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Good Girl

by applepiecake5


Katie sighed as she finished organizing the last of Dr. H’s notes. It was late- everyone else had gone home hours ago, but she needed to stay behind to finish preparing for the doctor’s presentation tomorrow. It was supposedly the culmination of years of scientific research and effort, and she was making sure she didn’t screw up her small part in it.

She had initially been ecstatic to be accepted as the small team’s only summer intern. However, excitement had faded first to confusion, then disbelief, and finally resentment as she had realized that the internship didn’t mean she got to have any real part in the process. The doctors had needed someone to act as the secretary and file organizer, and nothing more- they had no interest in trying to explain all the charts of data and image scans that were contained within those files, nor in inviting Katie to any of the discussions or research taking place. All Katie really knew about this project was that the researchers were making a machine of some kind, and that over the last few months, there had been a steady stream of people coming in as test subjects.

Katie was responsible for signing in the test subjects, making sure they filled out their medical paperwork, and signing them back out as they left. She wasn’t sure what the tests consisted of, and her innocent questions of “How was it?” were always met with a generic “Oh, it was good, thanks”, followed by a brief look of confusion, before the subject left. Her frustration at her utter lack of involvement had grown to a bursting point, and even the test subjects wouldn’t tell her anything!

But it didn’t matter. The last of the organizing was done, and Katie could finally go home. She did get to go to the presentation tomorrow, so hopefully she’d get the full picture of what all this effort was about. The only thing left to do was finish locking up and to head home.

Katie headed down the hallway of research offices, past rooms filled with notes and pictures of what looked like brain scans, making sure each door was closed and locked. She finally got to the door at the end of the hallway, the one where all the experiments were conducted, and froze. The door had been left open by an inch. That meant that… No, Katie had done her job, she just needed to finish closing it… but maybe it wouldn’t hurt to just take a quick look inside?

The door swung smoothly open, and Katie peeked her head inside. It was dark, and she couldn’t see anything. “Oh well”, she thought, “no one’s here anyway, I can turn the lights on and take a real look.” She flipped the switch on the wall.

The lights flared to life, and revealed a sterile lab room with a few desks and monitors surrounding an odd contraption in the middle of the room. Katie walked over to it, curiously taking note of the metal bars poking out, the big flat square hanging out in front of it… no, she realized, it was a monitor. And the metal bars formed a chair of some sort, although nothing that looked remotely comfortable. What was this supposed to be, a TV chair of the future?

Her curiosity was now fully engaged; Katie got closer to look at the other pieces sticking out of the char. There was a headset (clearly, this was a TV), and some kind of motors on the arms. “Maybe it reclines?”, she wondered. “It couldn’t hurt to at least see if those doctors at least made the thing comfortable…”.

Katie pushed one of the arms out of the way, and made her way into the seat. It was surprisingly comfortable for having so many holes in and around it, but the pieces for support were all there. Spying the power button, Katie shrugged and reached to turn it on- maybe she could spend a little more time here and find something interesting to watch?

The screen blinked to show a blank white screen, and the chair hummed. The motors Katie had seen earlier came to life, and the chair reclined backwards slowly. As it ground to a halt, the arm Katie had pushed open came back to close, and the headphones came down to her. Katie chuckled- it all seemed so menacing and futuristic for a stupid TV- and put the headphones on.

Color started fading into the screen. Katie squinted her eyes to make out the picture, hoping the reception wasn’t that bad in here, and slowly she started to make out a colorful circle, almost like a kaleidoscope. The sound on the headphones turned on as well, some sort of indistinct whispering. At least this was comfortable, Katie felt like she could relax for a little while. She sunk further into the chair, as the screen started getting brighter and brighter. The kaleidoscope was moving now, in a slow and gentle circle, and Katie felt herself drawn towards the center of it. Relaxing, relaxing more… Katie had nowhere else to be. She knew she could get up if she wanted to, but she just didn’t want to. The humming in her ears felt like it was moving left to right, and Katie sunk further and further into her chair, until it felt like she couldn’t get any deeper.

The screen had morphed into a spiral now, and it was taking up all of her vision. Katie could see nothing but the spinning calmness now, and it drew her in, deeper and deeper into it. She was so calm, and so heavy- it was a good thing the chair was so comfortable. She’d had a long day here, maybe it wouldn’t hurt to take a quick nap? She felt so sleepy…

A gentle tinging bell sound could be heard in the background. The indistinct mumbling voices started getting louder, and Katie could hear them agreeing with her, that she was sleepy, and heavy, and wouldn’t it be nice to stay here and relax? She had done a good job today, she was a good girl, and it felt good to be a good girl. She was a very good girl, and good girls did as they were told, didn’t they? And the voices were telling her to relax, and sleep here, and she did.

Good girls did what they were told, right? Good girls could follow simple instructions, couldn’t they? Katie could. She wanted to be a good girl. There was no one else here, so it was fine to get more comfortable, wasn’t it? No reason not to. Katie lazily unbuttoned her shirt, and slid it off. She unzipped the back of her skirt, and slid that off too. It was so warm though, and she needed to keep going. She unclasped her bra, and slid that off too, followed by her panties. There. She was comfortable, and heavy, and such a good girl.

The bell tinging got louder, and the droning in her ears drowned out any thoughts, and she couldn’t escape from the spiral. She felt so comfortable now, drowning in it, sinking into her chair, so deep now. She was surrounded by a pink haze of lazy happiness, and that pink haze drowned out her thoughts as well. She barely felt the chair move a bit more, as comfortable cuffs wrapped around her. They were good, they could hold her up in case she actually dropped off to sleep… around her wrists, her ankles, her chest, her hips, they slowly tightened, and felt so good. A nub pushed up against her pussy (when had that gotten so damp? Everything just feels so good), and Katie didn’t mind at all.

The bell got louder. The voices kept chanting away at her. Katie could only agree with them, as long as they made her feel so good. She was a good girl, and good girls were rewarded. The nub started buzzing, low, and her body bucked slightly. It felt so good, and she wanted more. But it wouldn’t give more unless she proved that she was really a good girl. She would only have to listen to what she was told, and she would be rewarded. She could do that, right? She only had to listen and agree. She could agree that she was a good girl. She could agree that good girls made everyone feel good. She could agree that good girls weren’t selfish, and that she didn’t need to cum, it was her job to make others cum. Katie wasn’t selfish, she was a good girl. And the buzzing got stronger, building her up towards that impending orgasm.

Katie was a good slut, she wanted to serve. There was no shame in being a good slut. She didn’t need to be dressed; she felt no shame about nakedness. All she needed to do was serve, and be a good girl. She didn’t need to cum. But oh, how she wanted to, it felt so good… but she didn’t need to. She didn’t get to. She was a good girl. Her body could get closer, and closer, but she didn’t get to cum. Good girls don’t cum.

She was perfectly happy to make others cum though. Her mouth and her pussy were there to be used, after all, and she was a good girl, and good girls helped others cum. Her pussy would leak when demanded, and she could be enthusiastic about fucking anyone who wanted it. There was nothing wrong with that, she was happy, and it made her feel good and it made them feel good. And she was a good girl. The buzzing got stronger. The bell got more insistent. Good girls don’t cum.

Katie’s body was bucking relentlessly now. She wasn’t sure why- she knew that it wanted to cum, but she was a good girl, and good girls don’t cum, right? She could do this, she could lay here for hours… How long had it been? Katie didn’t know, and she really didn’t care. Everything just felt so good. She could hear the bell ringing, in time with the voices, and she knew she could do this forever.

The chair kept Katie trapped and secured all night, and left her hanging all night. Orgasms approached and receded, but Katie never went over that blissful edge- she was a good girl now.

Katie barely registered when the doctors came in the next morning and collected her, nor when she was brought to an auditorium, nor even when she was brought on stage. She could feel that she was still naked, could feel how much her body needed to cum, but she was a good girl. A bell sounded, a stranger approached and dropped his pants, and Katie was happy to serve. Gasps from the audience, followed by applause. Dimly, Katie could see the doctors on stage talking, showing some images- a brain? Her brain? But all she could do was swallow the load and take a few breaths before the next man from the line approached.

This was good. Katie could serve. The machine was right. Good girls don’t cum, but they serve others. And Katie was a good girl.



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