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Single chav no more

by mobile1

Chapter 1

You should always be careful who you meet up with on dating apps! And where you meet them!

You had always been a bit self conscious about your size, you thought it was a bit weird that this skinny scally lad would be interested in someone like you! After a few weeks of chatting things seemed to be going really well. Just as you were about to call it a night, he suggested you meet up tomorrow on your lunch. Because everything seemed to going fine you thought, yeah why not what have I got to loose? He genuinely seems into me!

The next day you went to McDonalds to meet him as he asked. Walking down the car park towards you in his tracksuit, you sighed with relief. Phew he looked exactly like his photos! You hadn’t been catfished by some random perv! About half way through eating you popped to the toilet, big mistake! Or was it? While you were gone he pulled a golden capsule from his pocket, it looked just like a cod liver oil capsule. Piercing it he squirted it’s contents over the rest of your meal and in to your drink. Non the wiser when you got back you happily finished everything and carried on chatting for a bit.

Checking the time, it was nearly the end of your break. As you stood up the room suddenly began to spin! Barely able to see with your double vision you just had to get out of here! Drunkenly running out side you threw up in the bin! You knew something was wrong he must have drugged you! Heading for the alley around the corner to hide from him you began to run, you were surprised at how easy it was to run, normally you would be out of breath in only a few paces! You felt so much lighter, your clothes were getting really loose! So loose your feet came out of your shoes as you ran, then without any warning your chinos and boxers all fell to the floor sending you flying face first to the floor.

Rolling around on the floor you caught a glimpse of yourself, how could this be! You were just a shadow of your former self, so slim, your skin still tightening around your smaller frame. As you come to your feet your now massive baggy t shirt just about covering your growing manhood, he was there right in front of you! “Here put these on, can’t have you running about butt naked can we lad.” He said pulling a pair of navy trackies and 95’s from the bag followed by a hoody, cap and sleeveless puffer. You weren’t going to argue anything was better than standing there naked, anyone could have walked around the corner at any second and seen you! How embarrassing!

The first thought that popped in to your head was how on earth are you going to explain this to your work, then your friends and not to mention your family! “You can’t tell anyone! No one will recognise you! And I doubt they’ll believe something so ridiculous any way.” He must have guessed that what you were thinking coming straight out with that comment!
“Mate why the hell you done this to me like?” You couldn’t help it but it just rolled off of your tongue as if you had always spoken like this. It felt so disorientating hearing a different voice and accent coming out of your mouth. As he began to explain how he wanted you both to be together for ever and he didn’t see any other option, you don’t know why, you couldn’t help it! You kept getting harder and harder. Wearing no underwear you couldn’t even hide the growing tent that your trackies were becoming.

“Alright lad, let me help you out with that.” He said in a light endearing tone. It felt so good, his hand down your trackies tugging at your junk, to be fair it had grown so much he could have used both hands! It seemed to take only a fraction of the time to reach the point of climax you were so much more sensitive. Your whole body coursed with pleasure tingling from head to toe, an orgasm had never lasted so long! All down the inside of your trackies was now soaked in your cum. It was the best you had ever felt! All of the worries you had before didn’t seem to matter so much any more, the old you technically didn’t exist any more. Then an idea popped into your head, you could either struggle and have no one believe you, and wonder why you know so much about this missing person which might cause you more trouble than it was worth. Or you could embrace it and just let go starting with a clean slate, and go all out, in the new chavvy body you had been given, taking on a whole new persona to match.

With that in mind you grabbed both hands of the lad who had done this to you “Mate, I’m not gonna lie! I’m still a bit pissed that you did this to is, but I’m gonna give ya a second chance to make it up to is!”
“Ok, so don’t take this the wrong way, don’t wanna push it mate, but will you be my boyfriend then?” He asked.
“I must be fuckin mad after what you did!… Yes mate! I’ll be your bf!”
Yes mate! Amazing bro! Letting go of your grip he turned to start walking away “come on lad, you comin or what then?”
Putting your hands in your hoody pockets you head of with a new swagger in your step following your new bf to your new life.


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