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A Mind Is A Terrible Thing To Flay

by genericaccount37

I was adventuring in a deep dungeon, lost ruins that were said to burrow down to the lowest levels of the Underdark. I had been split off from my friends by a trap, heavy stone slabs falling from the roof and dividing them from me as I nimbly leapt aside. Such dangers abound in the dark, even for a warrior such as myself, and in making my way back to my party I fought many of the monstrous inhabitants of this ruin.

Striking down the last of a goblin warband, I spied a humanoid figure in the distance and walked towards them, hoping that perhaps I had finally caught up with my friends. I was stopped in my tracks by a thought ringing through my head.

A thought that wasn't my own.


I clutched at the side of my helmet, turning just enough to face the monster that had appeared. Clothed in flowing purple robes with gold trim, standing as tall as a human but with a regal bearing, its mauve face ending with four tentacles where most beings would have a mouth.

An illithid, a Mind Flayer from the Underdark. A powerful psion who could stun adventurers with mental commands, before feeding on their intellects. A creature I couldn't hope to defeat by myself, even if I had prepared ways to resist its mental domination. That same mental domination ringing through my head, shaking my very brain as I stared helplessly at the beast.


Unbidden, my hands moved from grasping my helmet to tossing it aside. Then to pulling off my armor, my comfortable underclothes joining the helm. I was standing naked before this monster, and any thought I could have of escape was drowned out by its telepathic might.

I was completely under its control. I had heard tales of adventurers caught in psionic traps, captured and reduced to nothing but living mental batteries for these monsters. Trapped in pods of briny liquid, their minds stripped down until they were blank and docile, they were soon put to work as mindless drone slaves. Every time they regained enough awareness to try to escape a Mind Flayer would swiftly drain their mind again, an endless cycle of being forced to be a slave or a meal for one of the most evil creatures to walk the realms.


My heart was racing, but not in the terror I expected. Being under its control, being forcibly stripped and put on my knees before it, somehow felt right. Was it this creature's psionic power, overwriting my fear into something my dominated brain could only recognize as submission, worship, even lust?

My knees bent. I dropped to the floor, drool already pooling at the corner of my mouth.

The creature leaned forward, its maw of slimy tentacles running over my head as I shivered in anticipation. The touch of my new master, even as he prepared to feed on my mind, was sheer bliss.

Then, it happened. The tentacles invaded my ears, touching my brain from both side. I gave an involuntary gasp, a moan of pleasure at the nightmarish intimacy I had never felt with any lover. This creature was draining my intellect, my very mind, and it felt so shamefully like this was where I belonged.

My helpless body was wracked by orgasm after orgasm, my love juices draining out of me and pooling on the floor as steadily as my mind was flowing out of my head. I knew that the psion was mentally assaulting me, that these reactions weren't truly mine, but I felt sheer helpless pleasure at being under its thrall.

Flashes of thoughts filled my head, and I knew those could very well be the last time I ever remembered these moments.

My friends, my adventuring party, drained out of my mind to sustain this beast.

My lovers, every time I had shared myself with another, were briefly replaced in my mind by strangely alluring visions of serving this monster instead, before they too dribbled out of my brain.

My own name, my memories of my childhood, devoured by this creature as I knelt naked before it.

Finally, sated, it pushed me away and let me fall to the ground. I was a twitching mess of pleasure, unable to form any thought as I endlessly shivered in orgasm from having my whole self erased.

This could have been the end of it. My mind devoured, my body helpless, my very soul shattered by the revelation that I was happier under its domination than I had ever been. I could have been slain by monsters as drool dribbled from my vacant expression of mindlessness. But I wasn't to be given that dignity.

My fellow adventurers found me, and brought me back to town. Weeks of healing, restoration spells and rest gradually returned my memories. But every night I sat restlessly, thoughts of submitting to the creature forever returning to me, over and over.

On the day I had finally been fully healed, I made my decision - I would willingly become its thrall forever.
It took hours of sneaking through the dungeon, past monsters who had no hold over me, before I saw it again. Or perhaps another of its kind, simple wearing the same outlandish robes as it stalked the dark halls, but with their mental connections to each other it made no difference to me.

They were all my masters.


The last free thought I had was excitement, filling my soon-empty mind. I walked towards my new master, ready to be fed upon.


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