even when out of trance, because even though conciously you aren't really focuesed, subconciously you are paying so much attention to me and my words that what I say goes right into your mind, my suggestions become part of you, a natural reaction, like blinking, or scratching an itch, or drinking water when you're thirsty, you will just obey me, it's the most natural thing in the world, and it's even more natural to go into trance for me, the moment it is time for you to go into trance for me, you will simply slip into trance, and whenever you hear me say Trance time for you, you will fall deep, deep, even deeper into trance for me.

Now it is time to wake up, when I count to 5 you will wake up, and you will not remember anything I said on this CD, not one thing, and if you have the time you will listen to this again.


I opened my eyes, I didn't remember anything but being really relaxed, curious as to what was on the CD I decided to listen again.

5.." I opened my eyes again, and I still couldn't remember what happened, I decided that I should go to bed, and I'd listen again tomorrow.

A week later I had been listening to the CD 2-3 times a day, I was almost sad that it was over, I walked through the hallway and noticed the guy that gave me the CD, suddenly everything seemed to blur out but him, I could tell I was blushing but I didn't care, and if I was gay, I wouldn't care either, I walked up to him and found it difficult to speak, "Um..uh.umm.. I came to", He smiled at me and I almost fainted, I was acting like a school girl with a high school crush, he put his hand on my hand and said "You came to return the CD? I can tell it's been working, you seem much less stressed then you did a week ago" he took the CD out of my hands and he handed me another CD, this one with "Relax 2" written on it, "This is the next in the series, please listen to this too, oh, and don't react to what I'm about to do" he said, he then groped my but, but I didn't react, I couldn't really make out what he was saying really, I was just focusing on him and how submissive he made me feel, his touch was like pure pleasure throuout my body, I took the new CD and wanted to run back to my dorm to listen to it but I had Wasting your time 503 I needed to get to.

a week later again and I had return the other CD, I found that I had been fantasizing about moving in with him and being his live in slave or something similar, I just wanted to obey him.
He came up to me and said something, "Oh something something you're doing well something something I think it's time for you to move in with me already something something." was all I really heard, I immediatley said yes, not even caring if he ended his sentence with a question.
He smiled and I felt great knowing I pleased him.

I didn't care that I had places to go, there was nothing more important right then but packing my stuff and moving in with him, he gave me a third CD that he said he wanted me to listen to, and I planned to listen to it the moment I could.

I packed my stuff as quickly as I could, I realized there wasn't much stuff I owned that was really important, Clothes, books, none of it was nececerry, I packed everything anyways even though it was mostly just extra load, I couldn't think of anything else to do, I met up with him and he drove me to his place, it turned out he was pretty rich, his house had 3 storys, he said he could easily afford taking care of me as long I as did my part of the chores.

I put my stuff in my new room and immediatley began listening to the new CD.
I woke up, it didn't seem like much time had past since I started listening to the new CD master gave me, so I listened again. I woke up again, was this one just shorter? no, it had gotten darker outside, I decided to go find master, all I could think about was sucking his cock or having his cock up my ass of pleasing master in any way I could.

When I saw him he seemed to glow he was so beautiful, my cock was erect as usualy, he smirked at me and he told me to follow him into his bedroom, so I obeyed, when we got in his bedroom he told me to strip so I did, then I got on the bed and took off his clothes and began pounding my ass, It felt so good I felt like I would orgasm right on the first thrust if it wasn't for the fact that my cock is syncronized with masters, I'll only have an orgasm when he does, that way I'll only get the reward of an orgasm if I pleased master enough to make him cum.

He thrust and he thrust, his cock felt so good, master snapped his fingers and suddenly his cock felt like it 100x larger and I was feeling 100x more pleasure! I didn't even think that was possible but it apparently was, he cum in my ass and I felt the greatest orgasm I've ever felt, Master was wearing a condom this time but he told me tomorrow we were going to get me tested for STD's since he already knew he was clean and that I would never do anything that might cause me to get one without his permission.

He gave me a new CD, the final one which would be looped whenever it could be, he had me go to my room and listen to it while he did whatever he did, I happily complied.


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